: i play around 4 games a day and i am already at 1300 tokens i bought the world pass bla bla and i get S / A grade every game i work 8 hours on 6 days a week soo ye you can manage it easily. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Unluckely not everybody works 'only' 8h/day; and, honestly, I work 6+6h, 6days/week and when I'm at home I've not already all this 'time' for play more than 1-2 match at day (and, often, I can't play everyday too). :/ So I personally feel sad about that because I would like to have a fair change too. Logically I got that Riot just chose to let this skin be unique; but it's true too that isn't so easy to win every match, etc, if You think that a 5vs5 match-victory (or what else) doesn't depend only on your personal ability (find trollers etc seems to be a new stupid mode...). BTW, talking about the tokens... I seen that I didn't get all the mission coins I've unlock, but only few of them (when I unlocked 5 mission-coins I just got only 3 on 5, etc, without unlock the victories ones too). Is that really a bug? Thank You. PS: I don't want to feel rude or something else; so just be patient with my bad english too, please.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Kai'Sa Prestige Edition
Hi! I only don't agree with 1 'thing' about this skin: how can people (who have not so much time for nerd in the game or so much money) get this wonderful skin, over the 1350RP version too? Don't you feel like it's very excessive? :/ Since the 1st time I saw her I hoped to have a change of get her; and when I read She'll be available ONLY for 2500 world's tokens... I just became sad (who works do it for live etc, not for suffer in real being happy(?) into the virtual...)! So, my question is: how can NORMAL players get that? Must normal people 'surrend' to the idea of see that skin only in some rich(?) people account? {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Thank You. EDIT: I know that You want to let this skin(?) feel very unique (prestigious) etc, and I'm not (if I can use this way of saying) 'complaining' You about that; I simply can't explain to myself the real sense behind this - in my opinion - 'risky' choice(?)... Why? Because, thinking about the 2500 requested tokens for get the skin, I seen that - without gaining tokens playing - the most expensive tokens bundle 'only' give you 500 WT(world's tokens) for 6250RP (around 40€/$); and so, for reach the amount of that desired skin, a player will need around 200€/$... {{sticker:cass-cry}}

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