: Thanks for the feedback! They're meant to be golden wolf heads. Lunar Wraith v. Radiant is the battle between darkness and light, which is why we felt Morgana was a good choice for the side of darkness.
i thought they were snakes :/ thats so odd. XD maybe if you guys could define them a bit better, so that the wolf heads are more obviously unique and are readable as wolves. They remind me a lot of Cassiopeia so perhaps that is why I keep seeing the snakes.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Wraith Morgana!
I enjoy the majority of the skin my only issue is that the her "wings" are so odd. What are they supposed to be? :/ I think golden wings would have been more approipriate. Her "wings" float so oddly too and are angled so oddly. ANd i agree with other sentiments that the design on the skirt does seem a bit muddy. But overall I enjoy the style of the skin. How did you decide that "lunar wraith" was appropriate for morgana? And what is lunar wraith??
: You should break traps when you think you'll be outside of the arc it creates! That's the range at which Caitlyn can super-Headshot you when you stand on a trap. Any ideas on how it could read more clear as such?
maybe have a tooltip, or some blurb in game because in game if i see that it just looks like a weird graphical glitch. I am trying to think of if there are any other champs where you get a reticle to show whether you're in their range or not. OH Xerath! When he ultis there is a circle on the ground that shows you the range of the ulti, or like pantheon ulti, maybe something like that because it would be more consistent with what is already in game and people can pick up on that a lot easier. Or perhaps a red cone? I hope I make sense XD
: Caitlyn Gameplay Update Feedback Megathread
I don't understand the blue reticle that shows up when I go on a Caitlyn trap. Am i supposed to see that? Or is that just for Caitlyn? IF i am supposed to see it then what am I supposed to do with that reticle?
: Maybe in the future :P
Can Baron eat the rift herald since he is in Baron's spot? {{summoner:11}}
: A note about The Harrowing
:CCC I like my holiday content! When holiday content is released that allows me to partake in the holidays through League of Legends. Riot stole holidays :C
: Hey guys, Wanted to chime in on this thread to better explain the choices made in regards to PROJECT: Fiora's hair. The PROJECT: line utilizes sleek shape language, i.e. the armor, as well as stylized, digital particles. We felt that in this particular skin, pulling Fiora's hair back was optimal due to the thematic of the skin - it's a bit more sleek, as opposed to it covering her visor. In addition, it was an opportunity to give her a different hairstyle, as opposed to her base and other skins. (We did something similar with Star Guardian Lux.) As it stands, we don't have plans to give her a different hairstyle.
:/ the current hair just looks bushy doesn't look sleak at all, ponytails reminds me more of sleek because everything is pulled back and looks more put together. but each their own i guess...
: Careful not to conflate the muscle memory and clustering issues. Things can be grouped without being cluttered or difficult to parse. Regardless of where they were previously, many items and consumables are used as tactically as abilities and therefore make sense in the center group where other moment to moment cds are monitored, for example pots in a duel or zhonya's. On the other end of the spectrum, we also felt that things were a bit too tight around the minimap so we moved out all the scores back to the top right freeing up the minimap to focus on strategic info like where folks are, their current resources, and objective availability. edit: Also, I'm not dismissing familiarity as an issue. I just want to get into feedback other than "I'm used to it there so it needs to be there."
Do you not think there is a lot of information in the bottom right corner to differentiate between? Maybe if you made the boxes more distinctive between each other it'd be easier to read
: What's the benefit other than familiarity?
when you've played a game for 4 years and you're so used to where all the information is than familiarity is a big deal. its also the fact that there is a ton of information on the right side of the screen so its a lot to try to differentiate between. before everything was spaced out better or spread out through the screen, it was easier to know that I can look in the right corner for items and left corner for map. Now its, i know i need to look in the left corner but I need to look through all these boxes and try to find what I need to know. It's just not practical at all in terms of organization of information. There is a reason most games have things spread out instead of in just one corner, especially when its a lot of information that a player needs to know at once.
: HUD Changes for 7/24 PBE build
Having my items on the right side instead of the left side is still so hard to read and I've tried getting used to it but I just can't. I'm playing ranked just to avoid the new hud now :/
: Not just on her ults, but *every single auto*. She shoots, flails her arm up, and leans to the side... it's distracting to me, and who the hell shoots like that anyway??
exactly and i don't understand, why every other shooter in league shoots seriously but they have to make miss fortune look all cartoony and childish. its not very intimidating at all :/
: I guess he meant [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RsCI7g_adA). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RsCI7g_adA
yes this exactly! sorry for late reply, I was out of the country on vacation ;3
: Miss Fortune feedback thread!
am i the only one who doesn't like how miss fortune's arm flail about while she is ulting? :/ no one shoots a gun like that, it looks so cartoony
: That bug _should_ be fixed on PBE. I tested it myself! More context! Live servers are on 5.10 right now. PBE is 5.11. Our changes are online right now in PBE (5.11). So, Live servers still have the bug you linked. PBE (the 5.11 patch) should not have that bug anymore.
Will lux's lasor actually go through properly now :c the amount of times ppl have been right on top of the lasor and they dont get hurt or damaged is so annoying, or how if they move to one side of the lasor they dont get hit but the other side they do get hit.
: There was no real specific reason, there are a lot of other skins we are working on in tangent with skins like SG Lux. We're happy that her reception was out of this world, and hopefully be making more for this line :)
:/ i've notived on the PBE boards you comment for like the first couple of days the thread is live and then after you just disappear, without updating anything or letting us know whats going on with the team. What did they think about our feedback? Is any of the feedback being acted upon?
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: [Star Guardian Lux] - Recall Visual Bug
._. i think that looks better honestly, i can barely see lux in her current recall :/
: There was no real specific reason, there are a lot of other skins we are working on in tangent with skins like SG Lux. We're happy that her reception was out of this world, and hopefully be making more for this line :)
Can you look at how to make her recall pop more? :/ I can barely see it because of the blue from the recall
: Would it be possible in her recall to make the colours pop more? I can barely see lux because of the blue from the recall animation. Could you pass this on to the skin team and see what they think? :ccc I want to buy this skin when it releases, it would just suck if i can't see lux recall ;o
I think part of the issue for me is that the blue outer circle is so bright and then with such a nice colour bright combination of pink and yellow on lux, it makes it hard for me to differentiate between the two ;o Just a lot of brightness competing XDD i feel if the blue was more muted, I would be able to notice the colour on lux a lot more, but i highly doubt you can change that so i dont know what else could be done :C EDIT: OMG IT GOT UPDATED!!!! :D YAY! i can see her now, i think the little stars help a lot! and i looooooooooooooooooovveeeeee the music, it feels very lux magical girl XD not just magical girl in general but the kind of music lux would listen too. Thank you so much!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
Would it be possible in her recall to make the colours pop more? I can barely see lux because of the blue from the recall animation. Could you pass this on to the skin team and see what they think? :ccc I want to buy this skin when it releases, it would just suck if i can't see lux recall ;o
: First of all, THANK YOU RITO FOR THIS SKIN!! it's truly wonderful and I love the way it looks. I'm just looking for one thing, her hair.. It kinda bugs me on how short it is.. Because most magical girls have really long and beautiful hair (Madoka and Sailor Chibi Moon ~~as I know of~~ aside) If it would be possible to extend her hair than it would be appreciated<3
i wouldnt mind a little bit more of hair ;o i think it would make her look more magical. the short hair seems kind of childish ;o despite it being really cute, i think just a little bit more would make her seem more mature and also lux's hair isnt that short anyway
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Star Guardian Lux!
I absolutely love this skin! Great job!! my only concern is the weird cow lick ;o idk it feels so odd and i think it makes her look messy instead of girly XD
: Dance is from pretty cure? recall is from madoka?
some ppl think its a combination of of multiple sailor moon attack moves ;o
: The moon phases, the moon eclipses and his lunar clock symbolizes the passage of time :)
k but that doesn't address the whole "blood moon" name, the issue isnt that moon and passage of time which is really neat. the issue is how weird the "blood moon" theme looks on zilean. i'm just annoyed because now we won't ever get a galaxy or space zilean, we get this weird "blood moon" zilean :/
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Zilean
:/ yeah its an interesting looking skin but like everyone else said, it just seems so random... I understand the whole moon theme and time passing, but why not just do a galaxy themed Zilean instead of blood moon, it would have been so much more easy to connect with and i think would have had a wider range of appeal. It also slightly annoys me that the skin has a similar colour palette to his Shurima skin... we finally get a new skin after 5 years and its the same colours... I think its really just the particles that make this skin interesting for me. the model is meh because of the same colours and I'm sad i'm going to have to wait even longer for an actually unique skin for Zilean. I think if the skin was a different colour palette, I would be more excited for this skin
: Hey Azraille! Although previous Debonair skins have been for Piltover champions, it was never our intent to do so, it just happened that way. :]
Well Perhaps you should have made other champions Debonair Skins then. When the only skins in a line you release pertain to certain champions in this case Piltover, that gives everyone the impression that only these champions can get the skin. Even though that wasn't your intent, that is now what people see, the champion theme for Debonair is Piltover champions and that is what has been built in people's minds. Maybe if you make more Debonair skins for different champions that idea will change but currently, with Galio it just seems so awkward, at least in my opinion. Gentleman Galio would have suited so much better :/ but there is no changing it now, cuz PBE and since Galio now has a Debonair Skin, He will never get a gentleman skin. Oh well
: Yo Daretor! She's based off of Diao chan. :D
Looking at google images and looking at this skin... I don't know I wouldn't even be able to tell Katarina is inspired by her, escept for maybe the particles
: Yo Daretor! She's based off of Diao chan. :D
Well now the flower particles make more sense...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
If this is supposed to be a "warring kingdoms" skin... why are there flower particles?
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Warring Kingdoms Katarina!
It seems like the skin is very bland. Nidalee has so much detail and colour and Katarina only had detail on her arms and swords really. Maybe do something with her hair or pants, because Nidalee has so much detail on her pants on he rshirt on her spear, and Katarina just gets a pair of black pants... doesn't really seem fair or thematically consistent. The warring kingdom skins are skins with a lot of detail and decal, and Katarina's fails to meet that compared to the other skins. :/

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