: Correct, runes and masteries that gave flat armor penetration are being changed to give lethality at a rate where they break even at level 9 (so greater marks give 1.83/mark and quints give 3.66/quint).
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: Turrets...
http://i.imgur.com/CuGkjbD.jpg Yeah I have a photo, bad quality I know but maybe it helps (?)
: Oh yeah... If you care about that you must mouse over the "Wifi Bars" That's convenient! >.>
Mhh a little 'uncomfortable! D:
: Feedback on the Elise/AP Jungle changes
Interesting point of view. But first, I need to try Elise too to say something! EDIT: Yeah, basically I think you're right (very professional feedback) but there is one thing I really wish Riot to do: reset CD of her ult when she hit a cocoon. Like Nidalee if I remember correctly... What do you think? you are much better than me^^
: My Thoughts on the new HUD
Actually I feel uncomfortable since everything is in one side over the minimap. I can't see the ultimate lights as you said. I'd like to have also the timer bigger where it was used to be... But I have to say that is really cool to see, it's just... Clunky? Edit: Wait, I can't see the FPS, its just me?
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