: i have the same problem too man.... plz riot don't rip us off any longer..... u nerfed my {{item:3160}} and did not buff my favorite champion {{champion:11}}... Like master yi is extremely weak already and u did not even buff him... like idk lowering the mana cost of his q is a good start
What has a shop bug to do with their game balance decisions?
: [Jax] Cooldown for W doesn't start correctly after being used on a structure
Jax W bonus damage does not proc on structures, so you keep the buff until it either runs out or is used (e.g. by attacking a minion once). Same with his third ult auto. Changing this would be a significant nerf to Jax as he would lose his one great feature - having the greatest turret dunk sound in League.
: [Skin] SKT Zed?
Will probably be available tomorrow https://twitter.com/RiotFeithen/status/451838265675366400
: [Graphic Bug] - Multiple flames from Relic shield (and its upgrades)
Had this bug with Taric in a normal and with Wukong in an ARAM (both on EUW) aswell, but iirc it already started with relic shield. Maybe the orbs don't get adjusted properly upon death/respawn?
: How much increased dps does he do late game with attack speed on paper? Now let's assume that he can only land 10 percent of those auto attacks because that's how this should actually be calculated. You have just completely ruined a champion based on your flawed calculations on paper. I think you overvalue attack speed, because noone cares about it on lee sin and if you actually want to refocus this champion, there are better ways to do it. I mean any ONE of these changes would be enough of a change to lee sin, but not ALL of them, for the love of god. He should be the champion all other heros are balanced around.
> He should be the champion all other heros are balanced around. And how many passives do you want to pump into someone like Ashe to free her ability slots and make her as adaptable as Lee? Not as if people were already complaining about too many passives.
: They Changed lee sin disregarding all concern for the casual gamers who dont ward jump to use leesins kick as util. That is a silly change to be honest, Come on riot think of the majority of LoL players when "tuning" Champions.
The majority of League players ARE casuals though.
: I was expecting nerfs because of all the recent early game nerfs to just about everything but this is actually a bit out of control. A retune is actually a complete nerf overhaul? There's far too much emphasis on justifying all of this with a passive that is ok in the sense that it scales well but in reality is not actually going to be put to use since you don't have the time to auto attack when you're trying to kick someone into your team or trying to make "the great escape". There simply is no room for his passive to be utilized (generally). It would be wise to reconsider everything or perhaps drop the whole case all together. Lee Sin isn't in that bad of a spot to deserve the legendary nerf bat. There are plenty of examples of what happens to champions that are overnerfed. See: {{champion:39}} or {{champion:120}} . TL;DR: Leave some dimension to the game. Lee is being way, way over-nerfed, Passive NOT worth. Numbers are disgusting, made me vomit.
I heard that Irelia isn't that bad atm, despite being nerfed multiple seasons.
: would be nice to add the option to allocate lanes to bots for more customisation
Iirc, first and fourth bot go to top lane, second and fifth bot to bot lane and third bot to mid lane. If a tower dies in one lane, the duo lanes each send a bot to that lane (so that they are 3-1-1). I don't know though, just heard something like that on reddit and it seemed plausible. In TT, second bot is bot and the other two are top. Top gets the altar near your base while bot tries to get the altar near their base.
: @Riot galio E doesnt make sense (no offense)
He is supposed to use E to get quickly into position for a good ult, because he can't really engage over distance without a gapcloser. Also, he needs some damage to have enough waveclear for mid lane. Giving it a knockup like Janna's tornado would give Galio too much cc IMO (Sej main here).
: Bugs with poison champions found
Might be the bug where buff/debuff icons don't get updated properly if you lose vision to the enemy.
: The invasion of the void is happening
Requesting a circlejerk subforum.
: Anyone else find it being a bit silly that the item provides extra damage based on the your base ad at .75 when sheen give sit at .1. Honestly I don't see why it shouldn't be at 1.0 ratio for the ad part of it. It might help see some resurgence in hybrid characters that way.
Sheen uses base ad, that means just the AD a champion innately has plus what he gained from level-ups. Neither runes/masteries nor items or buffs changes the spellblade damage. /edit: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Champion_statistics_at_level_18
: Riot Please
A Rioter said in a similar thread that summoner icons don't need to be tested, I guess it's because they are nothing new code-wise.
: 4.3 Itemization Update [Update - 2/19/2014]
Tanks won't buy cdr boots as long as tabi exist. Cdr just doesn't feel really strong compared to tank stats. You don't get to use two rotations anyway, unless the enemy is at your tower. Utility supports won't waste their money on cdr boots. 10% from masteries and 20% from shurelyas, not counting the nomicon, locket, frozen heart or whatever you want later in the game. Tank supports that are not Leona or Thresh need a mana item, so either shurelyas or a glacial shroud item. Nunu is the only tank support who scales decently with ap, and I haven't seen one in a year. What about giving them some mana regen, additionally to their (reduced) cdr? Tanks are forced to either build a glacial shroud item which just icnreases their mana pool, the jungle item which requires them to charge their mana up or to waste a full item slot on an item that is solely for mana regeneration and doesn't grant many helpful stats beside that (grail/crucible would be the best choices as they still grant mana regen)
: [Feed Back In-Game] Report system
I remember a tribunal case from /r/bestoftribunal though with an imgur link in the report reason that wasn't censored. It wasn't clickable, but you could copypaste it. It's the tribune's decision though whether he checks that picture and whether he sees the connection to the tribunal case as he doesn't know the nicknames (unless you report him for inappropriate summoner name). So the best time to do some screenshots would be the last ten seconds, where every champion is locked.
: Dorans Shield Nerf and its consequences in my oppinion
Before, both dBlade and dShield were rarely bought because you could not pick up some pots with them and their sustain could not compete with the two pots if you started longsword, three if you started double beads or five if you started cloth. Also, early lane sustain was crucial due to the high snowballing. For mages, it gave a nice balance out of offense power and mana sustain, and especially the mana sustain from dRings was great if you didn't want to rush a mana regen item (either tear, chalice or nomicon). Riot gave us more starting options with the support items, and they also increased overall lane sustain by reducing the price of dorans and alternatives (longsword, that is) to make playing in the lane more forgiveable and encourage more early game action. The strong dShield was meant for tanks, which couldn't be played anywhere but jungle and support (and support only those who have defensive abilities (including the adc) or strong self-buffs to allow several engages). That's a problem with tanks though, as they don't have sustain, excluding nasus, mundo and singed (but only due to tear/catalyst and ult). Their life bar is a non-resetting timer to go back to base. That said, dRing will most likely be worth their gold for mages in mid lane, dBlade will be worth their gold for marksmen to survive all-in comps and have enough sustain in lane with lifesteal quints or a healer support and dShield... well, as a counter to constant aa harass, for sure (against ranged top. supports hide in bushes all day, marksmen aren't allowed to buy any full defensive item before LW and melee mids... dunno. IMO, champions that can't deal with bulky melee fighters at top, can't deal with a ranged autoattacker at bot, can't deal with a ranged caster in mid and can't even surpass their weakest stage in the jungle, in short, have a clear disadvantage in an unavoidable stage of the game, are unbalanced.)
: [Feed Back In-Game] Report system
Screenshots can be faked, and you can't control if someone attaches a screenshot of the lobby or ...cat pictures. Some people already fill the report text with unappropriate content, I'd expect the worst from /b/ if they could also attach images.
: Adc meta game - champions need nerfs and buffs
Ashe's Ult is an engaging/disengaging tool while Ez' and Jinx' are finishers and/or to make use of the passive. With such a high utility, it shouldn't deal great damage; also, it deals magic damage, and I don't think magic damage scaling with ad is great (Warwick says hi). I'd say it's similar to Sej ult (and you don't build ap on Sej; mpen, yeah, but no ap!), either use it to start fights or in the middle of the fight to turn it around; or, if you can afford it, to catch a fleeing enemy. For MF, the cd reduction seems to be a bit too high. While I agree that MF is currently out of favour due to her low mobility, I don't think her Ult needs a buff. Also, you can disable The Culling by placing your tank in front of Lucian, while you can't do that with Bullet Time (correct me if I'm wrong). If you want to buff MF, I suggest to work on her passive rather than her damage... something like "damaging an enemy reduces cd timer", even if that would be too Sivir.
: Heartseeker Ahri
Ahri got the Popstar skin "recently", and Valentine's day is already in two weeks. I don't think the design team can finish a splash art and a model in that time ;)
: I got an email to help test this "Hexakill" gamemode and it tells me that The Player Behavior team will be joining me during the next Team Builder test window on Mon, Jan 27 and Tue, Jan 28 from 1 to 5 PM PST (9 PM to 1 AM GMT) but where is this test window? {{champion:17}}
Test window as in time space. Team Builder is only available in test intervals, one of which is Mon27/Tue28; it won't be available afterwards for a time. Hexakill however is another project of Riot, and they released this featured gamemode yesterday for testing on the PBE. So if you want to test Hexakill, just login any time; if you want to try out Team Builder, you have to do it between 1-5PM PST on Monday and/or Tuesday.
: Hexakill Enabled on PBE!
Losing objectives puts a team too far behind, especially mid tower, as you can't move that freely around the map anymore, which is crucial in Hexakill. Duo mid might be better than duo top; mid tower(s) should be much more bulky though. Performance wasn't that great, had fluctuating fps around 30. Paired with the high ping from EUW, it was almost impossible to play. I do like the strategies this gamemode brings, though. Gonna theorycraft the shit out of this gamemode with my buddies if this makes it to the main servers! Apart from that, I don't think the average soloQ'er will have that much fun with Hexakill... it requires more communication/coordination and less individual skill.


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