: My point with Aetherwing Kayle, at least from what i noticed in the Kayle Reddit aswell as the discord server, was that the one thing people didn't want for this skin was it becoming another techno skin, which it is now. Additionally they removed the AA Sound, which was the best Thing about that skin. I also know that there is a following to that skin, but it just ain't what the old mains wished for. (And kinda chose this one because it still tilts me :( ). On that behalf good luck and have fun fellow Kayle Player( although i stopped playing her since they killed her midlane :c ).
I'm sorry, I'm a bit confused by this. I understand not liking it, the way it looks, the loss of the attack sound. But it's always been a techno skin. I never saw a single comment saying it shouldn't be, because … it always was. Her whole theme was how "technology is the future". In fact, her suit looks EXACTLY the same on the base Level 1-5 form and the splash art. Everything she said was a reference either to the tech itself ("Sometimes you have to reboot the system" "Prosperity through technology" "A future forged in light and steel") or a reference to the authoritarian vision she has in forcing that tech on everyone ("I bring a vision of utopia" "To rebuild we must first destroy" "In time, all will understand"). It DID change thematic, but it was from a techno-fascist to a crazy cop. It wasn't just "techno", it was ABOUT technology.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Arcade Kai'Sa!
I saw a thread on the Boards that suggested adding a "LEVEL UP" effect to her when she Evolves, similar to the KO effect on Riven or the debuff symbols on Sona. I like this suggestion a lot, and this skin feels like a rare opportunity to include this text. https://i.imgur.com/06syNa4.png[/img]
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dark Cosmic Jhin!
About the taunt, I saw a certain astronaut, but also a specific planetoid showed up less frequently than the others; is that one a reference I'm not understanding?
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pajama Guardians!
This might be hard to pull off (have no idea), but it'd be nice if the Variant skins were put together in the "Skins" tab of a Champion's page and Champ Select, rather than simply putting it at the end because it's the latest skin to come out. I'm thinking of Leona and Kai'Sa, who both had two versions of the same skin come out at the same time, so those two will already be together (I understand "Prestige" technically serves a different purpose in terms of serving players, but they're functionally similar). It'd be nice if all Variant skins were placed next to each other.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Orianna, Nami, LeBlanc, Graves, and Fiddlesticks Chromas!
Not feedback (I think they're both amazing), but I was wondering why the Orianna chromas are being called Amber/Peridot rather than Ruby/Emerald(Jade?). Is there a more specific color associated with them, or is it just to make it sound a little more special?
: As far as I'm concerned the price for chromas needs to be changed Here's some suggestions for doing this. Any single option or mixture of them is enough 1. 1 free chroma with the purchase of a champion (if they dont have a chroma they get nothing) 2. 1 free chroma with the purchase of a skin with chroma options (random or user's choice) 3. Price reduction to be 100rp (same as an aram rp bonus) or 150rp per chroma 4. Allow Blue Essence to purchase these since someone like me has almost 200k and nothing to spend it on Since there's almost 700 chromas now thats a steep amount of money if you want to collect them all and with the push to have so many options it's legitimately feeling like users are getting these shoved in our face solely for profit. The data in the game also shows they're just texture swaps (you know, like King Rammus, Infernal Morde, Black Alistar, Silver Kayle, etc) and while I'm fine with more options to personalize it, the price is just flat out too high for a texture swap, especially when I can buy a couple texture swaps RIGHT NOW for higher cost. I'm not the only one that's had this opinion either. Many other users have this problem too
All non-Legacy chromas actually are available for Blue Essence for a couple weeks once a year; half during preseason, and half of them during midseason.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Praetorian Fiddlesticks
I heard that the crow sound on ult was kept in because of internal feedback. I don't think it fits the skin, but I agree that it should be identifiable as Fiddlesticks. I was thinking of [something like this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVCDvDmI4hc) when I saw the skin; if possible, I'd definitely like the sound to be changed! Gigan's roar here sounds like fast-moving metal scraping, which I think suits the general intonation of the ult.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Victorious Orianna!
I'm really liking the skin! I experienced a bug where the recall animation failed to play; it was simply the idle animation. It appeared to happen randomly; I had just killed the Blue Sentinel and pressed B immediately. I also agree with others' feedback that the color scheme would look nicer if it was a little less bright.
: It would be enough to offer gold players to choose each year which victorious skin they would like to get. (or give this as an additional reward for plat ranks) For example, i don´t have any interest in graves (2017), worked my ass off to get to gold and still will never be able to get wonderfull elise or morgana.
I don't play Ranked much (don't have the time to seriously get better at the game and I'm okay with that), so it scares me that a champion I love (especially Taliya/Orianna, although Taliyah is skinless and is pretty unlikely yet) might get the Victorious skin one year and I'll never be able to get it, but I'm still somewhat conflicted on the "choose which one you want" thing just on principle, I guess. I'm sorry you can't get the skins you want; not Victorious, but I feel that way about Judgement Kayle.
: The initial plan is 2500 World tokens hard. Then it will only be available if it drops for you via Loot. We might adjust that later, but currently that is the plan not to have it come back at some point arbitrarily. Balancing out that issue between something never being obtainable again and the desire to access a specific champion fantasy with a skin was precisely why we created the Prestige Edition concept, so that you can all still get the base skin, K/DA Kaisa, any time you want to experience K/DA. So the rarity being specific to the Prestige Edition only. We'll be looking at the balance at the end of the event and consider other options for future Prestige Editions, but having to make that conscious choice is precisely what makes it rare, hard to get.
So the skin will be available through Hextech Crafting even after the event?
: Dragon Fist Lee Sin, Immortal Journey, and High Noon Chromas!
Do you know if we can expect bundle-exclusive chromas in this batch?
: Akali Gameplay Feedback Mega-Thread
I really enjoy her passive. Akali feels like she can't kill you in 0.2 seconds, but also feels more fluid than most assassins, in my opinion. I just wanted to say good job.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections
Time to get depressed I missed the Elementalist icon/border, again (shamelessly using it on this account, yeah, yeah lol). {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} These actually look really good, though. I've already gone through the fan wiki looking at all of these, so now having an in-client way to learn what all of these are and how you could've gotten them is cool. Makes people want to go and learn about old events, which is always fun to discover as a new player.
: New Tutorials are live on PBE!
I have a question related to new but not FRESH players. Will the rewards be the same for players who have already gone up a few levels, or will it simply not give rewards? I know someone who wants to play and already made an account (it's at level 3 currently) but if possible I'd like them to try the new tutorials when they're live. I'm wondering if there's a rough window for when the tutorial should be updated. Is preseason reasonable? Although I'm assuming there are still iterative changes to be made for the new player experience beyond the tutorial itself.
: I agree, we definitely want to choose the best option possible, it's just that the icon situation is so poor and disorganized, it's taking awhile to sort everything out We do want to include the Udyr/Sona exception into the Background Picker, but we ran out of time, and wanted to get this feature out to the masses, rather than hold it back for the few people who really want the specific Udyr / Sona forms (a small price to pay one could argue) Hopefully we'll be able to get those in ASAP, since we do know that they are currently missing from the new Background Picker And don't worry about my Inbox, it can handle it haha, I always like hearing from you guys, and responding when I can! Can always find me on Twitter too!
I was excited when I found out so many Rioters use Twitter under their "work" names. I always feels awkward talking to people online (especially when they seem busy), but being able to see people like that makes me want to find a community for work/life and it keeps me motivated. Followed, person-who-apparently-has-the-same-name-as-me :)
: No, I think you're mostly right, it's a bit janky due to two conflicting systems An old system that, to be fairly honest, is just a horrible experience (having to equip an icon to change a background) For now, the two systems are just gonna clash, and there will be some painful edge cases (I set a background, and now I'm playing with friends and changing icons, and accidentally choose one that will trigger a background change) We may think about removing the old system in the future, though we're concerned about how players who are already used to that functionality will react Though all-in-all, if there's a specific function to allow the changing of backgrounds, it makes changing backgrounds via another system obsolete, so, we'll see I hope that makes sense!
Yes, and sorry for flooding your inbox about this haha. Thanks for the responses; it really means a lot. As someone who uses an icon from an Ultimate skin (Lux), my only personal concern is that I prefer the asset currently being used to the one from this feature, if only because the Ultimate splashes appear more centered in this feature than any other option. I'm all for removing the icon functionality as long as the appearance of my profile doesn't change. Although for players who use Udyr/Sona, having it cycle through forms instead of using just their favorite might be a point of contention.
: Yeah, it's a bit strange at the moment that the assets aren't in-sync, the reason for that is that it's pulling the assets from Skins Viewer, whereas the original assets for Profiles (using icons) was pulling an entirely new asset elsewhere As for the fade, that's a good catch! We'll have to look into what's actually causing that (for the original version) in order to make sure our version isn't doing the same
The way you say that makes it sound like the different colors are an error, but I assumed they were intentional. https://imgur.com/a/Fmygmai For comparison. Here, {{champion:37}} and {{champion:103}} fade into the same color; it looks like it's not totally unique, just each champion is "assigned" a specific color, hence seeming intentional. The images are fine; other than the exact color, they look identical to the assets in the customizable version. I just wanted to say so in case I was unclear or I didn't understand what you were saying.
: So honestly, right now, the icons **will** override the selected background, and the two animated splashes (icons vs selected) **are** slightly different We're looking to change this in the future, and looking for the best option, but for now, that's the case
I've been testing it out. It seems that, when you equip an Ultimate icon, it automatically switches to that icon's background. However, when I choose the background _after_ equipping the icon, it stays at what I chose. So it looks to me like the icon doesn't automatically override it, but that _equipping_ an icon will change the background to that of the icon. Is there something I'm not seeing from my side?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Profile Background Picker!
I wanted to ask about Ultimate skins. I understand that the Udyr and Sona backgrounds cycle through their various forms, but the icons each give you just one of them *without changing*. However, Ezreal, Lux, and Miss Fortune each have only one splash art; do you feel using them is a bit redundant? Lux is moved to the center of the page, Miss Fortune is just slightly closer, and Ezreal is actually "flipped", so it actually matches his in-game look better than what you get from the icon (always thought that was weird). I noticed that the most-played-champion backgrounds fade into different colors (Soraka fades into dark purple; Ahri into dark blue), but even those same champions fade into black with this feature. It would probably be a LOT of work to do that for every skin, but it'd be nice if they didn't uniformly fade into black (it works for some, of course).
: That's alright! I totally get what you mean--that's something that we'll try to look into =)
This may be an unpopular opinion, but I feel like the animated background is something special for Ultimate skins. Although there are a number of Legendary skins that got login screens with animated splashes, and I like those ones a lot too, I'd rather it be reserved.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
I just realized that the Blood Moon emblem shows up on her ult. I didn't even noticed it! I guess that feedback speaks for itself. Since the shape of the ult already matches it rather closely, have you tried just adding the "inner" part, and letting the ult itself be the "outer" part of the emblem? Of course, the shape will be a bit off because of that, and I'm not sure how important you feel the exact shape is (for example, Elementalist Lux's emblem has a few different looks in different places, but they're all readable as the same symbol; BM doesn't have any variation as far as I'm aware).
: Blood Moon Evelynn
I think that having the texture of her dress go slightly farther down her right leg and slightly farther up on her left leg (especially on the back) would really make the one open leg much more striking, although I understand it would look wonky in the back if it wasn't even. I like the ghostly, ethereal look all the pale colors bring to mind, but I think the gold, specifically, needs to be a bit brighter on her tendrils. I like the blue on the fingers; it fits it in well and I think the change in color is one of the most attractive parts of the Evelynn skins that feature it. However, I feel the tone is just a little off. It's supposed to match BM Diana, right? I love the shade of blue you used; makes me think of foxfires, and dead spirits is totally an Evelynn thing (not that I want another Ahri skin, but I think having the two of them as a matching pair for BM would be really cool, by the way). However, I feel they're a just a tad too bright. It's probably because the blue is against red, rather than against black like Diana, but I understand making her hands black would make them hard to see against her robe. With the blue of the horns, I think having them a bit darker at the base (like BM Jhin) would make them feel much better. I'm wondering why the balls on her feet are the same color as her skin; they are very hard to notice and the similarity in color feels awkward when you DO notice it. I don't like that the tendrils' red doesn't match the rest of the reds on her outfit. They appear slightly "cooler". Lastly, I think that, even if the rest of her colors are lighter, her "tattoos" should be a very deep red. I want it to look like an actual blood mark!! Overall, the color scheme makes me feel like she's a ghost, with piercing paleness covered by her dark clothing, heavy golds, and glowing blues. But, of course, she has no glow! There is the red ball in between her horns, but I'd like to see something done to make it more visible. Making it fade into another color (probably blue or white) is my first thought.
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