: Bug splat on urf with dj sona
Has this happened more than once to you while using Dj Sona? If it only happened once I think it was just a coincidence
: The new valentines day skins do not have splash arts
The splash arts are still being worked on. Don't worry it's not a bug. They'll be out soon :^)
: People who ban Jhin
Do you hear yourself? Play blind if you don't want him banned.
: Riot, Please stop disabling all other ques than ranked.
It's not like riot just decided to disable every other queue because they hate us. There's a new feature that has specifically to do with ranked and they need people to test it out. If you don't like it then you can simply play on live.
: Co Op Vs AI Blocked/Ranked Team Builder is the only option
Ranked is the only thing available right now so people can test out the new dynamic queue.
: Gifting shop doesn't work properly
Its not only you. I was having the exact same problem!

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