: ARAM Updates on PBE
Farewell Warmogs. You won't be missed. https://78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mb9np6OFzG1r61tndo1_400.gif
: Hey Senpai Riven~! This map is a non-canon interpretation of the setting from the Star Guardian - Burning Bright video. It currently has no direct ties to Lore. As for the Star Guardian powers, I think there's more news coming about the Star Guardians soon :)
: Why is skarner pictured with all the other void champs? I was pretty sure skarner had nothing to do with the void.
I don't see any void champs there... just a heap of scary space monsters! o.O
: 1)Uhmm, in this mode, we need to own star guardian skins or we'll get them like in Dark Star Mode? 2)How much time take to complete a game ? 3)will be some summoner spells prohibited? 4)Is Ezreal really really special or he's just lucky and now he's the happiest man in the world being a full team of girls? :)))
1) You'll be able to pick any of the Star Guardians, with the skin automatically unlocked, regardless of ownership. 2) Clean runs can take around 20mins. If you wipe a lot, could be closer to 30mins. 3) Yes. A few summoner spells didn't make much sense so we removed them. 4) That's up for Ezreal to decide. :3
: What do I do if someone else picks Lulu in this mode?
You get supported. You get supported like no-one's business.
: why can't i play master yi in this mode
: My favorite game mode — Legend of the Hoo-King
: Yet to try this out, but primary problem I can see is issues over roles. You're gonna have Mr X who thinks he's best top with his champ, while Mr Y thinks he should also go top, and Mr Z needs someone to support him but neither of the other guys want to do that. Two people are gonna think they'd be the better jungler, some games there won't be an ADC on a team and no one will want to take the role, some games there won't be any tanks, some games you'll end up with a team full of supports against a team full of assassins...the list of potential problematic situations is long. _________________________ What I'm trying to get at is that Blind Pick champ select is bad enough with people squabbling over roles and failing to cooperate over who goes where - and that's when people at least have control over the champs they play and can suit them to the role they want to play. There's a reason I play ARAM rather than Blind Pick when I want to relax, because I'm honestly exhausted from dealing with stubborn, argumentative and uncooperative people in champ select. The nature of ARAM and ARURF negates the issues surrounding random champions; in ARAM there aren't any roles because of the single lane and in ARURF everything is so manic and crazy that predetermined roles are essentially irrelevant, because anyone works anywhere. _____________________________ In the same way that Nemesis Draft is never hugely popular because people get stuck with champs they don't want in roles they don't want to play for a full length normal game I really can't see this gamemode going down well. I applaud the thinking behind it and it's great to see new modes being pumped out, but unless you're playing with a premade party or you're lucky enough to not get matched with a stubborn team, I don't know if this is gonna work.
I think you've hit on a lot of the same concerns we have. While we can't 'design' for player expectation of roles you describe (much the same as Normals struggles with that), there are a few differences for me that set ARSR apart from Nemesis Draft & ARAM, making it a potentially a fun experiment. ARAM is stuck on the Howling Abyss map, which offers close to zero strategic options. You can sometimes get borked in champ select. At least on SR, you have some options. You could farm a side lane, take dragon, clean-up the jungle, etc. SR provides more Macro opportunities to overcome a poor Micro match-up at champ select. Nemesis Draft suffered a bit from the 'caste' of champs that often got picked in it. In ARSR, the chances of something you actually like (or at least know how to play) are much higher, but the same meta shakeup feeling is present (you have 2 ADCs, or 2 junglers, etc). It's hopefully more of a 'fair' experience, being a neutral system, than the mixed bag from a human in Nemesis Draft. As you call out too, "It might work, but it might not". We're also interested to see how it will go, and trying experiments like this is part of the search for other fun ways to play.
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: Since new Talon will be in URF now, will we see reduced cooldown on each individual terrain he traverses with his E?
Yes, the individual islands should also have reduced cooldown.
: I really liked the damage numbers--is there a reason they were turned off?
To be clear, damage number aren't completely turned off. We've just reverted them to the normal numbers you're used to. For a while there URF had crazy huge numbers as part of the 2015 joke, but we don't really need them anymore.
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: Thanks for letting us know! We have a fix in progress.
Working as designed. Udyr says move along..
: I love you guys
: {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:432}}
I see you guys have found this thread... -_-
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: Yeah random has only made it easier to tell who wins. When everyone picked broken champs yes you fought a lot of the same guys, but at least it was down to skill then because everyone was broken as all heck. I could fight eve with my awesome Renekton plays, but now I get handed Nami and am expected to still face that eve. It stops being fun right there because instead of it being all broken its a stomp. There are too many champions that you only need one moderate good user of to win for random to work.
We're interested to see how the mode plays out. Different types of players naturally feel differently about Random pick, as it's quite polarising. The regular player looking for their few comfort picks is likely less excited about ARURF than an ARAM player looking for a fresh twist. To help though, we _tripled_ the rate at which you earn rerolls in ARURF, to help players who are less comfortable with AR (dodge timers are increased though, as it is a random pick type). We've also kept the mode on SR to give as much strategic choice as possible and offset team comps. A Howling Abyss ARURF wouldn't have been too pretty. The RGM queue is also the perfect place to experiment with gameplay and modes like this (maybe the only place?). We'll see how it goes as a mode first before promising it for return.
: There should be a full round of bans, like one per player, before the random pick kicks in. That way, we're guaranteed that some of the way "feels way too overpowered" champs that thrive in URF, like Sona, Fizz and Zed, are played less than others. Otherwise, you're going to have situations where the game is decided by pure chance and players are feel like they're wasting their time having a game they have no chance to win.
We're not against the idea of bans, but they don't solve the problem you've described. Even in regular URF, we would often get calls to increase bans from say, 6 to 10. All this would really do though is shift focus from popular picks #7, #8 & 9 over to picks #11, #12 & #13. We also intentionally kept the mode on SR to allow for the increased strategic choices to offset some of the champ comps, unlike ARAM. In ARAM, on Howling Abyss, you're stuck in a tube shaped map. There's not much you can do when X beats Y. In SR though there are more strategic options (farm a side lane, take some dragons, etc). It obviously isn't going to have the nuance of a regular SR ranked game, but we feel it's definitely a step above URF on Howling Abyss.
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: If i Use Zhonya's or Kayle's ult or anything like that does the Obliterator still kill me ?
No it won't. Things like Fizz troll pole, Vlad pool, Zhonya, etc will still save you. Just don't mess up your timing. :)))
: So will there be a time limit for the initial attack? If the defending team is just that much better than the offensive team that they haven't gotten to the nexus after an hour, will the game automatically switch sides? Or is the deck so heavily stacked against the defensive team that it becomes a matter of "when" rather than "if" for destroying the nexus?
Yes there is. 20mins per side. It's extremely rare to hold out that long though. We're seeing average game times about 25mins total.
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: I have a problem finding ARAM games on the PBE to test this and the new map changes on. Last night, I was in an ARAM queue for nearly 45 minutes before I gave up.
Damn. :/ I'll see if we can switch off something today to quickly funnel pop and test it. Thanks for trying!
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: > [{quoted}](name=L4T3NCY,realm=PBE,application-id=2EAF660193FA3B668D7234B3AEBB530C5AB7F651,discussion-id=1ngmmBE8,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-20T22:04:41.332+0000) > Ekko > Fiora > Gangplank > Kindred Weren't these champions released or reworked prior to the [previous time OFA was released six months ago](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/one-all-will-soon-return-workshop)? Should we still attempt to test these?
Ah yes I think you're right. I was looking at the wrong back-date when checking. Edited now. :D
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: EDIT: Switching off the mode while we look into a buff bug. Will update when have news.
Should be up and working now. @Riot Stephiroth what a warrior. <3
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
EDIT: Switching off the mode while we look into a buff bug. Will update when have news.
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: I will say the same I said when this Mode was released.... -The gold is not enough at all, you must compete with 5 persons to take a single minion.... -The experience curve here is BAD, you can find a yasuo lvl 8 at min 10 where on your team theres a teemo lvl 4.... -Then snowball is too much "Antifun", Only bruisers, tanks and assasins can work in that mode. -Jungle is impossible due to permaganking push. -The first 2 towers needs more damage and more health. -Increase the minions per lane per spawning, like 4 more. -there must be something more...Add a neutral monster on where the relic is, something like the Herald, which give something like Dragon buff: 1-Permanent XX HP, 2-Permanent damage reduction to somehitng,etc, up to 3 buffs, the fourth could be the fifth dragon. -Allow extra items, something like the Dominion starters, if they arent there. -Also allow some SR items, as Reaver to be allowed there, cause is needed....maybe some ARAM items as Winter orb would be nice. But then, this is very important, since it is a very annoying gamemode due to this problems arent solved so...This means that if this is not solved the gamemode will be very problematic: -At least increase the gold rate and give something like Major EXP and Gold on Shutdowns to compensate/help the mode.
**RE gold:** Hexakill: TT has a large, flat increase to global GP5 above standard TT. We're actually concerned it might be a little too high as players are sometimes hitting 6 item caps long before the game finishes. We'll keep an eye on this and nerf global gold if necessary. **RE XP:** Hexakill: TT also has a flat increase to XP gained from nearby minion deaths _regardless_ of how many champs are in range. On top of this, minions also give a larger share of XP when being shared by multiple champions, scaling beyond 100% efficiency. Sharing minions in Hexakill: TT will have you leveled far ahead of where you would have been on standard SR. **RE Junglers:** We're actually concerned that Junglers might be a bit _TOO_ strong atm. An untouched jungler can get a 1 Lv XP advantage and cause havoc in lanes when ganking. We're expecting that at least 1 out of 6 enemy players will choose to duck in and keep them on par. **RE the first two towers:** The first 2 towers in TT are intentionally super weak. Think of them as mini towers. They were added in 5.11 to regular TT to help regulate game pacing a bit better. Previously in TT, towers were difficult to take without a large lead, at which point, when you got 1, you would just sort of push and take everything at once. These mini-towers added a smoother feeling of micro-progression. **RE items:** We can look at what items make sense for Hexakill: TT. We'll see what's popular on PBE and maybe do another pass if needed.
: Will hexakill coming back on summoners rift any Time?
Doubtful. The 20% increase of going from 5 -> 6 players just wasn't different enough on SR. _"There's an extra person top.. yay!?"_ Twisted Treeline though (a map designed for only 6 players), with a 100% increase of 3 -> 6 players is way more impactful and the gameplay reflects that.
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: What if Tahm eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm who eats a Tahm.
Only the last Morde to apply the buff get's a Dragon. :P
: Will there be buffs and nerfs specific for just this game mode, the same way we had some for URF's second run?
We've kept the core mechanic the same for this one, so nothing in particular. All the above listed champs have also been made to work though, with all the crazy self-synergies you'd expect. ^_^b
: Hm, it's interesting you list updated champions like Morde and Skarner that you want us to test when Ryze and Soraka have also been updated (since the last iteration of One For All, that is). Are the latter two too similar to their pre-rework states to be much of an importance?
Not particularly, we just weren't as concerned about them. I'll update the list though. :)
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: One Question : it says u get to chose 1 brawler per game and that these brawler minions will go to 3 lanes . Does that mean only one brawler per team or one brawler per player. If its the latter that mean we get to have 5 brawler minions per lane which will almost completely replace the minion waves. If its the former then there is gonna be huge team mate quarrels on which brawler is to be hired for the team. I dont mind the latter option but i hate the former one mainly due to the team mate argument that mostly would take place. I dont mind either of the option if the players can cooperate but in this game its a rare phenomenon to find team mates who work together :(
1 Brawler per player, and they replace a minion in the wave when you hire them. You can freely choose whichever one you want, so talk with your teammates to figure out what strategy you're going for. EG: Stack 4 x Ironbacks to frontline tank and 1 x Ocklepod for some MR and jungle vision.
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: I don't know if this is being fixed or not but when I went to select the mode from the pvp tab it said "blind pick" while the custom mode version said "blind draft". It was still blind draft regardless but still though if this hasn't been fixed yet then it should so people don't get confused by this in the future.
: Thanks, this mode is far more balanced with the added ban phase to remove certain ungodly threats that otherwise ruin the experience. {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:37}}
One of those champs was pretty good last time around in Hexakill: TT. :)
: so glad to see hexakill back! and bans are perfect xD no more hexakill kats every single game xD isn't it a little early though? hexakill usually comes out around halloween :o
Hexakill isn't specifically related to Halloween (although the Twisted Treeline map is kinda spooky). RE Katarina in Hexakill: TT, you might be interested in this debrief I wrote last time around. :) http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/summoners-rift/mWBXUNP4-hexakill-3-katarina-assassins-early-on-in-featured-game-modes
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: I don't mind the addition of the Mark/Dash thing, just make it way more visually obvious, it was hard to see in the fray in the Legend of the Poro King.
We've changed the visuals since Poro King so are very interested to hear feedback from you guys regarding that. Are the snowballs obvious enough (trail, model, hitbox, etc)? Was it easy to understand when someone dashed to you? Etc. I've personally been looking forward to this change very much. We saw good trends in _Legend of the Poro King_ making certain traditionally 'lame duck' Howling Abyss champions quite viable. It turns out all you need to smash a Sona is some extra hard engage. :)
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