: How to Give PBE Feedback: Skins Edition
Tryndamere have a visuals issue on Spinning Slash. Sometimes after using (E) Spinning Slash, the animations linger for a while around Tryndamere when it shouldn't do that.
: With only one Smite upgrade - can we rebrand the jungle items?
All the jungle changes they are making should go away, except the up of Talisman to prone a bit more talisman over Machete. 5% life steal on Machete is an absolute slaughter of the item. The new single smite enchantment is not ready yet, many problem with it.
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: Click on the Bell Icon besides your Icon to deactivate Pop-ups.
Thanks mate didn't know that. EDIT : Hmm, how so ? I can't "deactivate" them, I can only dismiss them all, am I missing something ?
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: why I feel like everytime this game is turning more kiddy
Cause you're growing up. Or getting older, depends on your POV.
: Reworks
Number of VGU will probably be 6 next year instead of 4.
: Bare Runes Page
That would be great ! With only 5 bars going down, you click and chose between 3, fast and efficient !
: No it doesn't, and yes it is intended, true damage can't be amplified.
: Why does Kayn have 38 Armor at Level 1 ?
It isn't the 38 armor that's busted. It's the live 29 armor, I don't even understand this crazy number, he has way too much armor.
: I feel like increasing the base stats of champions was a bit excessive.
You lose 6 magic resist and 72 health at level 1 for 8 AD. New season, new balance.
: Fighters, bruisers, duelists, split pushers, the loss of Fervor of Battle and Press the Attack
I actually thought press the attack was bad for heavy melee auto-attacker, but actually it is quite good for fast attacking dudes (Tryndamere, Jax and AS Nocturne at least) But as for Fiora, Darius, Illaoi, Renekton, etc ... this won't be as good as fervor used to be, cause their abilities scale with AD.
: Get Rid of Dark Harvest
Strongly agree. It's a feast and famine rune, and thus should be changed or removed. Personal thought : Having it deals damage over 2 seconds might be a good start instead of a burst of damage.
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