: Stop banning the champions that got updated/changed
You are not forced to play draft go to custom and join a game there are quite a few or create your own that way you can play with ppl who dont want to be bothered with the ban phase thingy :)
: Later today~
its later (ಠ_ಠ) still nothing .... * waiting patiently.....*
: Cull Life On Hit
tômato tomato same thing just different ways to say it :P
: PBE bundle don't work
i think They said somewhere they would disable or remove that bundle and you now have to buy the champions one by one i will try to find the source and post it here EDIT: ok mb :P its the rune bundle not champions :P that might be bugged tho so try to buy champs 1 by 1 :)
: oh now i can see what you were speaking about ^^ that's definitely something to fix
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