: honest question. why are you still wasting time on tuning kaleidostone?
I pretty Like the idea of a farming gold keystone, but not the klepto version we all know. A farming keystone should need to the champion to interract with his ennemy, which is not always the case for range champions. It's actually much harder for close range champions to take the benefits of klepto. I think Riot should try to rework klepto with a functionnality that allow champions to gain "points" when they are struck by champions (close range champions only) or deal damages to champions (among the amount of damage dealt, endured, before the damage mitigation). Those points would be consumed after stopping fighting champion for a perdiod of time. The more points accumulated, the more gold earned.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition!
After looking In-game model, I have been terribly shocked by her face : It feels that she is wearing an innexpressive mask, but it's a detail. As other said, more "diamond-blue" or white light (imo) on colors and spells is a good tweak to do. I am pretty sure I could get bored pretty fast to this high amount of gold on her. And you must already know about her hairs. By the way, I accepted the haircut on Bloodmoon Evelynn, but the haircut on this skin feels pretty similar in one way.
: This is the dumbest post I've ever read in a very long time. Keeping an item that completely denies early damage ? Might as well delete all spells and early game champs while you're at it. Having an item regenerate half your health pool at lvl 1 is simply annoying to face, as you cannot do anything to the enemy. This is a bug, and should be treated as is: not abusing it, and fixing it. Also it's not because "it's just PBE" that you're allowed to exploit bugs on purpose, rules that apply on Live apply on PBE as well, being more severe on PBE.
Reading your response, I am not sure that you understood my point : I agree that doran shield level 1 is the most absurd thing ever. But reaching 20 minuts in the game, an item costing 2500 golds or more giving such a passive could be interesting. At least, this was one of the most interesting bug I have ever known.
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: Nexus Blitz PBE - Patch Notes and Feedback
Looking the theory of the idea, this new version of the game feels very promising ! It really feels that you try to solve every issues you have met in the current version of the 5v5 summoner rift. However, I hope the snowball will not be so huge, and that towers (if they are still there) will give a real "sanctuary" to players that need a refuge. And something is disturbing me : In the "On fire" effect, the adaptative force earned is 20-200, but for both AD and AP users ? It seems that it's not legit : 20 AD doesn't bring the same amount of power than 20 AP. And what about Electrocute VS Dark Harvest ? It is sure that Dark Harvest would stack easier, but Electrocute should be much less available than Dark Harvest if nothing more is done about it.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Hail of Blades
A keystone that allow you to cast your 3 attacks quickly for bursting ? Finally a burst keystone that can rivalize with electrocute and create diversities in playstyle of AD assassins or fighters or others. Well done ! ADC that uses this runes will tend to have an assassin gamestyle, not a DPS gamestyle, of course the others mastery key are more usefull for DPS.
: The new Infinity Edge is overtuned, stronger than live game & completely avoids the proposed problem
I totally agree. And what about ADCs that could spend 5800 golds to buy IE (3700), zeal only (1300) and double 10% crit (2*400) so they reach 80% critical hit and 80 AD with only 5800 golds ? Definitively, the 100% critical hit increasing is too strong, it should be lowered at 50% critical insreasing.
: Marksman and AD Itemization Changes coming to PBE shortly
Currently, for the price of 7100 golds, adc can build IE (3400) + a Zeal item (2600) + berzerk boots (1100, default boots). This set give to them 70 AD + 50% crit chances + 70%-80% attack speed and 250% critical damages. After a patch like it is described here, an adc could buy for the price of 7400 golds IE (3700) + a double zeal (2*1300) + berzerk boots (1100, default boots). This set would give to them 80 AD + 80% crit chances + 65% attack speed + 20% flat damages on crits. Definitively, they should deal much more damages to tanks/fighters, but should be still able to deal decent damages to anyone. If we consider that the armor of an adc at level 11 (level where adc get thoses 7400 golds) is around 55 with this new patch, damages are reduced by 35%, and so, 65% of damages are taken. With the new flat damages from IE, damages could have been 20% + (80%*65%) = 20% + 52% = 72%, So, the 200% critical damages are now (200%*72%) = 144% overall damages, whereas with the current IE, overall damages are (250%*65%)= 162,5% There are 18% of base damages difference when adc are attacking squishies, but the damages are still some high, because the 10 AD difference are not included in the calculation. (and about the 30% critical chance difference between the 2 sets). I don't think this current patch will slow down adc powerspike.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
Hi Riot KiWiKiD, (I'll be sorry if i'm doing english mistakes). I had a personnal and particular question about her face in demon form. Do you manage to modify it so that her face is less oppressive, darker and more mysterious ? Although she has been reworked, I recognised my main champion very well, but this face in shadow form seems to be very weird to me, what do you think about it ?
: Mana changes coming to PBE today
Didn't we give a good amount of mana to mages so that they have as much waveclear as all other characters of the game ? I'm not feeling that fighters, tanks, adcs, and some assassins have mana issues to waveclear. I understand you want them to manage their mana pool because they are mages, but just cut their mana pool isn't fair. In addition of that, maybe add something that make their waveclear special in comparison to other rĂ´les.
: Blood Moon Evelynn
As a Evelynn main, i would have instant buy this skin, but by seeing the skin in game, i would not buy it in his current state. I agree players that think the pallet collor is wrong : I expected draker colors and much *more dark red* so that the blood moon skin exploits more the Evelynn dark side (and violence). The pink/purple colors are ugly on her, according to the bloodmoon theme. Personally, i dislike the color of her skin, i expected something more red. I think as a lot of players that the head must be reworked, I imagined again something more mystical, flashy and attractive hairs and head. (Yeah, people loves the "that shines") The demon shade form isn't that bad, but it has the thing i hate the most : Her mask/face is just horrible. I expected something as dark as her other skins, but with something particular that don't change the identity of the demon shade form (i.e : a shadow that wait and look at you). Maybe just make the mask more darker, less oppressive and more mysterious. It is sure we don't have the feeling to wear something special on this skin, it must lack some textures. But it lack dark red, *dark blood*. At the current time, I rather much more the Tango Evelynn skin than this new one.
: Health bar (PBE)
I agree with you, my brain took something when i played with thoses new disturbing visuals.
: What I was saying is that lethality in runes reforged is much weaker than live since we can't get anywhere near the ammount of lethality we use to get. If you are getting chunked by champions running 2-3 lethality items, then building armor is how you stop it not nerfing lethality as a whole. Lethality users need to burst champions that dont build armor, that is the whole point of lethality. If lethality gets nerfed and it becomes impossible to chunk low armor targets then there is no point to building lethality at all. The state of lethality on pbe seems fine to me. It gets countered by tanks and armor and thrives against squishy targets.
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: Phase Rush is too weak for a rune.
I'm currently a bit disapointed too. It should have a 10s CD as on live and grants something like 25%-50% (from lvl 1 to 18) moovespeed boost. For the few champions that was able to use stormrider on live servers, it was perfect for them, with this current version of phase rush, it's a big nerf. Btw i'm a main Evelynn for 4 years and i'm using Stormrider on the new Evelynn, (this is the perfect mastery key for her IMO !). This "new reforged runes that will make her stronger" is like a joke from this side. Just because it will have 15s CD, preventing me to gain the MS boost when i burst 2 times on 12s or around...
: It's not a problem. Everyone got an armor buff so armor is around the same as before, but without lethality runes we don't have anywhere near as much lethality as we use to. Players could get 30 lethality lvl 1 in the old system. Now it's only 10 if you take the domination rune, and only when you dash. Lethality gets countered by armor so if you dont build armor then you should get chuncked by lethality users.
You said all. Players will fall from 32 to 10 lethality lvl 1, that will be very well for the game. Players were able to build up to 50 lethality with only one item and 86 lethality with the 3 ones. IMO it will be a lethality nerf that is needed.
: 10/19 - Thursday - PBE STATUS & FAQ
I play from France on PBE servers and i have to play at least with 120ms, which is from far enough to test contents. We sometimes get lag spike to 500ms, which is a bit disturbing, but playable. Thanks a lot for all you did for the game and for players !

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