: Report In Champ Select Feature
lol I just made a thread on this. Just had two in a row of autofilled jungler pick massive troll picks to get someone to dodge.
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: Suggestions for new changes should be posted in their respective locations on the [NA](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/) and [EUW](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/) boards or [Reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/). The PBE is for content *currently* in testing.
You added NOTHING to this post. Please stop acting like you work for riot. You dont.
: Rek'sai opinions, (three important points)
After playing her in 5 matches vs all different kinds of top laners she is crap. I will not play her like this. There are soo many other champs that do way better then her. Passive needs more healing Q needs more damage W needs more AOE size and knockup all non-champion unites and only one Champion. E needs to be reverted to before. Its damage is stupid low, does not trigger On HIt (like Triforce) does not heal off Deaths Dance because its True damage and is soooo low. {{champion:164}} Q is 1000% better then Reksai E Tunnels need to make you immune while tunneling like Yis Alpha Strike. This would make her a Diver becuase she could use a Tunnel to get in (no CC to stop her) and Tunnel to get out. Zed, Fizz, Yi, Tryn all are Divers and all have ways to avoid CC and Damage. Reksai NEEDS that and her Tunnel does zero damage so its a good place to put it. I like her Ult is the ONE thing I like. You can use it and avoid taking Hits as you are untargetable while she leaps underground (like her Tunnels should do) The damage on it is too low again tho. Often I will ult a low target and they mitigate too much of the damage and live. It LITERALLY is only good for killing a 5%hp target.
: The knock aside on W probably needs a tiny knockup component, if only to make it more noticeable. Right now it kind of looks like they're sliding ever so slightly and it can be hard to tell if they were actually caught in it. (especially with minions, who maybe should have the displacement distance increased?)
I have found that OFTEN when laning the knockup will hit a minion and not the champion..... WTF Also the Zone of the knockup is smaller then before (I know I use to play her top lane a lot when she came out)
: Rek Sai has been nerfed even further
Her laning is really bad. She has no sustain at all. the 75 HP is from a full fury bar and to get that you have to attack and to attack means you are getting poked again. If they get a good trade then you are forced out because they can heal while CSing and when you go back to CS and build FUry they can trade again and her abilities do soooooo little damage compared to other champs. She is not a Diver because one slow and you are screwed. She cant do the damage needed to dive unless they are really low and then anyone could kill them at that point. She cant build tank because then she does no damage and she cant build damage because she then cant survive. The passive heal nerf hurts really bad. THe E nerf hurts really bad (that was most of her damage) Her Q makes CSins a nightmare and does noting to your actual target. Her W OFTEN will knock up a minion and not the champion WTF. IF your target is Knockup locked out she does ZERO damage with W under them. She NEEDS 40% CDR The are so many other champs that you can play that do way beter then her.
: Rek'Sai new ultimate Feedback!
It should just knockup the target for 1 second even if they have W lockout.
: How to balance Ninja Tabi and Blade of the Ruined King
BotRK needs nerfs bad. Master Yi gets it first item and mops the floor with EVERYONE other then Annie
: > P: Healing nerf is hard here. The intent is that she can utilize this a bit better. It's faster generation, and also faster regeneration when she goes underground. We've been seeing it be notably stronger via playtests. If that's not the case, we can tune it higher at later levels. > Q: Love that her Burrow blast now does AD and scales with AD (tho you still can AP Rek'sai with its 70% AP scaling) Sweet. Glad you like it! > W: Im fine with the knockup only hitting one but the knock aside needs to still hit all unites (even Champs) It hits all units that are not immune. You only gain the immunity from getting knocked up. This means going for multiple knock-ups on razorbeaks pays off pretty well. > E: This got a big nerf... Empowered hits should be chunkier and a lot more accessible. Her tunnels do have a lot of counterplay and we looked into making them more consistent but instead gave her a separate target selection tool in her ultimate. Like your E ideas and I'll think about them some more but there're trade-offs that I'm not incredibly comfortable making. Glad you're excited for the changes. Hope you have fun!
Thanks for the Comments. I just did two top lane matches (one vs {{champion:11}} and one vs {{champion:58}} ) I really bullied Yi out of lane and got FB and another kill on him. He is squishy and E felt good on him. Then he got {{item:3153}} and I could not win any fight with him. OPAF. Even with Jungler ganking he killed me and got away from Jungler. After that My damage fell off and could not compete with Yi or Yasuo or the ADC in the slightest. Would have been better off going full tank I think. Vs Renekton it was more Back and forth. He got FB but then I killed him with Ult when he didnt back. Felt good until mid/late game when again my damage was nothing to everyone else. I could kill the Support Zyra 1v1 but was almost dead my self. Getting CCed in Tunnels really kills her Diving capabilities. I would not say she is a Diver after lvl 12ish. She can have the tools to Dive and get out but not the damage to get the kill. Nothing like Zed or Fizz or Ahri This was even with saving Ult and tunneling behind my target so I could Ult then while leaping OUT of turret or team fight range. Often the target would be at 30% hps and My ult was not enough to kill them. They got away with 100 or so HPs. After the two matches Im underwhelmed by her damage. Renekton who build 70% Tank and 1.5 AD items ({{item:3071}} , {{item:3077}} ) did more damage then I did with 2.5 AD items ({{item:3153}} , {{item:3074}} , {{item:3053}} )
: Zyra on PBE
Totally agree These changes will kill the champ (even though she is dead as it is right now) I use to main (mid lane) as her and lived playing her. Its sad to see her get deleted because she could play support and yet we still see Annie in Mid, Top and Support
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: Sejuani W
I think they made it Physical so she is not shut down by stacking MR
: Why the Sejuani Rework is disappointing. Thoughts from a long time Sejuani Main.
So I have been playing a lot of her and have found that my favorite role for this new Sej is Support. The Armor Passive allows her to harass with W and a E proc every 10s When our melee Jungler comes It is almost always I kills for us because he stacks my E. Her lvl 1 Leash for a melee Jungler is STUPID OP (you take E at lvl 1) Late game I can take 4-5 turret hits without taking really any damage. With {{item:3302}} Support Quest I get a 350 shield that takes SOOO much damage to remove because of my Passive Def states for 3s. Takeing Dragon/RH/Baron is EZ and you dont need a jungler If an Assassin dives my ADC I have a R stun to keep them safe.
: Maokai Passive
because its opaf right now
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: get one of these {{item:3123}} agree though, they double buffed it with lower CD and higher CDR for getting hit/casting spells. revert one of those buffs and he would be fine
Sure so he only heals 450 vs the 900 but it still heals just as fast. OH FYI in the match I had that made me post this we had TWO with GW items. Did not matter, He out healed all of us.
: Make Maokai ult global?
This is what I though it was. I thought it made a wave or Roots go down each lane BUT Mao is broken right now with all his Champ points in his STUPID OP healing
: new zac is questionable
Same with Sej Mao is just down right broken with his stupid healing
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: Am I the only one that almost wishes that E wasn't an active but would automatically go off when you land any of your other abilities on an enemy or auto them at max stacks. Or it was similar to her old E and it would just go off on all enemies in range with frost on them? It's not a deal breaker just feels clunky to use the way it is now to me.
You are not alone. Her E is weak. It is a nerf from what we had...
: Sejuani does more damage if she misses her ult. If Sejuani hits her ult at max range, she gets the full damage and a 2 second stun. But the enemy then cannot gain frost stacks and is not damaged by or slowed by the storm explosion afterward. If she misses her ult and damages an enemy with the storm, it does the full damage and slows for 3 seconds, then she can also stack frost and do an extra 100 damage and 2 second stun. So not only is it more damage if you miss, but more cc. I suggest doing one or both of two things: 1. Let Sejuani stack Frost on enemies she stuns with her ult 2. Let the storm explosion damage and slow enemies stunned by the ult(potentially at a reduced value)
If you get the stun off with E first you can then Ult and get a second stun off. But not the other way around. Still feels WEAK. They said they were taking power way from her Ult and giving it to other parts of her Kit but Im not seeing any of it,
: I played a lot of pre-update Sejuani. I haven't had too much time to play with the changes yet. I have some concerns, and some things I think are good about the new update. I think addressing concerns are more important so I'll start with those, trying to keep it as concise as possible since I have a lot to say: **GENERAL COMMENTS:** >She now lacks any means of offensive itemisation. Currently, picking up Runic Echoes or a Liandry's Torment allows you to snowball leads somewhat. She no longer has any offensive item that she can legitimately build, forcing her into a completely strict tank build path. I don't want to be able to go full AP and one shot people, but I also want to pick up an extra offensive item when my team is triple tank and we want some extra damage as a team, or when ahead, or when the enemy adc is literally lifestealing off my damage faster than I can dish it out. This could be rectified by restoring an AP ratio to her W, and making it magic damage. >Her first jungle clear feels too mana gated. >It feels as though there is a lot of down-time in fights where you aren't really doing anything. **ON THE E:** >The thematics of her new E is horrible and does nothing to create this "leader" fantasy. Sejuani's a strong, powerful warleader who should be able to do things by herself. If anything she should be "inspiring" her allies in some manner, but such a kit has a place on a more support-oriented character. I urge you to focus more on how Sejuani is a icy, barbarian warrior moreso than this leader theme. Any form of leader-focused gameplay will transition her into more of a support. As is, she feels more like the boss who takes credit for other people's work than any kind of great leader. >The gameplay of her new E is equally horrible. Almost not having an ability unless your teammates can set it up for you is an awful feeling, and whilst it's one which could work on a support (similar to how Braum works now), a LOT of her power is invested there, whereas for Braum he has a lot else that he is doing, and Yasuo has means of setting up his own ultimate without his team. >Additionally on the E, a targetted stun is usually used to lock down a priority target or shut down someone who is very mobile. This E allows you to do neither of these things, as you are not going to be able to stack the passive on mobile champions, and the priority squishies are probably dead if they've been auto attacked by some champions like Master Yi or Yasuo 4 times. As a result, a huge portion of your power is lacked behind this powerful, low cooldown stun which has so much potential power that will rarely be used. >There is no thought or decision making here. Hammer lights up, stun. Very boring. >>As a side note, does Renekton's AA=>empowered W fully stack your passive? >The ult locking out the E passive feels really bad. Please do not prevent frost stacks after stunning someone with Glacial Prison. >This ability feels out of place on her kit. It feels like an ability for a mage support, not for a tank. **ON THE ULT:** >Currently you are rewarded for missing your ultimate since it allows you to get an E stun and more damage. I have no other concerns with the new ultimate, however once this is addressed. **ON THE W:** >I play a lot of Camille, who's W is similar in a sense (it locks out your AA and moves with you), so I think this is a mechanic that comes more naturally to me than other Sejuani players. The gameplay feels fine to me in terms of how the ability works, however... >The animations on it, with Sejuani literally bending 180 degrees at the waist looks terrible. Locking out movement during it doesn't work that well, because the ability's cast time is quite long. The best solution here is probably to introduce a strafing animation to Bristle. >The ability feels very unimpactful, particularly early game. It is low damage, and does nothing other than stack your E passive. Allowing the ability to slow would go a ways to the satisfaction issues with the ability. Even something like a 30% slow for 1s, whilst fairly low power, would do a lot for it. >Why is this physical damage? It goes a long way to shutting her out of any magic penetration itemisation that she may need to deal any real damage in team fights, and is a huge part of why her offensive itemisation is severely limited. Additionally, a relatively small AP ratio would go a long way towards allowing her into offensive itemisation without creating the situation where she is one-shotting people. >I feel as though damage should be more evenly spread between the two abilities, again for satisfaction purposes. >Feels like the only reason to use it is to stack your E. **ON THE PASSIVE:** >Icebreaker currently takes up too much of her power budget. The concept and gameplay I like, the sheer amount of damage it does? Not so much. >The VFX on some skins, such as Bear Cavalry and Sabretusk are just ugly. **Good comments** >It succeeds in moving power away from her ultimate without leaving it feeling dissatisfying. The changes to her ultimate are generally good. >The passives create good gameplay, rewarding her for doing the things she wants to do (ice breaker) whilst giving her the tools to make them happen (frost armour).
"Additionally on the E, a targetted stun is usually used to lock down a priority target or shut down someone who is very mobile." AND its a single target that is not 3s WTF
: Sejuani Feedback Thread
She still feels weak. I would pick many other junglers or top laners over her. Her E being point and click feels really bad. Also I have had three times now where I stunned my target only to have then still get off their attack. Zyra flashed into bushes when I stunned her and she was stunned but in the bush she flashed into even though I clicked it when she was not. Its because there is a projectile that shoots out (stupid mind you) and it has travel time. Another one was Rengar who I stunned and while he was a Icepop he still Qed me and killed me. Iv also had a Zed shadow Hop while stunned. Again he got stunned but it was far far away from me because of the stupid projectile. Also Sejuani who use to slow everything now slows one thing and for a very short time. Because of her change to E, I dont like this update at all. She cant get off the stun very well solo (W gives 2 stacks then at .8 attack speed....... she has to get two attacks off THEN click E THEN auto attack AGAIN) It should be that Q gives a stack. Then it would be W gives 2 D gives 1 and ONE auto attack and they are stunned. For everything she is you are better off playing {{champion:201}} . He does EVERYTHING she does and is better for team fights and solo fights.
: i did try to find it. but i couldnt find it. could u post the link to where it was reported
Its ok Catman thinks he is a Riot Employee but is not very helpful at all.
: > There is a Bug with Relic shield and Ranged Champs (or at least with Swain) Range champions can't do the execute anyway, it's not just swain.
?? This new ?? I almost only play Range champ supports and have used this item with them and remember giving gold to my team with it.
: Thoughts on Sejauni
Play {{champion:201}} He does almost everything {{champion:113}} does but for team fights he is way better.
: I like this idea. I'm also wondering if somehow making wards reward people for providing information would be a good plan (or at least making them automatically ping when an enemy champion out of combat comes into their vision range, maybe)?
Bonus Gold for clearing a ward. Bonus Gold for revealing and enemy with a Ward. (limit one reward per enemy champ for non-control wards) This way if you are placing words in good places you are spotting more enemy
: It feels like the spell thiefs edge is getting nerfed all in all making it harder for a support to accumulate gold. The 8 second cool down per minion with no cap whatsoever seems harsh. And having the tribute delay is troubling. The rework to ancient coin takes away a sustain passive item for supports that don't have the abilities and stats to sustain and harass. And those supports may not be able to just walk up to that dropped coin. If you are to go through with the change you should make the pick up area be large (about a ward placing range). Though that still doesn't offer any help for a support that needs help sustaining in lane unless the mana coin or all coins dropped give you hp as well. All in all I don't see how these changes will be helpful in any way to the majority of supports early game. And I don't see how it will help supports keep up. Maybe support items that have been upgraded to the second and third tier start giving a passive xp and gold generation. Have it be very small at the first upgrade and slightly higher at the second upgrade to make it not an appealing path for non supports.
Ya I dont like the change to Ancient Coin. It also seemed to be very random when and what kind of coin I would get. Too much RNG for the gold Im missing. Also it did not seen to affect the number of coin drops when I did some CSing. The Healing was one of the MAIN reason I would take this item. I could be risky and get poke off then just back into the bush and wait a while and heal up. Now Im just focused on getting the coins and getting poked down. ITs really bad.
: Support Item Changes - Midseason 2017
There is a Bug with Relic shield and Ranged Champs (or at least with Swain), It does not execute minions. Instead I was getting a Attack speed Boost (went from .81 to 1.81) if they are at or under the execute threshold. Makes actually killing them every hard because his auto attacks are so bad.
: I felt that as well. Initiating, getting followed up, I'm mashing my E but it's awkward to get off. I'd like the old instant-AoE cast back
You have to have our mouse ON the target AND they have to be in range. I dont know but I think Yasuo's Wind Wall can block it. Because if they are at max range when you click them you can see a projectile shoot out and hit them.
: Sejuani Critique and Suggestions
The stun damage needs to be lowered and the stacking CD needs to be lowered and her E needs to affect ALL that have stacks that are in range. I feel she is WEAKER then before and she was not really played before. She will not get played past 2 weeks after this and people will dodge a game where someone picks her.
: This is a pretty cool idea. I played a game today with Vlad top, Orianna mid, Varus bot, and Thresh support. We won, but those teamfights were painful. I was pretty useless, just a meatshield more than an initiator / stunner.
This is because the new Sejuani is just a bad version of {{champion:201}} . Look at his Spells and Hers. They do a lot of the same. Her E is a weak version of his Passive. His Q is her E but HIS HP vs the targets HP Her Passive is his E but he can give it when ever to whom ever. Her Ult is a AOE version of his
: Sejuani Rework - First Impressions
I had a lot of the same feelings. AP is still there BUT you are stupid weak early game. I mean its SLOW to jungle because W does very little damage early. P: Bonus Armor makes you FEEL like you could go Full AP/HPs but you cant early game else the jungle will kill you so fast. Refresh rate is soo for Jungle camps. Suggestion: Would rather have lower numbers to refresh faster. Q: Feels like before but I would expect it to add Frost to those hit. W: Feels really weird. I like that I can move and W>Q into people but stopping Auto attacks? Make Jungle frustrating because W is your #1 source of damage. AoE does very little damage and so makes Group camps hard because she attacks soo slow. Early Jungle is god offal slow. Suggestion: Remove the AOE part and add it to an Empowered Cone Auto attack (like the radical shows) E: Sheesh this is soo unsatisfying coming from what she use it have. Stack is painful and the working makes you feel like you should be able to just press E like before and hit EVERYONE that has stacks. But no you have to be facing them, not stuns, in range and CLICK on them.... {{champion:111}} can stun way more often, This is just a weak version of {{champion:201}} passive that you have to do 6 things to get to trigger. With Braum he gets extra damage on targets he cant stun. Suggestion: Change to Three stacks of Frost, Change Q to give a stack to all hit, change damage to be Less %hps damage and lower the CD on how often you can hit a target with it. Make it so its an Aoe that hits all in range that have full stacks and make the stun duration less. R: Everything about this but one thing feels good. The one thing is that you cant target a location for the Storm. It always goes to full range and that feels bad when you are in a team fight.
: Riot doesn't spend a whole lot of time on the boards. So it's also up to the players to help each other out. He tried to direct you to a previous post about and tell you that it is a bug(WHICH IT IS) and you have been nothing but an ass to him.
No he didnt. He said it was already reported (good) then told me to follow the how-to (unnecessary and that is rude). For one He does not make calls as to what is and isnt a bug. Second It could very well NOT be a bug and something Riot put up with out change notes (tho i this case it is not). He does this all over the boards telling people (rudely mind you) as if he is an employee. When what he should be doing is just pointing them to the thread it is on or like 99% of everyone else just ignore it and let Riot replay or others confirm.
: > [{quoted}](name=Catman,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=8FmWzWkE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-04-14T01:07:36.133+0000) > > If it was a change Riot would have announced it in some way. Please organize a proper bug report and either post it on the Boards, or use the [Bug Report Tool](http://pbr.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/). isn't this the boards?
Windsong your post was fine. Catman has and "Issue/Bug" with acting like he works for Riot.
: All bugs should be reported in the "Bugs" section of the Boards. Whether or not they are client related.
If they are bugs, yes. Not everything is a bug and not every bug is evident to be one.
: It's the first post on the "Hot" page. 17 upvotes at the moment. And no, I am not any form of moderator, I'm just repeating what Riot has said.
My post is the only one showing for "New", "Recent", "Hot" or "Best" under Client & New Features. Because this is a Client issue and could very well be a change they actually wanted to test. Also Let the Riot employees do their job. You doing it makes you sound like a well a up tight Jerk. Pointing out that its on the Bug forum is fine. TELLING me what to do is NOT fine.
: Maokai's Root
You have to back lane gank for it to do anything or do it point blank in a team fight. In a chase it will never catch anyone even if they are slowed.
: AP Sejuani?
I would be building her Full HP/AP items. The bonus armor of over 300 for 3s is the same as 600 for 3s in the end. But the Damage with her Q,E and R is MUCH better with AP.
: It has already been reported. Please adhere to the following from [[HOW-TO] Report Bugs on the PBE](http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bugs/CF5EEDC8FF5AC1A896F517E2C7AE4650C472807F-how-to-report-bugs-on-the-pbe) - An Official Riot Post. > First things first though: Please take a look through the community and see if your bug has been reported already. Found something identical or even similar? Comment in that thread with your particular case, and upvote the original post for being helpful :)
I did look, there was none on the first page it is something I though others would be talking about. FYI Your name does not show you are a riot employee or moderator Error?
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: If an ad is rushing GA they get no ad... They won't do any damage so you would just focus elswhere like the support or picks off other lanes..
: New Banshee's Veil could warp mid lane.
Basically All AP should be taking {{item:3102}} first item like all AD are taking {{item:3026}} as first item.
: Rakan Ults Rakan
His Ult is bugged. Lee can Q leap and leap out while Rakan is Ulting. He should be Charmed.
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: Midseason Durability Feedback
So GG damaging/CCing {{champion:90}}
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: A lot of high elo support mains for example [Prof](https://youtu.be/7zeD7ZbVZsI?t=19m40s) are saying Rakan feels pretty weak, I'm not sure why. [I played him and his kit felt fine, only complaint is his Q range but that's whatever]
Yep His Q Range feels just like 25-50 units too short
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