: About Transcendence rune in Snow URF
Yep its OP never play a game without it.
: Why is everyone im playing with latin
Yep Riot opened up the PBE to other regains and its a problem. It would be fine if they also made servers for them but they didnt. They are super toxic and Riots Ban Bots on the PBE dont seem to know ES/BR cusses. Oh and they rage quit and troll a lot more then the crowd we had before (tho I think it was a filtered down to veterans before)
: I hate the idea of rotating what's strong at the cost of objective and correct balance choices. Riot is guilty of doing this occasionally and I absolutely detest that approach. It's antithetical to the very concept of balance and it's terrible for the long term of a competitive game. Yasuo needs a buff and I think the MR change is fair if they want to make him more of a mid lane option. I wouldn't add the Q change on top of it. Doing both at the same time seems a bit risky but I'm not much of a Yasuo player so I might be wrong. BTW: I agree that showy champions don't deserve any special treatment/attention but overall, I think Riot hasn't been too bad about that. Althoguh, I suppose they might react faster when such champions are weak.
I do agree but guess what, there are TONS of champs that have under 50% win rate and have been there for a long time and Riot does not buff/fix the issues with them. WHY is Yasuo getting such fast attention?
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: Lag in PBE
No its not that. The servers them selves have tick lag. I have 70 ping but can have input lag and skateboarding some times over 1s worth.
: PBE forums are dead, so where do we post so Riot sees issues? Reddit?
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: Zyra plant durability changes
Just did a Game vs {{champion:91}} ... His Q kills plants in one cast. {{champion:23}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:77}} All Auto attack soo fast a Stack of 4 Ulted plants die in under a second. Some dont even get to attack once. This is where the plants are Broken. She needs to have them like {{champion:268}} has his Soldiers. No one can attack them and he can move his. Zyra cant but they attack without her needing to direct them. That is how you fix her for mid lane. This HP change looks nice but its just that "Looks" nice. The damage they take kills them too fast.
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: First of all, I thank you for modifying your post, making it decent. But starting it with "what is wrong with your client" is not the best way to put it. Using caps doesn't help either. If you post rage threads, RIOT will simply ignore it. That kind of bits is just useless. Why say "what is wrong with..." Just present the bug, how to replicate it, and that's it. The fact that you're whining over this doesn't make you more mature. For example, since not everyone has this issue, you could think about posting your PC specs, to help RIOT identify the issue.
My system is not the issue. This lag started with the Runes reforged and has just gotten worse with every patch.
: Why is the champion pool in ARURF limited?
I want to know why in 4 games I see Lulu in 4 games and not on my side for any of them How is it that she is "Randomly" picked 4 times out of the 25? champs
: Nothing is wrong with the servers, the problem is you. Either your computer or internet have a problem. Been playing all day on various game modes, I haven't had a single problem. Check your stuff. BTW, you sound like a 2 year-old. Grow up, and write a post that has at-least some respect. Do you really think that a RIOTER would answer this kind of post ?
I would say it was on my end but others in game and during champ select also have similar issues. Also, Im the 2 year old? If you are an adult and talk to people like you just did to me, everyone must think you are just an ass. So wish you can block people in forums like you can in game. Riot reatly responds to posts here unless it has a large following or some blatant bug that they can see in their own client. This post was for others to see and for them to comment "Me too" Tho the PBE forums is almost dead as of late.
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: Poro King and Snow Battle ARURF coming to a PBE near you!
Transcendence is STUPID OP in URF I had over 120 extra AP with just two items
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: Zyra changes feedback
Her plants die too fast. Everyone can 1-2 shot them and often many plants in a group. Her Ult 12 HPs die stupid fast vs Like Zed or Diana or even Zoe.
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: I'm a zyra main. I think these Zyra changes are really overpowered.
I love the changes but dont think they are OP. She needs her plants to do anything in lane and having seeds is great but if Q and/or E is on CD they do nothing. Now the plant HPs is a issue for me. Why have HPs when everything kills them in 1-2 hits. Also there are bugs with some AOE attacks that should only do 2 damage to the plants but are killing them our right, {{champion:131}} Q, W and Passive kill them STUPID fast. Her Passive looks like the AOE is counted as a melee auto attack and just kills the plants even her Ulted ones that have 12 HPs. That says the AOE is counted as 2 auto attacks (only way to hit 12 HPs in one attack) Also her W is doing AOE damage for each orb so thats 6 damage BUT the plants die after 2. Havent tested vs a Yasuo Q but Im expecting it to count as a Melee AND a AOE so doing 10 damage to Plants. Like I said there are bugs with the attacks
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: New runes need balancing
Well you need to state what Runes you are talking about because most damaging Runes are adaptive (so use what ever you have the most of AP or AD)
: Overcharge!
Yep this is the worst game mode they have made yet. Every game is a stomp from what side or the other. Only pick Ez, Luc, Vayne maybe Trist or Caith but the others are better.
: Nerf Zoe
She is JUST like Yasuo All her damage is in her Q, it has a stupid low CD (as does all her spells) Her Skill cap is up there so Ether you will feed or you will destroy (like yasuo) Her Combo E,R(back),Q(Back),R forward, Q damage is not just stupid. We are talking 4k damage one shot on the Q This is Guile's back,forward,back,round house, fierce (pull the Rug) If you learn it no one will win vs you.
: Overcharge is not healthy fun
Yep same. The games are always a stomp one side or the other. No fun.
: We playtested a few different versions of this, including: - Any champs - Just PROJECT champs (Ekko, Leona, Vi, Ashe, Jhin, etc) - Marksman What we found: - Any champs: - This produced a lot weirdness for us while playtesting. The optimal champs to pick were very few, and by default people would opt out of several roles (Tank/Jungle-y champs, Support champs); Given we would already have to eliminate a large pool, we didn't want to leave some of these champions up as a trap - Just PROJECT champs: - This was pretty fun, except that the pool is very polarizing to itself. Half of the champions in it are Marksman, and the other half are people that make Marksman miserable lol (Vi, Ekko :P) - Marksman: - While testing the PROJECT champion pool version, we found that the most fun we had was while playing Marksman champions in that pool. So from that, we were inspired to try a wider pool of Marksman. While playing, we felt that their playstyle fit the mode very well, as well as synergized with the types of things people want to do in this mode (outplay, 1v1, etc) Hopefully this gives some insight into our choices :3
Any champs: This produced a lot weirdness for us while playtesting. The optimal champs to pick were very few, You have taht right now. Only Ez, Vayne and Luc are worth playing
: PROJECT//: Overcharge game mode - coming soon to PBE!
This game mode is the most unfun you have made so far. Every game is a stomp Ez, Vayne, Luc are the ONLY champs to pick because of dashes and empowered attacks. Once one side gets Overcharged the enemy team is dead. You cant out run them and they know where you are because of the spot lights. Every match has ended with ether my team winning and enemy team <10 or other way around.
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: Champion Selection and load screen
Im locked out of starting any games "You cant start a game because you are already in one"
: Zoe Champion select bug
"You can not start a game because you are already in one" But Im not.
: Zoe not showing up in store?
.... Now the game says "Cant start a game because you are already in one" But Im not....
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I love it. Im off work tomorrow (the normal days they do patches etc) They Release her today but then I get home from work she is disabled....
Im sure it was added for testing to get all the activate items and summoners on the battle field and was just forgot to be removed.
: zoe relese
Today apparently.... WTF Riot some of us plan for Patches on a schedule then you do it off schedule and screw everything up. by the time I get home the servers will be in 2-3 man lockdown and we cant test shit.
: Need rune cds on action bar
Ya some are on the action bars and others arent. We need all of them on our bars.
: Mordekaiser Feels Bad to Lane and to Jungle
See Iv had good success with Mord. But yes he needs a movement boost and slow added to his W. His Q is used for farming only in this meta. Thing that bugs me is that Mords Shield disappears so fast all by its self.
: What happened to the PBE Borads? There is only 2 now when there use to be a lot more.
: The problem with fleet foot is that the move speed only last for one second. That gives you enough for 1-2 swings at best. there's no real pay off without landing all three hits though though. The sustain itself also isn't that great because it needs to an auto attack, something that Morde doesn't get to do a lot of. Its also one of the main reason taste for blood is so good and fleet footwork is so bad on sustain because Taste procs off abilities and basic attacks while having almost the same downtime Fleet does. For comparison I usually have 2k+ total healing done by taste for blood by the end of a match. Fleet has gotten me barely 200+. Glacial Augment is interesting, but becomes redundant past the laning phase. Mainly because your picking up Gunblade or Rylais by then. You take away a lot of offensive power for free frozen mallet Morde can't abuse. The slow still falls off before completing a 3 hit combo too. Morde takes a little over 3seconds to complete all 3 swings of his Mace of spades and that is without weaving in other skills that cancel his attack making it take even longer. A problem that was easily avoided when he only had to swing once.
Fleet foot and phase rush both last too short. The current meta champs all have mobility and so the 1-3s of moving fast is not enough to counter how fast they move. This is why Summon Aery or even comet is better.
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: its toxicity not cheating so toxicity gets 14 tempa-ban
Also I think the next one is permaban. The Toxicness of the PBE has jumped a ton in this last wave of new players. Riot really needs to not open it up so freely.
: Sorcery tree being underwhelming
: So, how does one "test" for pbe?
PBE is about finding the fringe Bugs, they see the game stats and then when something stupid broken makes it through we post on the forums. For us the players, its about testing how the new changes play and giving feedback.
Its because Riot opened the PBE up again and also because they opened it to South America. not sure WHY but they seem to be more toxic then normal. Also Riot Language Filters and Ban Bots dont seem to understand ES, BR, PT cussing.
: What other language do you speak? I've had ok success trying out the other languages I know and seeing if they speak it too. Although I guess I don't have to specifically deal with spanish since I know spanish, I'd imagine that it would at least be worth a try (Especially considering its about 60-65% of the world speaks more than one language? I think anyways)
The issue is that the PBE for the past 5-6 years has been NA only. That and when NA plays on live 99% of the people speak English. Then Riot adds BR/PT/ES to the PBE but does not make Servers for them and expects everything to be fine. Even on the Forums we have non-English posts that go unread because even Riot does not speak BR/PT/ES
: Nobody Speaks English in Any of My Recent Matches
Riot opened the PBE up to South America and so we have a huge wave of BR, PT and ES on the servers. Yes its frustrating then your team does cant communicate with you but you can make do with pings What gets me is them getting mad at me for not understanding them and also the TOXIC behaviors. Its like they dont understand if they get banned on the PBE its permanent. Also it shows that on the PBE Riots Ban Bot does not understand other languages.
: Afk when get into a match
If they left the base it is most likely a troll not a bug. If they never connected that is often a bug.
: I just played a game again after not playing PBE for a few weeks. And holy jesus. One guy was so toxic. Called everyone noob "0/4" "0/6", "fk your mom", "fk spanish people" (this was funny lol, because he was being racist because his support (he was adc) was spanish apparently and he said stuff like "speak english stupid spanish", while his own english was super broken/bad, oh boy the irony.) Also things like "get cancer", which normally should get you a quick 2week ban, and I'm thinking, how in the hell are these guys not banned? It's obvious this is normal behaviour for him, or was it literally his first game on pbe? These guys are so obnoxious...
The PBE has become more Toxic then normal since Riot opened it up to non-EN regions. Both the EN and the BR/ES seem to not get along with both sides wanting everyone to speak one language. Sadly PBE is a EN server has been since the beginning and so most of the player base speaks only English. Not sure what Riot was thinking when they opened it up without making BR/ES servers. I know I have learned quickly how to say FU in BR/ES and PT how often it is thrown at me for no reason.
: That's actually a pretty cool idea. I wanna try Diana jungle now kinda!
Akali can get a stack every like 6.5s
Its how it works on her. She is not the only ones that get the 15% really fast {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:77}}
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