: Yorick is very frustrant to play
Yorick's ghouls actually deal a lot of damage if your opponent isn't paying attention. Hit a good E, W combo and watch their health drop. I wouldn't say he's countered by most top laners at all, as that remains to be seen. I can already think of several ways to outplay opponents utilizing him.
: [Yorick] - Mistwalkers don't apply heal from Deaths Dance
The Mistwalkers probably heal YOU but not themselves. I'd have to check. AD Items don't seem to affect them though. Black Cleaver procs because Yorick is dealing physical damage with the Mistwalkers and not because of the Mistwalkers themselves.
: But season 5 is extremely one sided matches as well, and we still have the shtty season 5 dragon Also Cunning's keystones need to be buffed / changed; minus the shield/heal amp And turrets need more health
Season 5 is hardly, one sided (in my opinion). If you want a great example for one sided games that ended at 20 mins or so, look no farther than Season 3! But, I'm not surprised by these changes as long, drawn out games with turtling are not good for esports spectators.
: Same match up EXP is SUPER snowbally
I'm confused, can you elaborate further?
: > [{quoted}](name=TheGhostwriter64,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=eUqd2NXj,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-10-31T09:11:09.060+0000) > E: Dash > I´m completly honest here, i think its just too much. I know you guys wanna protect him and he wanna go balls deep in, but he have to got some balls to do it. > 120 MR and Armor This is a bug I'm pretty sure.
It's actually not a bug. But the OP just posted the max stats, when it's not that simple to just get 120 MR and Armor. You must cast the E at least 4 times at max rank to get the true grit stacks equal to those values.
: the funny part is that this is exactly what rito is doing. lamb and wolf is never one without the other, there is no tagteam function where you can independently choose lamb or wolf. now quinn and valor works in unison, at the same time instead of one or the other maybe if valor was more visually involved in quinns W it would help? like a fusion of ashe E arrow and kalista spirits that maybe buffs quinn mvm speed? especially if they are low if valor finds them? maybe he could even track them applying constant vision to them?
Well, if that's the case Valor definitely needs to be more visually involved overall or just have more involvement in the kit itself. I don't know, maybe it is their dialogue also, but I get a different feel and idea from Kindred.
: Quinn PBE Feedback Thread
I'm not a Quinn main but I do have a comment to make. Lamb and Wolf make up Kindred correct? Why not make Quinn and Valor have a similar game play dynamic to Lamb and Wolf? It allows for Valor to be a more central piece to the game play (which a lot of people liked) and maybe you can find some way for her to still keep some of her damage and lower the mobility to compensate. I know this isn't very specific, but when I saw Kindred, I just thought it'd fit really well with Quinn and Valor.

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