: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Event: Prize Fight can easily get bugged and end up with a 2v1 as the last fight. The event (and all the 2v2/1v1 events) are really bad because often the match up are vastly unfair. The Events almost always end in the favor of the team with the highest level and or with a 1v9 duelist.
you dont need 5 friends.... you Que up and get placed on a team.
: the w thing never happened to me do you have a video? i've heard / seen the E one but i think it's just a visual bug, just like when you get knocked up and the E disappears, but it still goes invisible forward. Do you have other videos on it?
I dont. For the W how you trigger the bug is Activate W so you are walking around with the Empowered Auto attack buff and then leap at say Darius and have him Pull you in while you are in the air. The Attack is interrupted but the buff is not spent and you cant activate it again until the buff wares off. As for the E it does block it. You dont pull any spirit. It was really ez to show with the Old Swain Q (The Bird) you would E at Swain and he could drop his Q and it would block it even tho you can not attack the Bird (it cant take damage)
: Buffing Illaoi by fixing her bugs?
There are more bugs W if blocked/Stuned/Blind can not use the empowered attack buff and lock you out of using W until the buff falls off (6s) E can be blocked by champion projectiles (Ekko Q, Jinx R Rock, etc)
: Hey there Jinxylord I'd like to make a request that would help in the healthiness of this modes gameplay. When the "Series of Duels" challenge activates. Please put in something that removes all wards, saplings, shrooms, traps, boxes or any other kind of placeable. Because lets admit the facts here that having those there before the battle begins is not fun. Sure we could ban the problematic champions, but it still raises a massive stink knowing theres teemo shrooms there, when a teemo isn't even a part of that duel at that moment.
The event needs removed. Its not fun at all ever. Its just snowballs the team that was winning in the first place or with champs like Riven/Jax This game mode was my new SR last time we had it. Now I will never play it. The changes (ALL of them) have Ruined it.
: I thoroughly enjoyed the new round of Nexus Blitz. super fun, felt awesome. I think I've played around 10 (at least) on 280ms and still enjoyed it. - Stat-stick is an awesome niche. - Urf is one my favourite modes so loved it, although sometimes felt overly one-sided. The spawn protection should include anti-cc, not just invulnerability. (We kept spawn-camping them, cc-ing them until they were killable and then killing them) - Map is a bit too big, I agree with others but I also enjoy not constantly being bombarded from all directions. I think there's a good size balance in there somewhere. - Unfortunately, top of map isn't very important anymore, no one really fights there or goes there in general. - Also, I know it's my own fault for not backing earlier, but I kept not having bought items just as the prize fights began. You should be able to shop while you are in the spectating part of the 2v2s and 1v1s. (Although I know this might mean purchasing counter-items if you can guess who you're versing...) - I like how the gamemodes are now more obvious but I think that maybe make it even more obvious in the last 10 seconds. I always can't seem to see the timer until about 3 seconds and it's too late to back and get items. Again, my own fault but I thought it was worth mentioning. - Also Soraka was basically unkillable for us when she bought innervating locket and force of nature, just sitting back, healing everyone constantly so we couldn't poke or all-in them. In that game, we could easily kill them all until before she bought the locket. It seemed like an easy win until this happened. These are just my opinions, obviously could be biased in situations. I think Nexus Blitz is definitely worthy of being a permanent mode and is super, duper fun. It takes the fun brawling from summoner's rift and ARAM, and makes it more active, fun and interesting. This is my favourite part of league so obviously this is one of my favourite modes of all time. I hope to see it become permanent so I always have a fun, de-tilting alternative to ARAM when Summoner's Rift is making me frustrated.
Basically everything you said I disagree with. The game mode was almost perfect before and 90% of what they changed/added to it has Ruined it.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
More Iv played it this round the more I feel Riot just likes to Ruin good things. Last round was good. There were a few issues but the basic game mode was great. This round has made the game mode a lot worse. Map it TOO big now. The middle is a Zoe bubble Dream come true and Vision is horrible. On Fire seems like it does not damage now but it is probably just the new event buffs that make it so. The Stick has to be a CT idea because it is SOOO BROKEN. Jhin, Jax, Tryn, Kasia, Yi get one and they can 1v9. They get on fire and one shot most anyone. Iv seen Jhin with two of them and no one can touch him literally. Battle Arena is broken, The team with a 1v9 champ and or with the higher level wins 90% of the time. Veigar Loot runs into the winning sides map more often then not and love to root under enemy turrets. The Sled does WAY to much damage and is up all the time. Really all they needed to do was make the map a LITTLE bigger and make bushes bigger with better vision options. Fix the AI on some of the Random events and the game mode was Golden. I do like the URF mode event but its too one sided for teams that have broken URF champs.
: Nexus Blitz 2.0 - Feedback Thread!
Remove that STUPID Stat-Stick BS Who ever though of it should be fired. Smells of CT
: Nexus Blitz Map feels to big now
Yep most of the time there are two places at most where things are happening. Its size was almost fine before. Now its huge
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: Doran Shield
It needs to be disabled you cant test anything with all the bugs in this build
: Game Breaking Kai'Sa Bug
Can we get her disabled plz. Its GAME BREAKING. She did 2300 from one proc
: [Illaoi] Doesn't recieve a Dark Harvest stack after hitting a spirit.
Can we get a Rioter to comment on this? I just did a game where almost everyone had Dark Harvester and I ended with 12 stacks while everyone else was 33+
: [Suggestion] Make K/DA Akali's glow a toggle?
Also the other three have Blacklight glows too what about them?
: [Illaoi] Doesn't recieve a Dark Harvest stack after hitting a spirit.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Coven Lissandra
So the damage on it is way too high. The base and the scaling. For a Passive this thing can do 1000s of damage. I played with the new DH and was getting Triple kills just by killing one person (or even just having them die near me) I would suggest that you change it so anything that dies near Lissandra where she did 50%+ of the damage is turned into a Ice Statue, remove the moving toward things, up the slow to 30% and the AOE damage is 10% the targets max HP + 0.2 AP. Make the AOE size based of the size of the target but the current size for champions. That way minion waves would not pop just from killing one minion.
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: New Lissandra Passive Feedback
Its Broken AF. I took the new DH with her and got 44 stacks because her Icelings would explode for 600 and that would drop ppl to below 50% and proc DH often killing them and if there was 2+ enemies it meant I got 2+ kills and 2+ stacks to DH At 44 stacks DH would proc with the Icelings doing ~1200 damage just for an enemy dying near me.
: DoT damage like cinderhulk or liandry's dont proc the rune, however, i have seen some situations in which normal habilities such as evelynn's ult dont proc the rune, even though the target is obviously below half hp
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: Thank you for raising this issue! It's certainly a bug and will be fixed soon.
So thats why its bugged on Illaoi now. So like Klepto DH would proc on test of Spirit. It made DH a option for Illaoi (as Klepto is her only option currently) Now your fix broke it. Currently on the PBE if Illaoi attacks a Spirit and gets it to under 50% DH will go on CD but will not proc or give a stack. With DH she has to AVOID hitting Spirits else the rune is wasted. Having it proc on Spirits was a good interaction for her and should be reinstated. The lower damage and her slow AF attacks make it balanced.
: Also mord gets a stack of DH when the ghost dies
: Wierd Dark havest Interaction With Mordikasiser Ult on someone who has Dark Harvest
Yep they broke it on Illaoi too Hitting a Spirit will out it on CD but not proc it or give a stack (like it did before)
: The CDR slot is way too weak
It should maybe be just a flat 5%
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: darkharvest new rework? buffed? more broken than it is?
Its broken Fizz, Veigar and Zed can just press R and kill someone. Veigar because of is unlimited passive stacks with DH unlimited stacking. I was able to get to DH hitting for 1k and his Ult hitting for 2k so Press R and any non-tank died. Then Press W in a team fight and did 1500+1k to everyone because it resets on take down.
: Rune stats - 1-10% CDR(based on level)
Well I could see them stacking and if you get a lot of items that have CDR it could be good. I take Transcendence on a few of my AP champs because they have long CD early and with Transcendence late its just more AP
: Stat Shards missing?
I was not reporting a bug. I was asking if I missed something. I really wish I could block seeing your comments. They are never helpful.
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: When are we going to see the Zyra Plant fixes?
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: > [{quoted}](name=SKT MARIN2,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=FcqLEAvi,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-26T00:42:38.272+0000) > > today im try ezreal skin pulsefire damage so weak how to buff ezreal mini damage rate His damage isn't weak, I just saw an ezreal chunk a leona for 25% HP
Compare this to Zed with{{item:3134}} at lvl 3 100-0 a adc with electrocute in ONE combo
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: Can't get into a game - nothing happens when the champ select timer ticks down to 0
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: faggots never going to fix the rp lol
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: Nunu E feedback
See and I find it ez to use.
: Nexus Blitz is too unbalanced
There are events that really screw a team (Fire center at enemy turret, jungle Turret) Also it really favors early champs like everything in League right now.
: Is the new Nunu too weak?
Lets see Q: 50% AP W 150% AP E: 45% AP (all three) R: 250% AP Grand total full run 495% AP........
: [ Nexus Blitz ] Insane amount of Dark Harvest stacks bug.
Its not fixed. I played just an hour ago and had 2200 stacks by 8m
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: Dark Harvest Bug
Its more like 300 stacks
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Yep finished my last game and it wont let me start one.
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: FPS Problem
Ya not playing until they fix this. Cant {{item:3157}} at all because the games timing is all off. I hit it but die because the inc damage is lagged.
: [Ingame] FPS Dropping after the last patch
For me the FPS jump all over the board 180>40>135>15>180>60 but the game freezes every time its drops
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