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: Leblanc feedback
Her kill potential at lvl 3 is just stupid. There was a reason she was reworked. This kit is unhealthy to the game.
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: Stuck on Authenticating
I get just a black window.
: Client Says "We weren't able to load this page" for Home (or anything else) My internet is fine
Yep Play button says "We cant make a lobby right now close and restart the game" Does not fix it
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: [ABILITIES] Sometimes does not cast even with consistent ping
I have been getting this a lot too. Zyra Veigar I thinks its anyone. Riots PBE server are crap right now.
: Everybody Bugsplatting??
Crash is because of Kindred skins.
: Consistent problems with latency.
PBE servers are total trash right now. Cant take the play load. Im getting ~65 ping normally but then the game will lockup and Ill get spikes of 200-300 often in team fights. My internet connection is fine. Its Riots server.
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: Im disconnecting on every game I enter in PBE every single time
There is a bug that someone can do that will crash everyone. Im in a game right now where the enemy team is crashing everyone over and over
: Conqueror - What should be done
The issue is that we need a Rune that cant be abused by champs like Yasuo.
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: Yeah, uh... Tryndamere with the new Conqueror rune is broken.
Its not just Tryn. Yasuo, Jax, Yi, Xin all can do MASSIVE true damage stats. Im sure there are others too.
: Post-game screen doesn't load
People are now Trolling HARD because you cant report them
: Kajsa's Q is too uninteractive.
: Kai'sa should have telltale signs that she has evolved abilities
: [Slightly off-topic] What's with the amount of toxicity on the PBE?
Getting to Honor 3 is easy if you have a few friends Once on the PBE people feel they can do anything and testing builds is fine but trolling/feeding and being toxic is not fine and will get you banned
: Kaisa AP Builds?
Oh I changes my Runes and its even better Sorcery(Aery Ult hat, Transcendence )/ Domination Aery hits on all auto attacks like teemo
: Could be okey as midlane Kai'Sa build, but I dont see how someone would go AP instead of AD. Technically you are right about the total dmg, but in real teamfight scenarios on live servers, you will never be able to hit all your abilitys and get the passive off when you build ap. Kai'Sa is going to need AD+AS and Crit as stats. You can literally 2 shot squishys going IE + Zeal itema + Rageblade and also got some sustain dmg for tanks which are most likely to be your hardcore threat, since Kai'Sa is a low range ADC. Also all her abilitys, despite her passive, have a lot better AD then AP scaling if I am not mistaken. Dont get me wrong I guess I gonna test your build before really judging it and maybe it actually works out if you go midlane but as ADC some kind of usual hypercarry build + rageblade or botrk should be better. Especially if we reconsider the fact how much more expensive this AP build would be.
You should go look at that again. Her passive is 100% AP scaling only. Her Q W and R are almost as good as AD scaling (but you can get over 600 AP like above while you can only get about 400ish AD) she Ult shield is better AP scaling and you can hit all the weapon upgrades going more AP then AD. If you go Transcendence and Ultimate Hat you can get even more AP when you over cap CDR and WIth Ult Hat get your Ult down to 35.7s Also with the 40% CDR her abilities come up a lot faster Her AP build Q hits for 1600 on one target while her AD build hits for 900. I think AP is very viable
: Kai'Sa Supercharger
I think the movement speed needs to be more. Often someone with some kind of speed boost (like from Nami or Janna) can out run you with E because its so short and the boost is small. Im not sure it can out run flash.
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: Kai'sa splash issues
Look at her Battle Armor Splash and Project Vayne Splash. They are the same basically
: New Keystone Conqueror
Illaoi can get 600-800 True damage form just one use of her Ult
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: So ya Conquerer is out right broken
I played a Xin jungle with it and it SUCKS on him. literally everyone else did more True damage with Red buff and baron then Xin did i the jungle.
: Anyone else not seeing Kai'Sa in the shop?
Oh they already did give her to you. She is already in your pool
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: There has been no changes to Illaoi on this PBE patch, so questions about her should be posted on the live boards instead.
There are changes to Illaoi. She has a new skin. My question is valid in any case.
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: New champion
Full Reveal was today so could be later today. They dont do reveals until just before they hit the PBE
: I believe it's for pushing his duel potentional. Yi is an Skirmisher (an duelist). He suppose to be a champion is that able to duel 1v1 his opponent but fails todo so in a situational where more than 1 champion in involved. I do agrea it's very strange they take this approach when according to riot ballance. Assassins and Skirmisher suppose to be in the same boat. Do they finally realise they don't forfill the same functionality? Who known with using Vietnam in their statsitics. How I'm looking to Skirmisher is that they are champions that are able to 1v1 any target (this includes tanks). However they are champions that scale very slowly similar to Marksmen but when they eventually get their they become monsters. They are strong but are slightly weaker in teamfights and have little to no siege potentional. What they have in common with Assasins is that often, both have very high mobility. However this is where it all goes south with ballancing Yi since they litterly nerfed his mobility by nerfing his ultimate. That litterly makes no since when Yi was introduced as an Skirmisher (hybrid Assassin) what basicly is the holy grail of mobility. They litterly have no idea what they are doing. It's like they introduce one playstyle only to nerf everything this playstyle suppose to be doing. It's like the ballance team is fighting on what Skirmishers needs to become and until this problem is resolved we will keep getting ridiculous ballance changes like this.
Except he can 1v9 mid to late game. Thats not a Skirmisher. They need to remove his resets 100% then he is a Skirmisher.
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: Real talk is there a punishment system on pbe?
Yes there is. I get the "Thank You" card from riot often to my reports on the PBE
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: PBE Rengar Is Too Strong
You cant lane vs him top lane. He just sits in the bush leaping on you if you get in range of the minions. He needs to NOT be able to leap if the bush is warded for one thing. But his Q damage is stupid at level 1. He WILL kill you if you try and fight him. He just zones you from your minions then goes after your jungler once the lane is pushed or takes scuddle then back to the top bush waiting for you to fight him and die.
: Players who Rage Quit or AFK on PBE?
Reporting does work. I get the "Thank you" card from Riot often on the PBE with my reports
: Feedback on "Rengar"
You know if all champs could delete an enemy champ (no matter how they are) in 1-1.5s ALL champs would be fun to play. FREAKING aggrivating to play against but fun to play. Lets Make it so Veigar's Ult just one shots who every he clicks on. Zeds Ult too Lux ult too Make Swains Ult heal him 400 hp/s and damage 4% targets max HP per/s for the 12s duration Luc Passive does 5% max targets HP and Ult 5% per hit Fizz Ult just eats its target dead Tahm if he eats you, you die Then all champs would be fun to play for sure. Rengar will be Pick or Ban the way he is going. Its not good for the game, its not good for Rengar
: Rengar Changes Feedback Thread
Every game I see Rengar and every game that the player has any minor skill with him = 2100 damage in 1s.... Riot is crazy if they think this is ok
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: I'm a bit worried about the 10% damage amp stacking with abyssal mask myself. The percent health damage may need to be lowered too if it's going to remain as %max health since the % amps also amp that damage. I haven't used BORTK in awhile so i'm not sure how the AD equivalent compares, but 4% max hp a second is pretty strong on a lot of abilities. I was using it on volibear in one match and even at 2% ( wasn't sure it I wanted to add rylais utility to my ulti) it was adding sizeable damage to my ultimate over a wide radius.
: This change is gonna nerf every champion that jungles and relies on or utilizes red smite. {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:59}}{{champion:104}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:164}} I am calling it now, All you will see in the jungle from 8.4 onwards is {{champion:31}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} and other tanks.
Already seeing {{champion:223}} jungle more and more
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: New Liandrys + Rylais Mordekaiser R interaction.
I played vs this in a game. He Presses R and did ~1600-1800 damage killing any squishy
: With the new AP items, Lux's E NEEDS to change ASAP
: So with the new Leandry's Some champs are going to need to be nerfed
So just got out of a game where {{champion:82}} with ~600 AP could ult a squishy 100-0 We are talking 1800 damage JUST from his Ult
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