: PBE Urf Garen E bug over 11000 dmg in 3 sec
I don't think it's bugged, that has always been the case with garen's E, the E's overlap and have a chance to crit, on top of isolation bonus damage if only hitting one champion during the spin
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: Azir AP Scaling + Damage way too high
The thing is Although he is very pokey, he is a very squishy mage who can get assassinated hard. a leblanc or Katarina can easily teleport and poke him down. he has 1 escape but even sometimes that isn't enough.
: Sometimes when I'm running away and I want to use my Boomerang repetitively to slow them while moving left and right trying to dodge skillshots, I throw my boomerang while doing that and it goes the other way I'm going. Hopefully it goes better. And I also want the Mega Gnar [Q] to get a little damage nerf, whenever I play or go against a Gnar, it does tons of damage...
8/10 times, wherever you were last at when it reaches max range or .5 seconds after hitting a minion or champion, it will head to that direction.
: I feel like his boomerang, whenever you throw it, the direction you throw it in should be the same direction it returns. Atm it seems like if i throw it straight up, and them move to the left, when it returns it will redirect towards me. I think it should not redirect and maintain the same route. The perks of this will be, for gnar players there will be greater clarity as to where exactly the boomerang will end up. Also it will require a bit more skill to be able to properly place themselves where they need to be in order to receive that 60% cd. this is just my opinion tho.
They did that to prevent gnar from being an easy target after throwing his boomerang, with the auto adjusting return it allows gnar players to move around rather than stick to one area waiting for their boomerang to return, plus imagine how bad that would be when chasing?
: Jungle Gnar is feels like it needs a little bit more early power, so maybe increase the boomerangs or leaps dmg towards monsters?
the boomerang and jump are both mainly utility to add a stack of his passive, if you're gonna jungle gnar you should be putting most of your points into that.
: Hi, i like what u made on his boomerang he really nedded it. But changing the topic, why u gave him .5 ap ratio on R ?? Soz 4 my bad english {{item:3151}}
When 5 of his abilities are 100% AD ratio, (2 in small form, 3 in large) you're going to complain about one ult that is a AOE push/ wall stun only being 50% AD?
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: Question, in an earlier build you guys bumped Sona's base armor up to 18, I don't see that change listed above. Was it reverted? 0_o Also please scrap this rework, it's still not fun.
try to build Frost Queen's Claim, Athene's Unholy Grail, and an Ardant Crystal, With all those mana regen items, you can pretty much spam Q W E, and the buffs are pretty significant on other teammates.
: The Q buff is always wasted on creeps during the laning phase and the W shield duration is way too short and weak compared to karma and janna, also the heal is very weak considered you'll be building no ap items mostly mikae crucible, sightstone etc... Also the passive buffs given from her ultimate are so so weak, +10 bonus damage at lvl 6 is less than minions damage... This rework isn't working for sona, just cancel it and keep her kit like live. The armor increase and the texture upgrade is nice though
When Q is leveled up, it already gives it more damage per level, When you level the ultimate it adds additional bonuses to ALL of her other skills, personally I think the +10 bonus damage is pretty generous. If you have a competent ADC they will save the buff to poke the enemy with it, like Caitlyn headshot, ashe's 100% crit, or vayne's tumble.
: Sona's E now the worst ability in the game?
The point of E is to use it as an escape or chase mechanism, the long cooldown is to prevent it from being spammed and use it when the best opportunity is needed for it, You can pretty much spam Q and W, so save E for when you're being chased or need to chase during a teamfight.
: They're saying Sona's rework is a buff 0_0?
Know that Sona is originally a Support and not a mage, while her Q did get nerfed, she really did need it as she was hitting way to hard with a lichbane. Most of the time she was able to chunk half of their health with a Q + Lichbane + Powerchord passive. Her Q is actually more buffed now that it gives her allies that +100 magic damage on first hit on rank 5. It's Significantly noticeable when pushing towers with someone or taking inhibators. Also when you build mana regen items like Frost Queen's Claim + Athene's Unholy Grail + Ardant Crystal, and spam her Q W E, It makes it really hard for enemies to get close or go in because of the speed boost, magic damage, and shield stacking. The Q is reduced to like 5 seconds with the cooldown reduction. Her passive auras we're too low to provide any significant purpose in teamfights. Also the extra magic damage on hit when paired with a vayne, ashe or Caitlyn adds some real damage. Especially when hit by Caitlyn's headshot, or Ashe's 100% crit.
: Sona Update is back! Feedback and changes here!
•How many games have you played on the Sona Update? A: 1 so far •What sort of game was this? (Doom bots, Summoners Rift 5v5, Standard Bots, Howling Abyss, etc.) A: Intermediate Bots •Did you find any bugs? A: only the Item Purchase bug that has been discusses already •How was laning phase? A: pretty powerful laning phase especially with the Q aura, giving my ADC that extra magic damage •How was mid and late game? A: still very strong, after having to build Frost Queen's Claim, and a Athene's for Spell spamming Q-W-E •How risky was tagging your allies with your auras? ◦How often was the risk worth the reward A: Almost no risk as W shields me and E let's me get in and out to tag others with my auras •How did you feel about your impact on team fights? A: if used in Q-W-E, with lots of mana regen, she becomes one of the scariest team support I've seen yet. Her Q that adds magic damage, shield/heal, and move speed boost makes her a high priority target. If not focused, the other team would have little chance to win unless they are winning in lots of kills, or ambush from the jungle. •What did you think of Sona's updated audio? A: No Comment •What did you think of Sona' update art assets? I don't mind her hair being shorter but I think her color clothing needs to be reverted, especially her Silent Night Sona Skin. The dark colors seems kind of gloomy when she's supposed to be Festive. Although I got to say she now looks more out of place on the old summoners rift and more in place with the new summoners rift that is being worked on. *Additional Notes Sona is a strong utility support, where now people are forced to buy more mana regen to spam her spells, Although, since she's mainly a support I would rather her heal be buffed a little more, and get her Q damage nerfed a bit since with her passive Q and a lich bane, she hits for around half your health. especially with that magic damage aura added onto it. Her Q pokes, but it's almost more of a Nuke with all that damage. while her Heal feels like tossing a coin into a piggy bank. Her starting laning phase is very strong which could be fixed by decreasing the base damage/healing of her spells, but giving her a better healing/damage per skill level. No Complaints about her E (Speed Boost).

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