: Wow it really took my 30 minutes to write my response...and you wrote what I did in 3 lines. Amy stop being so good at stuff on the boards, I feel inadequate. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}} jkjk as always thanks for answering everyone's stuff!
I think Amy Sery is crazy. Whether it's here or on the Discord server: always fast, positive and constructive reactions!! My gratitude to you Amy Sery!!
: Riot: Here, have everything in the game free and you get to try out the new stuff before everyone else! Also, Unlimited urfmode! Only cost is occasional maintenance. Players: Stop doing occasional maintenance! How dare you try to do some development on the development test server! I want a stable game to play!
Lol =) No offense to ppl outing their frustration, but I agree w/ Nyanis. I understand it's not fun to be kicked out of a game for maintenance, but hey we are granted a PBE w/ all as described above. I'm just grateful to be testing the new stuff first. And ok, everyone is different, some critics have valuable content. However, I do believe one can always express themselves constructively. Pro's & con's of whining: - pro's: no pro's really that I can think of - con's: 1. you frustrate yourself even more 2. after a while, ppl might not take you seriously anymore (and rly, could you blame them then?) Pro's & con's of constructive reporting/posting: - pro's: 1. You get taken seriously, because of constructive content reporting 2. You know you did what you could in a decent fashion which is and should make you more positive 3. You can be proud of yourself not giving in to the 1st reflex of human nature (complaining) - con's: can't think of them besides that you will have to be patient, but you will have to be patient anyway, no matter your "method". Srr for the essay, for those who read, but hope it might give some perspective ...
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: The new changes in TFT seem to shift the meta toward a very unfun perma-cc.
Tried many different combos, as the one above described. Didn't notice high meta warden, in the contrary. I think it seems all pretty well balanced, considering somethings in certain weeks are a little more buffed/nerfed of course as there always will be a meta. So I think, all in all well balanced game mode, very fun for the tactician and 'puzzler'. Would like to see the rolls go a little more "correct". Great job on the game, keep the patches coming to keep it interesting ...
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