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: Ekko Feedback Thread
For some gameplay changes i feel might make him more interesting to play with is the idea of him teleporting behind the target of his E rather than in front (similar to Akali's R or Talon) although i could also see how this might take away from the idea of him being *smart* to play as it makes it take a lot less thought to land the return of his Q and set things up. I personally preferred his ghost without the target on top as i feel like it added something extra that both the player and opponent had to keep on eye on more closely adding to the feel of him being either *smart* to play as or against knowing that you were able to keep track of it while also still playing with the rest of your kit efficiently So just as a visual improvement i feel as though adding some sort of animations to his ghost while it follows ekko around would make it a lot more visually appearing as of now it looks quite jittery and jumpy maybe making perform similar actions to to what ekko did at the time it was in that place would be interesting or at least adding in jump or recall animations. I haven't been able to get in too many rounds with him so far but as of yet these are the things i've noticed myself would love to hear what you people think of my suggestions ill hopefully come back with more later :)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Battlecast Kog'Maw!
I feel like his W looks really awkward with just a fireball randomly popping out of his mouth it would look really awesome if it could be used in conjuction with his right arm or if there was some animation in the mouth to show something flinging it out
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: Sion Champion Update on the PBE!
i noticed a weird text entry in the chat box while beating up on an enemy during my passive in a match of hexakill on twisted treeline
: Azir, bug splat and client disconnect
I noticed when playing as him i would bugsplat whenever i tried to use his q happened three times consecutively
: Yup. Added it for tomorrow.
For the passive could it also be a more clear for the AP gained ratio as it says 20% but then contradicts itself by saying 1 ap per point of armor or mr when it doesnt give a 1:1 ratio it sounds like it should from the second part
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: Azir Bug Report Thread
When i killed the Dragon using Azir's Q i got the following it showed a blue box instead of my picture and the weird text string
: Azir Bug Report Thread
While moving immediately after using Azir's Q he doesn't use the normal walking animation but instead the animation for him using his q replays on a loop for a short while to reproduce 1. Play Azir 2. Use W 3. Use Q 4. Move immediately 5. watch the moonwalk
: Error // Azir's Uilti doesnt block all champions
I also saw a zed use his ult through azir's wall as well as a yasuo E through it (multiple times) as well as other champions with dashes occasionaly slip through. I also saw a rammus walk straight through a jarvans wall ring while ulting
: Azir Bug Report Thread
After playing Azir for quite a few rounds Azir's autoattacks seem to occasionally not properly go through his soldiers even when he is definitely withing range of the soldier and seems to occur when both he and the solider are in range of the target. occasionally on hit you will deal very noticeably less damage than you even did on the previous hit and the soldiers attacks wont pierce even though the previous attack did more damage and did pierce or that attack afterwards did it gets very frustrating when you would have gotten the kill otherwise or die due to it because its unreliable and unpredictable. 1. Play as Azir 2. Use w to place a soldier within range of enemy 3. Stand near soldier 4. Attack an enemy within range of both you and the soldier Another thing i noticed and I'm not sure if it intentional or not is they apply spell effects such as the debuff from a {{item:3151}} but do apply it from other items Edit: i found that if i stepped in between every attack it would attack as the soldier but this lowered my dps greatly as i couldn't utilize my full attack speed
: Azir vs Azir - TWO TURRETS
i had the same issue with the double turrets
: The door that many people talk about (the one that minions would spawn from) is actually a very good idea but i think that the nexus could have structures like doors but instead of doors they could be portals ( like little three arks with portals. These arks would be part of the nexus ). Also, when the nexus explodes at the end i think that all minions could disappear by being turned into smoke (red smoke for red team and blue smoke for blue team). This would sell the idea that the minions are connected to the nexus and so when the nexus dies so would the minions (it would also make the screen more preatty since there was only champs in picture and not just minions. The minions of the winning team would also disappear and the color of their smoke could be the same collor as the losing team (just because having dozens of blue and red explosions would be to much). But your the bosses and u could make the smoke with any color u want.
This actually sounds like it would look sick although already the victory screen lags quite a bit before the victory (or defeat) shows up i feel like this would cause it to be even worse
: During a normal match i got caught attempting to reconnect restarting the game worked for about a minute then it happened again i then restarted the client and played the rest of the match fine
: Experiencing the "Attempting to Reconnect" message? You can help!
During a normal match i got caught attempting to reconnect restarting the game worked for about a minute then it happened again i then restarted the client and played the rest of the match fine
: 'Ascension' game mode coming soon to PBE
At the end of a match when all of the teams heroes teleport to the win location and are ascended if they are obstacles in the way such as the location being just above the bottom of the map part of the team wont teleport if it could be set up so there are secondary tp locations or just to have them spawn above the obstacle it could help the issue
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: Current Thoughts on Azir
1. I agree with the block about the ultimate i do feel as though i cant really use it during a fight except to break it up it would be more useful if it pulled in rather than out although by using it makes a great (although very long cd) escape mechanism 2. Having an indicator for soldier times and distances would be an amazing help i too found countless situations where it was too hard to tell if my soldiers were capable of being used or not (not as many issues with them disappearing) even the one indicator would be nice if it could even be something like having a range ring indicator around the soldiers (although i could see this getting confusing with many soldiers up) 3. I would like it to be clear whether or not the soldiers are supposed to have a piercing attack or not i had many situations where i saw them pierce and would have killed either a minion or a champion on the second piercing hit but they didn't pierce again and i cant tell if it is because only he first hit is piercing or not something in the text for the ability would be nice to explain this 4. Also i cant tell if the soldiers apply lifesteal or spell vamp or non or both 5. His early game mana pool feels really really low with you unable to do much without returning to base as you don't even have the mana regen/pool to keep a soldier on the field
: Azir Bug Report Thread
While playing as Azir against an Azir he was using the galactic skin i was using the classic skin (second one that showed in champ select) i used my passive on the first middle turret on their side and my cd for it went on as normal but the turret that appeared was his both in control and graphics (looked like a galactic turret and attacked our team) another bug i noticed was the blue bar that appears above where the health bar should be

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