: BUG? your rank doesn’t show anymore in the game end screen after placements
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: Games not working, crashing and ceasing to exist
Does this happen at all games? Had anyone a game that didn’t crash (not me).
: Feedback & Discussion - Changes to emotes coming to PBE in patch 8.12
Hi, how about stopping the production of random emotes, and starting emote collections? I mean, if I have a happy kitten, then I should also have an angry kitten, a crying kitten, etc. If you take a champ as model, a jinx could express anything. I won't request a zyra based emotion kit, but any pretty champ would do.
: I got the skin by buying the random skin chest daily every time it refreshes rp and eventually I got it.
I too. First buy all skins, and then get random skins until you got all. They don’t give you duplicate skins, and it is also the only way to get legacy skins that aren’t sold anymore.
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