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: Xerath rework now back on PBE
New damages nerf on R to gain 0.1 AP and some range ... Please stop rolling dices, and share your though with community. Furethemore, unsticking this post sound like a community taunt like : "we dont care about your feedback, we just need stats to do our job"
: Team builder shows no champions?
: Xerath stun does not effect Lux if she use her ultimate final spark. Lux will just walk around with the stun mark over her head without its effect.
Lux final spark, as Ez ultimate cant be interrupt
: Ok, guys here is my full length Review, please Reply/Answer to this Post. Don´t reply to my subposts or you will fuck up my format. If you like it, please Upvote BOTH, this comment and my first Response "1)Index" for better visibility! If the formating is all fucked up, please sort with clicking recent instead of best. :) I know its a long wall of text, i won´t hate you if its to much to read. Its 15 pages long in Word. Easier to read that way. P.S: Yes i have too much time right now. Yes i´m crazy. Yes i like Xerath xD.
What a wall ! I just finish to read it. Well your review is kind of perfect ! It completly fit my thought on it ! I main Live Xerath too, i follow this "rework" since it start, and i'm happy to see that someone share my feelings ! The only thing it lack is real suggestions to fix the rework. Sadly i'm afraid Riot don't care about hard change of their new kit. Rework start a long time ago, and Xelnath step is considered done ... They want to release it soon. But Hey ! Please Riot listen to the community ! yes you spend many time on new spells, but it seems that they were made too earlier. Xelnath catch many part of what we like, Community express why they like Xerath, and when I see Xerath V9 it doesnt fit ! For myself I think a V10 must try things like : - %Mpen on passive. Riot add "{{item:3003}} as recommended items .. But Xerath overall need CDR, and CDR item fix Xerath mana needs ... You may add %MPen / Max manapool - Q is clunky, short range doesnt fit the rest of kit, and High range work on static target only. You had better to move forward than charge it. a 900 - 1300 range, with quicker charge but selfroot can be better - W is the best thing you bring to Xerath kit - E was one of the strongest CC of League, it rework seems legit - R is clunky, if you want to fit better with Live Xerath, turn him into a empowered live Xerath W. They're is a good suggestion in this thread, base on Ammo and empowered kit consumming it. that sound good ! that sound Xerath lore and his true form. Empowered spells means longer & wider spell effect.
: Xerath rework now back on PBE
Hi everyone, after some tests on the last iteration, i'd like to share some thought. 1st, Xelnath let the last PBE iteration with this summary : >Okay, let's summarize these issues: >You feel: * Xerath's controls have significantly changed since live * Xerath root - fire - reposition play was core to the character * Xerath's burst was unavoidable previously and new Xerath is more avoidable * Xerath's ultimate feels like it is outside his core kit (previously it triggered the stun) >Xerath has been pulled off PBE while we work on his new ultimate and to prepare for the release of 3.13 I personnally feel that Xenalth to Zenon change forget it. Then, what i think about V9 : * Where is Xerath Magic Penetration !? !? Xerath is a bruiser crusher, this V9 turn him into an other ADC hunter ... a kind of Syndra'' * I still lack the root + Q then MS. As many said before me, Q charge let me the feeling that i 'll never reach my fleing ennemy, when i was able to W+Q+W. I wish a V10 with a Q root with a quicker charge ... * W is perfect * E is "OK", maybe some particules tweak can be done * R is still outside of the kit. More than this, with no more MS buff, U can only use it as a finisher, when we was able to initiate far away, and quickly join the fight * R VFX is still a "pew pew" shot, compared to the huge heavy explosion / beam of W & Q, so this ultimate feels weak * R I like the bonus on single target, but the quite small width turn on AE shot on a "fail" use / a miss, because it's pretty much impossible to hit more than 2 peoples. I wish a larger AE allowing a choice between "moderate" AE damages, and an "edge" shot to focus only one ennemy for higher damages. * If Live Xerath is "clunky", Xerath V9 is "clunkier". His kit have bad synergies after a well placed E : * You will W ! but what's next ? * Move to Quick cast Q ? * Charge Q ? * waste time to set up R ? * Charge Q, go back if your target will still close fight you, then R ? * Charge Q, move back & wait for next Q * Only R when target flee under tower / away from Q range ?
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: Suggestion for an easier to use / more productive PBE
: [Yasuo Tiamat+Hydra Glitch] Yasuo has no animation when using actives.
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: i thought lw reduces total armor, not bonus armor
LW reduces total armor, Total armor = Base + bonus armor and (Base + Bonus) x 0,65 = Base x 0,65 + Bonus x 0,65 with Ult, equation become (Base + Bonus x 0,5)x 0,65 = Base x 0,65 + Bonus x 0,5 x 0, 65
: How does Yasuo's Ult penetration work?
LW before or after Ult change nothing, they are multiplicative on bonus armor The math will probably be : Base Armor + Bonus Armor = 80 + 120 **Base Armor after LW** = 80 x 0,65 = 52 **Bonus Armor reduce by ult & LW** = 120 x 0,5 x 0,65 = 39 (= 120 x 0,65 x 0,5) So Armor left is 91.
: Yasuo reflects my feeling that you are giving up on the "all in" class to easily. He is able to stay more in his team's back line, isolate enemy divers using wind wall, hack them to pieces, *then *dive into the enemy back line once their major cooldowns have been spent. This is fundamentally different from a Fiora who has to choose between non-participation in a fight and rushing headlong into the enemy's entire zone of threat.
Thanks for your answer ! So if I understand well your thoughts, in Teamfight Yasuo gameplay work in 2 phases : Bodyguard the marksman then execute the team ... you take a point for this :) But on lane phase, when he's allready fragile, a jungler gank means a certain death. In fact I do the parallel with Fiora, because when she join the league, i really appreciate her gameplay, and try to play her on top lane. But despite her really strong duel skills, She was no viable, because she was not able to avoid gank without a flash. (And yes, river was warded ;) )
: Good call, I'll talk to Mitch the Icon Bro today. How is everyone doing in terms of tracking Q2 versus Q3? Do you need more information about whether you're close to Q3 or is the spell clear enough at present?
Maybe be a Gold border on 2nd attack, and full gold icon on 3rd one. The Goal is to understand quickly without "reading"
: [Gameplay] Yasuo, the Unforgiven
As i said on an other post, Yasuo currently is an All In champion, with a strong snowball effect like Fiora and Yi, but we cant play them cause they have no escape tool. I hope Riot will change this and allow dash on allies (with E stacks reset) in oder to turn him more like a Tryn or a Jax. And in order to limit his snowballness, a scaling on level passive sound great.
: [Gameplay] Yasuo: Thoughts and Suggesions
My thoughts on Yasuo : Passive - the critical strike feel really strong, but not linear, There's a world between Starter item & statikk build. Q - need a better feedback on 3rd strike ready. (i suggested a icon switch like rengar on an other post) we may appreciate the choice of smartcast it or not. On lane phase, a cast indicator can help to harass, or land a storm. W - Really strong, but the short range and the wall move make it hard to use on a defensive case. E - If we dont want Yasuo suffert of the Fiora legacy, this dash need to allow retreat moves on an ally target, with a cost of stack reset. R - OK General : Yasuo have no retreat way, and i fear he becomes non viable like fiora because of this. Yasuo have goods "defense in attack" tools (W, passive shield, dash through ennemies, storms), that allow him to avoid some damage when he jump in fight. But when he goes in, he have no way to get out. There 3 kind of Melee : - the tanky ones who have tools to stay alive in, or strong damage to build only defensive items (Nasus, Garen, Udyr, Aatrox ...) - Agressives ones, with at least one way to escape the fight (Wukong, tryn, Jax, Zed, Kz...) - All in ones, which snowball hard, and are viable only on low ELO because they kill or die (Fiora, Yi...) Please put him away from All In case !
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: [Bot AI] Bots not going to proper lane
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: Mastery Changes Coming to PBE
Hi FeralPony ! After some Masteries build test, my feedback : OFFENSE : This tree is nice balanced, but i feel Spell & blade Weaving are weirds. I dont know what is the intention / gameplay you wish behind this, but for me it's just masteries for Kayle / Elise and maybe some other few champion. I dont like this "Niche" masteries Maybe you can try some masteries like "%damage on impaired target" that may open a build with this mastery and "Opression" on Defense tree... or something like an execute in the far end of tree like "if the target have less than 20% HP, spell & AA put a executioner mark on him. This mark proc after 3s but proc timer is refreshed by spell & AA. The mark proc deal 2% max HP." DEFENSE : I dont know if it's good or bad; there is too many good things in ! :) If you want to invest in this tree, you'll put more than 21 pts. A thing I dont like in this tree, the 9 pt is not enought valuable compared to offense & utility one. 9 pt is only a "I want more HP" because there is no more armor or magic resist buff : Enchanted Armor is useless if you are not a tank... an assassin, mage or marksman that build only 1 defense item have no interest in it. Can't we imagine an Armor / MR by level ? Offense tree offer AD / AP per level & flat AP / AD with 9 pts, why not keep something like this in defense tree ? If we dont want to invest in block or Tough Skin in T1, then you 'll have to put a point in it to pass T2 UTILITY : I miss the choice of a 9/0/21 for mage. We still can get 10% CDR for mage like Ryze, but it feel less valuable for a mage to invest in it compared to S3 (and before) where get 6% CDR with high investment in Utility versus 4% on offense T1.


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