: Riot lowered honour and level requirement because TFT-only players gain neither levels nor honour. To my knowledge, they're monitoring the situation and will revert once they deem it necessary, taking into account the TFT testing period.
Yeah i hear that before. This decision for PBE players. I hope PBE server will be like old. Thanks for your minds
: Yes, the reporting system works, so please do keep reporting. It's also not *that* easy to "just" create a new PBE account, because each live account can only have one PBE account.
of course every acc can just 1 pbe i know that. but every player can open 1 level account and can open pbe account with this 1 level acc. i did this. i opened 1 level acc on North America server and i get PBE account. so every people can do this and also if they want every people can take 100 pbe account. so Riot games just must to give PBE account to level 30 accounts...
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