: Did you try moving them around? I've had this happen and updating the position fixed it for me.
Yep moved them, put them on top of each other, right click noting happened into I bought a new one.
: TeamFight Tactics when you're about to connect to game. The game itself will not actually load.
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: Mordekaiser W feedback
Yep They nerfed his Passive stacking Conqueror and now its not an option he now feels really weak. I think Riot didnt understand that Conqueror was why he has such survivability. He needs the W nerf reverted and the "bleed" also removed.
: Mord's Ult can be cleansed by GP's orange
Its stupid that a low CD non Ult can fully counter a Ult
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: Yuumi stuck inside of Mordekiser's 'Realm of Death'
I ulted Yuumi as she was attaching to someone and she disappeared. My ult went off but I was alone in it.
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: Urgot Feedback
More games Toplane and basically you play safe under turret until lvl 9 Get {{item:3812}} first item and {{item:3071}} second then what ever and you can win games. Even if you are losing lane once you hit lvl 9 with Perma W and {{item:3812}} you can kill most squishy champs even if they are fed.
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: One point that clears up some of the incorrect interaction is > "Attacks or spells **that deal damage to an enemy champion** grant 3-15 Adaptive Force (based on level) for 3s (8s for melee). Stacks up to 5 times. When fully stacked, heal for 10% of damage dealt to champions and convert 10% of that damage to True Damage." So it's reasonable that Illaoi's E and the initial Fizz's R latch do not give you a stack because they don't do damage. It appears that each spell can only grant one stack as long as you hit one champion with it. You don't get multiple stacks for hitting multiple champions or from DoTs. This is why Kennen's R only grants one stack because it's one spell use, same as electrocute. I don't think you should be able to get multiple procs from a single spell, I believe it is intended that way that you should slowly stack it. I do think it's reasonable a tentacle hit should be able to give a stack, but I don't think hitting multiple tentacles on a single target deserves more than one stack. As for Master Yi and MF interaction, MF is the only stand out I could see. Multi-hit auto attacks seem to give you more than one stack (Lucian, Renekton, and Shyvana also worked)), and MF's Love Tap giving her an extra stack seems to be a unique exception I could only replicate with Udyr Q. Aside from that I don't see much cause for concern, the only other choice being removing all exceptions of multi-hits giving you extra stacks (which wouldn't bother me either). The fact the stacks and actual buff are separate from one another boggles me a bit and feels unnecessary, so that is another point of concern. I do believe this rune would benefit with complete transparency of what it can and cannot do, but I can see a limit to how much they could fit into a text description.
Ah I missed that part about (spells that do damage). My issue with the stacking is that It shows the problem Riot has with Champ Design. Champs that have high (Attacks per Second "APS" be that auto attacks or Button Pushes) out perform ones with lower APS They dont balance them at all. This is why Champs like Yasuo, Irelia, Luc, Riven, Akali (old), LeB all are better then other champs. There is little to no time where they dont have an attack that is up. Their attacks do the same amount of damage as a champ that has LOW APS New Conqueror show cases this by who can stack it to 5 faster. To balanced the playing field the New Conqueror should be changed >Attacks or spells that deal damage to an enemy champion grant 3-15 Adaptive Force (based on level) for 1s (3s for melee). Stacks once per second up to 5 times. When fully stacked, heal for 10% of damage dealt to champions and convert 10% of that damage to True Damage. Lasts for 5s" This way you have to commit to a fight and be damaging an enemy champion. After 5s it Procs the +10% True damage and Healing but only lasts for 5s. You then have to restack it. Illaoi can use it the same as Riven the same as Viegar
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: Riot please Remove Conqueror from Ranged Champs
Then you have Champs like {{champion:420}} That get one stack from a Tentacle no mater how many champions it hits also Her Tentacles that are proced from her W do not give a stack, But Ones that attack because of a Spirit do. She is all buggy (shocker Illaoi has bugs) as some times the Stack Timer and the Conqueror 5 stack buff (that one that gives the +10%) can get off from each other.
: I agree with this, even without any conditions, the colors are really contrasting with the landscape and there is a lot of flash colors in her Q that need to be toned down. The darker color of riven's old vfx matched well with the terrain, and the colors were more stationary than moving around with her sword. I would suggest making the colors darker like her old ones, or make the color trail shorter or skinnier to reduce the amount of bright colors
Ya I just looked at a video of her new VFX in slow mo and there is a lot of flashing even when she just auto attacks. The flashes are very bright because its on a Dark color (the enemy champion) and with all of her procs and auto attack resets makes for a ton of flashing. Tone down the auto attack flashes and the Q3 and it could be ok.
: Conqueror needs healing reduction on AOE abilities
This is because of the True Damage. Old Conqueror had this too but now it adds +10%
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: Reporting / Bans on PBE
Riot needs to do a culling of the PBE. The new (last 2 years) players seem to think getting banned for ANYTHING is not going to happen and so are soooo toxic/trolling.
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: Loading screen bug
Iv gotten this once out of the last 4 games. BUT every game has had 1-3 that never connected so they were all remakes
: Free rage on PBE from me and my region
Sadly the PBE became 100% more toxic when they opened it up to the other regions. It was still toxic when it was just EN but the amount of Racism and cussing and afkers and feeders has gone way up. I think this is in part because (like a lot of new players to the PBE) they think riot wont ban them. Also Riot does not have the ban bots set to anything other then English (something they really need to fix on the PBE). Playing and dying a lot is not bannable if they are actually playing and just are bad or their test (for builds and role) are bad and because a lot of the changes are OPAF or just bugged. But running it down mid or afking in the jungle is bannable. I wish Riot would be more active on removing the toxicness of the PBE and informing players of what is and not acceptable.
: Outplay potential in URF has been reduced to 0. It's literally just a champion select casino.
: Diana changes are not good and will only hurt her more
>"Spells give you 1 stack of moonsilver" HAHAHAHAHAHAH ya No
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: Sylas + Ekko Ult
Sounds like a bug to me
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: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Event: Prize Fight can easily get bugged and end up with a 2v1 as the last fight. The event (and all the 2v2/1v1 events) are really bad because often the match up are vastly unfair. The Events almost always end in the favor of the team with the highest level and or with a 1v9 duelist.
you dont need 5 friends.... you Que up and get placed on a team.
: the w thing never happened to me do you have a video? i've heard / seen the E one but i think it's just a visual bug, just like when you get knocked up and the E disappears, but it still goes invisible forward. Do you have other videos on it?
I dont. For the W how you trigger the bug is Activate W so you are walking around with the Empowered Auto attack buff and then leap at say Darius and have him Pull you in while you are in the air. The Attack is interrupted but the buff is not spent and you cant activate it again until the buff wares off. As for the E it does block it. You dont pull any spirit. It was really ez to show with the Old Swain Q (The Bird) you would E at Swain and he could drop his Q and it would block it even tho you can not attack the Bird (it cant take damage)
: Buffing Illaoi by fixing her bugs?
There are more bugs W if blocked/Stuned/Blind can not use the empowered attack buff and lock you out of using W until the buff falls off (6s) E can be blocked by champion projectiles (Ekko Q, Jinx R Rock, etc)
: Hey there Jinxylord I'd like to make a request that would help in the healthiness of this modes gameplay. When the "Series of Duels" challenge activates. Please put in something that removes all wards, saplings, shrooms, traps, boxes or any other kind of placeable. Because lets admit the facts here that having those there before the battle begins is not fun. Sure we could ban the problematic champions, but it still raises a massive stink knowing theres teemo shrooms there, when a teemo isn't even a part of that duel at that moment.
The event needs removed. Its not fun at all ever. Its just snowballs the team that was winning in the first place or with champs like Riven/Jax This game mode was my new SR last time we had it. Now I will never play it. The changes (ALL of them) have Ruined it.
: I thoroughly enjoyed the new round of Nexus Blitz. super fun, felt awesome. I think I've played around 10 (at least) on 280ms and still enjoyed it. - Stat-stick is an awesome niche. - Urf is one my favourite modes so loved it, although sometimes felt overly one-sided. The spawn protection should include anti-cc, not just invulnerability. (We kept spawn-camping them, cc-ing them until they were killable and then killing them) - Map is a bit too big, I agree with others but I also enjoy not constantly being bombarded from all directions. I think there's a good size balance in there somewhere. - Unfortunately, top of map isn't very important anymore, no one really fights there or goes there in general. - Also, I know it's my own fault for not backing earlier, but I kept not having bought items just as the prize fights began. You should be able to shop while you are in the spectating part of the 2v2s and 1v1s. (Although I know this might mean purchasing counter-items if you can guess who you're versing...) - I like how the gamemodes are now more obvious but I think that maybe make it even more obvious in the last 10 seconds. I always can't seem to see the timer until about 3 seconds and it's too late to back and get items. Again, my own fault but I thought it was worth mentioning. - Also Soraka was basically unkillable for us when she bought innervating locket and force of nature, just sitting back, healing everyone constantly so we couldn't poke or all-in them. In that game, we could easily kill them all until before she bought the locket. It seemed like an easy win until this happened. These are just my opinions, obviously could be biased in situations. I think Nexus Blitz is definitely worthy of being a permanent mode and is super, duper fun. It takes the fun brawling from summoner's rift and ARAM, and makes it more active, fun and interesting. This is my favourite part of league so obviously this is one of my favourite modes of all time. I hope to see it become permanent so I always have a fun, de-tilting alternative to ARAM when Summoner's Rift is making me frustrated.
Basically everything you said I disagree with. The game mode was almost perfect before and 90% of what they changed/added to it has Ruined it.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
More Iv played it this round the more I feel Riot just likes to Ruin good things. Last round was good. There were a few issues but the basic game mode was great. This round has made the game mode a lot worse. Map it TOO big now. The middle is a Zoe bubble Dream come true and Vision is horrible. On Fire seems like it does not damage now but it is probably just the new event buffs that make it so. The Stick has to be a CT idea because it is SOOO BROKEN. Jhin, Jax, Tryn, Kasia, Yi get one and they can 1v9. They get on fire and one shot most anyone. Iv seen Jhin with two of them and no one can touch him literally. Battle Arena is broken, The team with a 1v9 champ and or with the higher level wins 90% of the time. Veigar Loot runs into the winning sides map more often then not and love to root under enemy turrets. The Sled does WAY to much damage and is up all the time. Really all they needed to do was make the map a LITTLE bigger and make bushes bigger with better vision options. Fix the AI on some of the Random events and the game mode was Golden. I do like the URF mode event but its too one sided for teams that have broken URF champs.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Remove that STUPID Stat-Stick BS Who ever though of it should be fired. Smells of CT
: Nexus Blitz Map feels to big now
Yep most of the time there are two places at most where things are happening. Its size was almost fine before. Now its huge
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: Doran Shield
It needs to be disabled you cant test anything with all the bugs in this build
: Game Breaking Kai'Sa Bug
Can we get her disabled plz. Its GAME BREAKING. She did 2300 from one proc
: [Illaoi] Doesn't recieve a Dark Harvest stack after hitting a spirit.
Can we get a Rioter to comment on this? I just did a game where almost everyone had Dark Harvester and I ended with 12 stacks while everyone else was 33+
: [Suggestion] Make K/DA Akali's glow a toggle?
Also the other three have Blacklight glows too what about them?
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