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: Help with finding games
It's not a dumb question! :D If you want to find a game fast, I would recommend joining a public chat room. Lots of people on there are willing to play and are pretty nice. PBE has always had very long queue times because the server is so much smaller than normal; the queue times normally aren't _that_ long though, so its probably just due to the large amount of new PBE accounts created.
: PBE Help
Have you bought the champion/rune bundles in the store? Only buy them once, they give you most of the champions and runes. Additionally, I would read [this guide ]( the PBE. And [this one ]( well. Also, because there are sooo many people that have just been accepted to PBE, everything is pretty slow right now. If something is wrong with your account, it should surely be fixed soon!
: Rageblade takes to long to stack up
Rageblade is kind-of weird right now. It's excellent on champions that apply on-hit effects and have nice attack speed (Eve; Sated Devourer users) but horrible on most everyone else. I think the item could use a few tweaks but its so much better than it is on live.
: Toxic players in the PBE
Riot takes reports very seriously in PBE, probably more-so than the normal servers. If someone's being toxic, report them. Trust me, Riot does look into PBE very carefully so the people who truly deserve PBE stay on it.
: not letting me log in
Same thing happened to me; I eventually got in but it took like thirty minutes.
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: Downloading PBE Follow this link and sign into the forums...then hit the "I want to help!" button. You will get the link afterwards :3
: [Item Shop] - Item description bug
I'm having this problem as well, it's so confusing @_@
I hope Riot reads this, I've never thought it was fair to make his passive obsolete with one item.
: [PBE Bugs & Feedback] DJ Sona - Feature Highlights
A problem with the skin that I've noticed is that your Q aura doesn't show the animation on allies. So, for example, if you gave Vayne the aura, it wont show the visual effect on her even though you touched her with your aura. I did have a screenshot of this but I deleted it by accident so I will upload one later. I might be going crazy, but I couldn't even see the visual effect of the aura on anyone but Sona.
: Zilean E discussion
I think your intended changes would make Zilean a bit overbearing. If Zilean had a root, he would be able to easily stun-lock someone with his bombs. (2 second root + 1.5 second stun = O_O) Personally, I think Zilean may need a bigger Q cast range like you said! Good idea though :D


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