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: I agree that it should proc it. I think the way it deals modified damage is preventing it from activating.
It is counted as one attack. It does not proc Electrocute or Press the Attack ether.
: Urgot W should activate Phase Rush?
There are a lot of Spells that should count as more then One attack. Swains Q and R for example.
: Feels like you snowball harder
The one that Im seeing cause massive snowballing is Dark Harvester. Jungler that can trigger {{item:3147}} on demand combined with 400+ stacks of Dark Harvester = one shot everyone but the full tanks
: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Dark Harvest is so OP. Like the other runes you need to remove the infinite scaling on it. Champs that can get Dusk Blade procs on demand and this can one shot everyone but the tankiest tanks. Just had a Wu jungler that had 500 stacks and was 100-0 everyone but the Sej jungler.
: amigo sinto muito nós BR somos assim mesmo , grande parte da comunidade sul americana é "toxica" , espero q tenha paciência
I dont have an issue with BR or anyone on the PBE. Im just wondering why there is a sudden influx from one region and also that the reporting tool does not seem to be able to handle other languages.
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: Is ZED gonna die after preseason?
stasis biscuit Are you taking about the Stopwatch? Its a One time use. It means that when Zed hits lvl 6 its not a free kill. Same with Kat and Akali or even Karthus But its a ONE time use.
: What set of runes would make him op? Some pen after dashing? Is really sick.... With {{item:3147}} his burst is sooo much.
: An opinion on Arcane Comet
I wish they would turn AC into a 3s Arcane Burn to replace Deathfire Touch. There are a lot of champs that use Deathfire Touch but there is no replacement Rune in the new Runes.
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: Runes Reforged and Rune Page Limits Testing
Can we get a summery of our runes on the end of game view? I like being able to look at my Runes and how they are doing but as the game moves into late game there is just too much happening to remember to look JUST before the match ends so I cant tell how a Rune page did after mid game.
: They are WAY more OP this time around. 5 games and not even CLOSE to winning. They Summon Teemo when we are def the nexus with no turrets. Its the insubstantial that is OP IMO
6th game we won. No ChickenDyr in this match tho and 3 out of 5 of us took Smite for Teemo and the Jungle mobs.
: Doom Bots available for testing!
They are WAY more OP this time around. 5 games and not even CLOSE to winning. They Summon Teemo when we are def the nexus with no turrets. Its the insubstantial that is OP IMO
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: Unable to connect to the server.
Just got it. Its not your machine its the client server connection
: Glacial Augment needs to be disabled.
I took it with Teemo and his attack speed was only +21.5% You guys trolling?
: Zyra - Plants one shot by caster minions
Her plants need to have much more HPs maybe even undamageable because they are only up for 5s
: Inspiration Precision bug
It does not actually give you that much. I think its just a float to string bug. It should be 21.50%
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: Press the Attack
The CD is the only thing that makes it balanced.
: Press the Attack is now like Expose Weakness. Why though?
What they did was make it balanced. Before it was just stupid. Yasuo, Xin, Any ADC could get to 10 -15 stacks in a few seconds. Getting Three for Yasuo and Xin was less then a second. NOW there is counter play. Also there is now reason to maybe take something else and not get pigeon holed into take this or lose.
: Things i've noticed about kleptomancy
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
: Sejuani - Aftershock Applies a Stack of Frost (E Stacks)
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: As far as I'm concerned summon aerie is far better than comet all stages of the game regardless of which champ. Especially if they fix it's return time for ranged units who are kiting.
I played a game where I was Ziggs with Aerie and the enemy was Oriana with Comet. Early game she was doing a lot more, but once I got boots and I learned to keep moving once she hit me it almost ever hit. End of the game I did a lot more then her with my Keystone (and for some reason also had blocked damage from the shield that Im not sure where I got)
: Can we change Nullifying Orb to block ability damage instead of magic damage?
This is what I though it did when I first read it. But it is just another way for AD champs to screw AP champs. It should be like you said Ability Damage. That way it would block Zeds Q as much as it would block Veigars Q
: I'm not sure if that's sarcastic or not, because those two are really strong right now
They are Stupid OP string right now. The .... shows it was sarcasm.
: resolve runes are horrible
Yep. Swain SHOULD be going this Rune tree but its worthless. Iron Skin should be a flat out Damage reduction that scales over time. Making Tanky champs flat more tanky that even works on True damage. Mirror Shell should be a reflection damage like Thornmail but for all forms of damage not just auto attacks Revitalize should be Flat scaling bonus not % (So heals would be what ever the heal is + 20-120 kind of thing) Second Wind should be like a mini-{{item:3083}} where you heal for % of you MAX hp over 10s after taking damage. Thing is Damage is king right now and only SOME champs who stack tons and tons of Def are doing well *cough* Sejauni *cough*. Swain with the New runes is really hurting. He was in the top 10 for Top lane and mid lane and I cant see him in the top 30 after this.
: Dark harvest does a little too much damage
It can get REALLY stupid amounts of damage. Had an Oriana who was getting an extra 900+ after killing a cannon minion.
: Why nerf Phase Rush?
They needed to bring it in line with Press the Attack and Lethal Tempo.....
: Yea their idea for DFT champs was the arcane comet, however it's far too lackluster and no liability period from it. If Comet has a lower CD and larger AoE effect I think it would be a fine DFT replacement. As for the moment all I can see for DFT might be dark harvest just to pseudo fill the void left :/
Thing about Comet is that it works "Ok" early game before people get boots but after that it just does not hit reliably. Unless you are a champ with a good built in slow or Root (Lux) who can really dominate with it at all stages of the game.
: Setup on Malzahar
Yep {{champion:50}} and {{champion:30}} are in the same boat. I use to play Swain top and mid and do well. Now nothing synergies well with him.
: So Miss Fortune and Jhin's Keystone options....
Why would you NOT take Press the Attack with Jihn or MF?
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: Thoughts on Aerie as a Support
It is only for some of the top support and the others dont have anything as good.
: Broken Rune
I had a mid lane {{champion:61}} who by the end of the game was doing an extra 900
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: Can't edit runes during champ select.
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: Runes Reforged PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread
Press the attack and Lethal Tempo are stupid OP on auto attack champs. Yasuo can get to +24% damage in E>Q Auto and be at 80% HPs
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