: About Sett, some problems with the amount of power he has.
He is a Juggernaut.... That is what they do. Think Darius, Mord. They are Juggernauts. So is Sett. His shield has to be that big. You forget that he has to TAKE that much damage for the shield to even work. Once the shield is used he is still DOWN that much HP. He HAS to take damage for the W to do damage because its % of the Shield. If you lower the shield then you would need to up the % of damage the W does. Then you have a guy who only needs to take 10% of his HP as damage to do the same amount of damage.
: Sett's Inconsistencies w/ my QOL tweaks
I JUST logged these same issues (auto attack and Ult). Iv seem the E bug but though it was just lag or something.
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: Garen changes are back and they are even more OP then the last time
Oh so the patch notes are wrong Real changes are >Judgment (E) Tick changed from [5+1 per 3 levels (max 10)] to [8+1 per 20% attack speed from items and levels] Base damage changed from 14/18/22/26/30 to 9/15/21/27/33 AD ratio changed from .36/.37/.38/.39/.4 to .26/.295/.33/.365/.40 Enemy champions hit by 6 times lose 25% of their armor for 6s Not the OnHit is gone and the bonus hits are ONLY from Items and Level so no Lethal Tempo
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: Pyke can't kill you in your E, at least not the stuff i saw. Unless they changed it. However, I feel like pantheon whole kit is boring and unplayable. I had such hope for him, but they made a boring champ
Iv been playing him exclusively on the PBE with the Q changes and it feels a lot better but the E not blocking thing is getting to me. The "Block" zone is well in front of him and champs like Fiz, Yasuo, Talon, Garen, Pyke can all hit you as if it was not even their. The Block needs to be from the middle of his model.
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: > [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=k4OqHYaA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-21T21:25:29.054+0000) > > 1) How can you read my comments on like forums? Two different users. there is only one guy posting on both forums whos complaining about urgot, in the same angry tone and writing stile, spamming every thread with the same arguments and sentence "the rework should never go live". i added 1 and 1 together. youre the same guy. > 2) Urgot has MAX 3 attacks per second while Garen can get to 7 per second urgot can activate his w for an unlimited amount of time. he can activate and reactivate the ability at will. the end. that makes them different abilities. garen gets somewhere between 11 and 16 (if he full on leans into the build) on hit procs over 3 seconds, while urgot gets 30 from range over 10 seconds until garens spin is back off cooldown. urgot can also cast his other abilities during that time while garen cant. urgot is a ranged lane bully. judgement and purge are two different abilities with different advantages and disadvantages even when they both can apply on-hits. stop trying to compare them.
Garen gets 19-21 (24 if you go PTA) with a full AS onHit build With that he hits True Damage on anyone under 200 armor. Yes Urgot can keep attacking after 3s but that means nothing when he is dead after 4s Yes Urgot is a different champ. But why play him if You have Garen? (oh right Garen will be perma Banned) Also you see tons of Urgots going OnHit.... Not. Its not a viable build for Urgot. It very much is for Garen and is really the ONLY way to go with the current PBE build. Also there are others on live saying Garen changes are busted. There maybe others talking about Urgot but IDK. Does not mean its not an issue if Im the only one seeing the comparison. Also my ton is not Angry, its (*eye roll* how can a developer like Riot be so stupid)
: Pantheon 9.17 changes
The added Crit to Tap Q feels REALLY good. Still not OP but his Laning feels a lot better.
: > [{quoted}](name=LadyVash,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=k4OqHYaA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-21T21:03:43.585+0000) > > Unless I see Riot push to PBE removing OnHit from E there is plenty to freak out about. the on-hit is not just going to be removed. there is still time to work on it. anyways. your reasoning is basically just that youre salty about garen being able to get an ability similar to urgot. ive read your comments on here, and on the regular forums and its always just about that. your 1:1 comparison doesnt hold up until garen is allowed to just activate his spin and keep it running like urgot can keep his w running, and they add 100 range to it. they are entirely different champions still. garen isnt going to be the same as urgot, as darius isnt the same as garen. youre freaking out over nothing.
1) How can you read my comments on like forums? Two different users. 2) Urgot has MAX 3 attacks per second while Garen can get to 7 per second My problem is not that Garen is better then Urgot, its the its broken our right. Urgot is has this 50% on hit mechanic but its useless on him because attack speed does not add more attacks to his W. IF it did we would be in the same place as we are with Garen. Garens E also Hits ALL in range of his E and does 25% more + the onHIt to the closes target. Urgot ONLY hits the closest target and per attack does less then Garen. So Garens E does about 50% more damage per hit and hits 2.5x more per second then Urgot. Yes Urgot has his Leg blasts but he has 6 of those Max and Go play Urgot vs Garen and tell me who wins that.... I can give you a hint. He uses a Sword.
: PSA: the garen rework isnt scheduled to ship before 9.20 at the earliest
Unless I see Riot push to PBE removing OnHit from E there is plenty to freak out about.
: The key difference between other on hit champs and the pbe garen is that garen will auto win all melee fights. You cant stop his spin, Unlike master yi or on hit darius. Cc'ing garen will still let him proc on hit effects with his spin, and armor shred everyone around him, fully stack rageblade and proc tiamat faster than any champion can. Throw in built in defenses and you have pure cancer for any melee champ.
His E needs to be interupted with Stuns/Silences
: Garen Changes too strong?
Riot CAN NOT go live with Garens E applying onHit effects. Its beyond broken. With just {{item:3153}} he wins every fight he is not 1v5 in (and then he wins if he is not CCed) Even allowing his E to scale up to soooo many hits from one key press is stupid. Urgot gets 3/s Gargen gets 7/s He One shots in the span of his Silence. There is ZERO counter play. He runs up Q>E you are dead.
: Yeah it's broken It should be atleast nerfed if not removed
This "Rework" if you can even call it that. Needs to be scrapped and the Designer how came up with it needs to get moved back to cleaning Toilets
Riot has Jumped the Shark and I dont think the have any team meetings about changes. I think anyone can just build some shit and put it up on the PBE with out any oversight. Its like a 10 year old boy who gets bullied at school is running the game.
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: Report them, block them and move on. Contrary to what many people believe, reporting works on the PBE and penalties are stricter than on live. So please make the best of it and use it! Reporting through boards is useless, [as is written in the universal LoL boards rules](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/TELEBnr1-universal-rules). This forum is for bug reports and feedback, not to start a witch hunt. Since you're not in the game anymore, sending a ticket to [Riot support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) with evidence is your best bet. PBE accounts cannot create tickets at the moment, so instead please use your live account and specify you're talking about PBE in the ticket.
I have been on the PBE for 8 years. Reporting does work. It works for language and harassment the most. Feeding/troll picks and afk not so much.
: Lux nerfs are too harsh
Lux is THE safest Mage in the game. Her Shields needed this. I still think she needs more nerfs
: Heyo Folks, Just chiming in. Had a couple of games with him on the PBE and I have to say...very underwhelming. While the stacks are certainly nice, I really feel that the nerfs that were tossed in with this mini rework are very suboptimal. I am wondering if there isn't some way that Riot could really make successfully stacking with Swain more robust and interesting. I really enjoyed the idea that getting so many stack might equate to some sort of larger bonus. For instance, what if for every 15 Stacks, Visions of Empire's AoE got incrementally larger? And lets say for every 25 stacks the E explosion became slightly larger? That way, as you start to really land the CC (or your allies do), you can become better at actually collecting the stacks needed for the health gain to be useful. I like the idea that allowing Swains abilities to become more powerful as he feeds the demon. Not just a tiny amount of extra health. What do you all think? Regards, Tarcathos
Man would I love to see that kind of thing. Stack levels that Amp up Q,W,E,R Why cant he become a Carry if you are good? Veigar, Nas all become monsters late with stacks. Swain does not. You have to be Fed to be a monster and he would be that without the stacks.
: pbe and live accounts are the same. Shouldn't need to log out/in to switch boards.
You didnt need to. This happens when they do a update to the boards and someone does not upload the correct authentication set up. They only fix it once enough people bitch about it. Its VERY anoying for those of us that are active on both boards but Riot only looks and listens to Reddit and Twitter.
: Swain Q bugs
Oh one more bug. His Auto attack Range is longer then his Q Range. So if you are chasing someone and auto attack Q, the Q will miss. If Someone is standing still and you are auto attacking at max range and Q , the Q will miss. This is the OLD Ryze issue.
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: Swain Laning Feeback
More games and He needs his spells costs lowered. Before you gained 3% for each kill with Q so you could sustain off minions Now you have to hit W or E on Champs so if you are pushing a lane you go OOM really fast.
: Swain Feedback
OH I know how about adding the number of stacks to his Ult damage and Draining. So at 50 Stacks that bonus 50 damage and heal / second
: Swain Feedback
Well not sure how you play him. I get about 30-50 stacks so about 150-250 and ya that is still too small for a stacking champ. When Nas and Veigar can get damage of 1k out of their stacks and it is MUCH easier to stack. I think His passive damage (when you pull someone) should also gain the stacks damage. But ya 10 hps per stack would fit a 50 stacks average game. HP is not as good as Damage so when Nas and Veigar can get 1k damage I think 500-750 HP is not asking too much
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: I think they shouyld either buff the hp vaule of souls, or give anotyher way to get them from the Q.
Im fine with getting them the old fashion way but it needs to be more reliable. I would lower the damage on his W, Make its AOE bigger with rank and lower CD for POP with Rank. Give back his Range on his Q and add some speed to his E Also his R needs to do full damage to minion at R2. Currently if you only drained minions (they only heal you for 10% of the normal) when you R2 it is almost no damage.
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: Terrible reporting system ruining pbe
Im with the OP PBE account is a privilege not a right. Abusing bugs (Like Wu Q) actually hinders testing on the PBE. They players are nothing but brats that get kicks ruining others play. The PBE does not need them and Riot should do a culling of these troll accounts. There are plenty of other players wanting to get on the PBE that can act civil and understand what the PBE is for (NOT for you to just have fun with no regard for others)
: I noticed these two as well :) It might be relevant to add that Swain's max health still goes up by five even though the counter seems to be broken
Yes and even tho his Ult tool text does not add in his Soul Frag Bonus HP it is added when he ults.
: Does PBE have regions
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I report all who are abusing Wu right now. Having a PBE account is a Privilege not a right. Abuse it and lose it.
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: Did you try moving them around? I've had this happen and updating the position fixed it for me.
Yep moved them, put them on top of each other, right click noting happened into I bought a new one.
: TeamFight Tactics when you're about to connect to game. The game itself will not actually load.
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