: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Icon/Wards Collections
Awesome. Small question, when will we get a 'mute emotes' or let Mute All mute emotes? It gets a bit aggravating having to hand shut off emotes on everyone in a game at the start of each match.
: Taliyah feedback thread
I created a thread here ( http://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-feedback/x9lnWast-comprehensive-feedback-on-taliyah ) , but allow me to summarize and add to it in this thread. My thoughts as per the thread: Passive is okay but could be more interesting or less limited, Q worked ground feels like a severe self nerf for little to no benefit and can force you into bad positioning to get back 1/3rd of your damage and wave clear, W is mostly okay but would vastly prefer vector targeting, E is mostly fine but the delay on the explosion feels a bit too long, and Ult is fine. Some additional things I would like to add: I feel one of the main reasons that Taliyah suffers in the laning phase against not only assassins but other control mages is because once you've cast your Q two or three times you've effectively gutted your clear and dueling potential. It feels awful when you fall back to your tower being dove 1v1 or 2v1 (jungler) and lose 1/3 of your damage just for playing as the character seems intended. I mean yes the knockback from W would SEEM like a nice disengage tool in laning if not for the fact it animation locks you. As well the very minimal E slow doesn't feel like it stops dives on towers at all unless I have Rylai's (which doesn't feel good to rush, only as a 2nd item after either RoA or Morello). The thing is once you get to mid game (20-30 min) some towers are down and roaming is constant, Worked Ground is less of an issue unless you get into lengthy teamfights. I will be honest I noticed a definite power spike in the mid game, but getting to that mid game is painful and frustrating. I get ganked and 1v1'd and I know what she SHOULD be able to do, but due to animation locks, worked ground, and the delay on the E explosion she has little to no way of defending herself in her own lane. Heck with worked ground I feel like around the time I would get jungler ganks from my own junlger unless I put myself far out of position so I can land not only 5 shot Q's but my E and W that I become food for the enemy jungler. Which doesn't make sense to me at all because the rest of her kit is clearly designed to be a defensive, mid-long range control mage with some nice consistent damage from her 5 shot Q. Really it breaks down to the minor details on most of her kit. The animation lock and double click from the W feels clunky, very awkward, and has a tight window to cast that causes more frustration then anything. Even after several games with it it's only barely gotten easier to use. In fact I find vector casting on Viktor's E and Rumble's Ult FAR easier to use and learn. The E could just use a small delay reduction (2-3 seconds) on the explosion. Honestly my (and a lot of people I've seen) biggest issue is with worked ground. I made the suggestions in thread for some worked ground changes (gain a buff that empowers next spell cast with either more damage or CC, shoot more rocks depending on rank or ult rank (1/1/2/2/3 or 1/2/3), or just shooting a single rock with increased damage) that I think are not only fair but fit with the theme of having ground that Taliyah is familiar and comfortable with.
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Shyvana!
So I took some time to look at this skin, and I have to say I am in love with it. The color scheme in both human form and dragon form is phenomenal. The particle effects for the W and E are great (don't honestly expect anything too crazy with the Q so that's fine). If I had to make any criticism it would be that the backing animation for Dragon form, while it has a neat roar sound effect is a bit lackluster as she just roars and stamps her arm once. Would be cool if she did just a teeny bit more in that recall. Otherwise, A- on this one, excellent skin and definitely will be worth picking up once it comes to Live servers.
: First off, thanks for the feedback! The goal was to make them super bright! Orange and blue are complimentary colors, which is why we specifically selected them. (It's also similar to what we did with Neon Strike Vi!) I'd say give it a go and see how the particles feel along with the model - the particles are meant to tie everything together. The Wolf is meant to be mechy, but I can certainly bring it up to the team! :)
> [{quoted}](name=Riot KateyKhaos,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=9lPa4y5z,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-03T20:20:42.860+0000) > > First off, thanks for the feedback! > > The goal was to make them super bright! Orange and blue are complimentary colors, which is why we specifically selected them. (It's also similar to what we did with Neon Strike Vi!) I'd say give it a go and see how the particles feel along with the model - the particles are meant to tie everything together. > > The Wolf is meant to be mechy, but I can certainly bring it up to the team! :) I can understand Wolf wanting to look mech-like, and for the most part that's fine. I can definitely see the concept you went for with the skin, but he can definitely look mech like without a tiny mouth. Just my persona aesthetic preference. It doesn't need to be massive, but it being too narrow can look a tad silly. I can also understand wanting complimentary colors, I just don't know what about it feels off in comparison to Vi, though if I had to make an educated guess it might be the contrast between Lamb and Wolf makes it feel off. I will admit the particle effects, like I noted, are phenomenal. Excellent job on those.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Kindred!
I'm going to be honest here, as someone who has played a LOT of Kindred on live (they are my only rank 5 at the moment) this skin feels... off. At least on first glance. Maybe it's the brightness of the colors? Despite Kindred and their release skin being primarily white this seems too clashing and gaudy. The orange/yellow of the 'suit' and bright blue of the hair just feel strange to look at. Other then that Wolf's mouth is a bit thin, I'd suggest widening it a bit. Looks more like a crocodile maw then a wolf snout. I'll edit this post once I get a chance to see the particle effects for the skills and the recall animation. Edit: Post Gameplay SFX, recall, and VFX are fantastic! However I stand by what I said earlier, especially in motion the colors on (specifically Lamb) are off putting as heck. I feel like she clashes too hard with Wolf in this skin. As well in comparison to the color palettes of the new Shyvana and Fizz.... Kindred looks like a mess. Honestly my suggestion here is to limit the colors. Either go full orange/white, or go blues/blacks. Simplify it.
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
After taking a loot at the new Taric balance changes I have to say I still stand by saying his passive should scale with either AP or HP (instead of or on top of armor). Scaling with armor is cute and all but at the end of the day the damage isn't anything to write home about when I play him in top lane or mid lane or jungle. Heck even in bot lane it's kind of meh, especially since (if I did my math right) you gave him 2 more damage early game but nerfed his late game base on the passive by about 16. Honestly I just feel like he could use a light damage boost on the passive.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Infernal Diana!
Alright, time to get a bit critical. I've been waiting for a Diana skin for quite some time (as I wasn't too pleased with the removal of Dark Valkyrie's headpiece and Lunar Goddess was alright.) Lets start with visuals. All in all visually the spell effects and for the most part model look fantastic. Some nice fire effects and scorched earth (passive and E) going on here. Very fast, fierce, and explosive. However, I do think her hair blends into her head way too much. It makes it very difficult to see where one ends, the other begins, especially while moving. I would appreciate if her hair was darkened a bit, maybe to look less bright yellow and more of a dark orange? It would contrast nicely with the bronze/rustic look of the armor and the bright yellow face. As far as SFX go, I feel the passive is too... 'chunky'. I can hear the metal and the fire seperately and it sounds like she is slamming a hammer into a wobbly piece of metal. It just sounds too metal and heavy. I think getting the sound closer to a combination of a slashing sound and a 'whoosh' from fire would be a nice touch. The only other SFX I have an issue with is the ult. It sounds a bit too... ping-y? Like something you'd hear from an pure magical or arcane spell, like in Taric's SFX. As far as pricing goes... it WOULD seem fine to me, if she maybe had light voice filtering/modulation? No new lines, but a similar effect to Mecha Kha'zix, Soul Reaver Draven, or the PROJECT skins (that aren't Master Yi). Give her a fire crackle when she speaks or something of that ilk. Without some kind of voice effect it doesn't feel like a 1350 RP skin to be perfectly honest, more of a 975. Excellent direction, just needs some small visual and audio tweaks to get it into that sweet spot. Keep up the good work. This is looking, so far, to be Diana's best skin yet. (Now if only she could get a darned Blood Moon skin...)
: Taric Visual and Gameplay Update Feedback/Bugs Thread
How do you feel about Taric as a whole? Does he still feel like Taric to you? Better? Worse? Taric overall mechanically feels great. The passive is really responsive, the mechanic around being a protector and using the heal, shield/link, E, and Ult to cover either a duo or an entire team is phenominal. He still feels like Taric, he heals, he stuns, he gets into the thick of it. All in all though I have to say that while his support got a LOT better, his other options feel significantly nerfed. I know he's more oriented to be a support in the duo lane but given I don't prefer support as a role, I tried him out in mid/top. All in all he feels really squishy in the early game (likely a base stat deal orienting him to be a support) and he doesn't do well in trading, his passive scaling off of armor instead of AP or AD doesn't help. I do like the ability to quick W your Jungler to get a stun or heal off when ganking or getting counter ganked. My suggestion would be allowing his passive to scale off of AP or HP, and to bump the scaling a little higher. (Also the animations for Q and W seem to not be cancelable to get in auto's? I can do this with E super easy but the Q and W don't seem responsive.) Otherwise his healing is nice (though costly in mana), doesn't feel too big or too small, and the stun duration is fine considering how often he gets to proc it late game with some CDR. Late game is where Taric feels CRAZY strong. Thanks to the CD lowering mechanic of your Q, if you weave 2 autos between each skill in a teamfight you can cast the stun at least 2-3 times depending on the length of the engagement and you can heal and shield a fair amount. TLDR; Mechanically fun and intuitive with a powerful late game, still feels like Taric but fitting within the current 'design space' of League. Would love passive to scale off AP/HP (and a higher scaling) to be easier for non-support options in laning and build paths. How do you feel about the clarity of the particles? Do they convey the effects when you want them to? Particles are super clear. You see the heal, stun, shield (and who it's linked to), and ult clearly. Easy for you and the opponent to see. I would say they mostly convey what I want them to, except for the stun. Wouldn't it make more sense if a gem struck through the opponents instead of a gem beam? I imagine it would take minor work to adjust that for his E as there are plenty of gem assets in his animations as is. Otherwise everything else is clear as crystal, if you'll mind the pun. How do you feel about the skins? Do they properly capture the fantasy that you already know them for? Skins look PHENOMENAL on the whole. Armor of the Fifth Age looks appropriately more 'sexy' with that deep V on the front. Love what you did with Emerald, as giving him this noble elven look with the pointed ears and style of the armor/mace makes it stand out a cut above what it used to be, which was pretty much a recolor. Bloodstone looks pretty close, but the auras and particles come off a little too pink and not dark red enough. They should be a darker shade of red on the model and the splash art. I must say Riot I didn't like Taric originally, and I don't tend to play support, but Taric looks fantastic. Other then a minor few tweaks to his passive and the Bloodstone skin, I'd say this is one of the cleanest executions on a VGU yet. You've very much captured the essence of a 'holy paladin' to match the other two LoL paladins (Leona as Protection, and Kayle as Retribution, if you'll pardon my WoW reference). Can't wait to see Yorick, Warwick, and more in the future! (Hoping for Kayle personally. Given Taric has pretty much her ult but AoE/better and her kit+model feel a bit dated. )
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
So far, I only really have this critical feedback to give: Poppy's new Q feels great early-mid, awful lategame. A bit longer of an explanation: Due to the percentage damage nature, it feels great once you get to mid game and have an item or two behind it (like Black Cleaver) the damage feels REALLY good. However, once the enemy team builds some armor items I notice her damage overall just plummits. Not just on her Q, but on her whole kit. I understand the intended design of her new kit is to be a bit more on the tank side of bruiser as opposed to damage, but would it be wrong to ask for the percentage damage to be magic instead of physical? Just to give her a 'bit' of damage to work with late game? I feel if, at least, her Q did SOME damage lategame (not to the degree her old one did) it would improve the overall feel. :3 Either that or have it break/ignore a percentage of armor (given how hard a hammer DOES hit and is intended to dent/ignore armor). Otherwise, love the rest of her kit! Ult is well balanced doing low damage due to utility of being able to 'eject button' people, her W is amazing for protecting carries AND keeping people from escaping, her E is as reliable as ever, and her new passive is fun. Visually she's amazing, great job on her base and skins, and the splashes. :D
: We made the indicator dark because we didn't want players to interpret the mark as a "keep hitting this guy" visual that most of our visual markers in the game do. MF's mark holds an extremely different meaning than all the other marks in the games as it is essentially an "anti-mark" (or there technically should be marks on every other unit in the game that is not Love Tapped but that's kind of silly). I agree we want to keep her a simple and approachable champion, but at the same time Miss Fortune has always been a tough champion to tune for higher end play due to her lack of mastery and depth. Love Tap is an attempt to introduce a hopefully simple concept that does have nuance to its execution so MF players who really invest into her can be rewarded for that.
I suppose I can appreciate trying to give Miss Fortune an inch more complexity then she has had in the past. I'm still sticking to my guns that I don't think Love Tap is the right fit, but, we'll see. And don't get me wrong by the earlier statement I made in my first post. I do genuinely appreciate the work you do, and the rest of the members of Riot do for this game. Heck, I've had a blast with the changes to Quinn and Graves.
: I feel "clunky" is starting to be somewhat overused to include broad meanings such as "any mechanic that is not the normal way to play X. " This is dangerous territory as it means anything we add to that game that is new can be instantly defined as "clunky" even if it is something that can be learned, adjusted to, and optimized over time. I do think that Love Tap could stand to be more relevant and powerful especially earlier in the game. Love Tap currently scales from 60%-100% total AD based on MF's level. I'll be adjusting that to hit 100% total AD at a much lower level than before (11 instead of 16).
Honestly Statikk I'm used to adjustments, I've been playing this game for years now, and respectfully I'd say I'm not a horrible player by any means. The thing is after testing out the passive, if you want to try and get 'optimal' use out of it at later stages of the game is difficult not just for mechanical and teamfight reasons, but also because visually the marker for those who HAVE been hit is difficult to see in the thick of things. I apologize for not adding this last night, but why was the indicator made to be so flat and such a dull red? If you're sticking with Love Tap as the new passive, then I'd suggest a indicator that 'pops' a little more in color. Not crazy bright, but a little bit more so it's more easily visible in the thick of things for those who want to optimize it in teamfight scenarios. I don't find the concept of optimizing Love Tap exciting to me as a MF player. Feels a bit too tactical, as the brash bounty hunter Sarah is. I play MF to let loose a storm of bullets, and hammer down on my targets, and in teamfights as per the goal of these changes to be the queen ADC of Wombo-Combo's. On top of the fact to get a decent duration from her W active you need to keep hitting fresh targets, also adding to the attempt to get as much tactical use of the passive to get the most benefit from both the damage and steroid. For example, when I want to play a character that feels more tactical I play Kindred (and I've played a LOT of Kindred of late), because her kit facilitates this a lot easier with smart use of the Ult, potential mind games of the passive, stack management, and (lacking a hard CC) smart ganks. So, at least to me, the passive feels juxtaposed to the rest of her kit and theme. The damage isn't the problem to me (as who doesn't love free damage from basically nowhere?) but that between how the passive can be optimized by those who adjust to it, the theme, and against the rest of her kit it's a misfit of a change. To summarize, Miss Fortune has always been a relatively simple champion in kit concept and theme. Her Passive and it's interaction with her W just seems a bit to strategical and micro management oriented for her kit. Apologies if my previous post came off as potentially a bit too loose and opinionated, I am trying to have a decent dialogue whenever I post like this for feedback. :3 Thank you for your time.
: Miss Fortune PBE Feedback Thread
Ok, as someone who loves Miss Fortune, I have to say so far there is only one part of this whole touch up I don't like in testing. Love Tap. This is by far one of the clunkiest passives since... Quinn's passive. While her old passive was nothing to really talk about, I don't believe moving to the W at the cost of Impure Shots was by any means worth it. If anything Impure Shots would have made a better passive (maybe even allowing Make It Rain, the wet noodle of a spell, let it apply the Impure Shots). I'd much prefer the steady, reliable build up damage of the magic on hit of my autos on a single or multiple targets (with ult), instead of Love Tap. The magic damage helped me handle tanks easier, made it easier to farm, made trading feel better in the early stages of the game. Sure Love Tap is nice for farming, but even in the later stages of the game it is blown over by item procs like Shiv and Firecanon or just Crits in general. Shorthand: Love Tap is clunky, anti-marksman in design, too subdued, and not worth the loss of Impure Shots from a mechanical and damage standpoint. On a positive note: Great work on the ult. Love the touches to it, just sad to see her passive and Make It Rain didn't seem to get the same love. :/
: Ekko Feedback Thread
Alright Gypsy. Imma give you the full breakdown from aesthetic to kit functionality. So lets break this down. First off, overall love Ekko's design. It's striking, identifiable, and a absolute pleasure to see more characters of color added to the game. He translates excellently between his splash and in game model. I must say I initially thought I wasn't going to like his weapon, but the combination blade-bat has grown on me. On a small note, personally love the glow it gives off. (Yay light blue!) His clothes and overall style still fit what I figure of a Zaun/Piltover champion, keeping away from that somewhat perfect symmetry in a lot of little ways. His animations feel very much fitting for a character with his personality and build. Lanky, lose, fast, kind of like he's rarely ever stressed... like he's in control or something. :P Also, some of the interactions he has with other champs are amazing. I love the line 'Progress doesn't belong to just one city.' Ekko seems very much like the 'bright' side of Zaun, alongside Z.a.c. . And 'time scramble doesn't travel my brain.' Hilarious! His personality is just aces. As far as particle effects go for his skills, I get a very nice semi-tech 'Transistor' feel. Very nice. Alright. Mechanics. Passive: The slow, damage, and speed boost are really nice but kind of out of nowhere? Overall not the most interesting part of his kit, but it doesn't necessarily feel too powerful or too weak. Honestly this is one of the two parts of the kit I don't understand why it's here. Maybe get rid of the damage and instead just have the passive from W moved to his passive period? Also why add a slow here when he has one on his Q and W (possibly stun there)? So all in all I'd prefer the passive to look like this: "Ekko get's damage sub 30% of targets HP and every 3rd auto attack gives him a speed boost." Q: This here is an interesting ability. A lot of people underestimate the damage coming back, excellent interaction with his E and Ult when it comes to repositioning to possibly hit your desired targets on the return. Good at pretty much any range alongside the rest of his kit. I've found that I like maxing this first, between it's poke and chase potential as well as clearing. Has decent counterplay as it's genuinely his only properly ranged skill. W: Here is where we get into the theme of the kit design proper. While the Q had some of the 'set up' involved, this ability is all about Timing, positioning, and an inch of luck. It provides a LOT for him with just one point. A decent scaling shield, a slow/possible stun, and the passive damage. When you manage to use this ability well, you not only feel good, you feel smart as hell. So far, this is the part of his kit I feel is a little overbloated. Why does it give a shield? I understand the stun and slow AoE, but the shield seems like a BIT much. Considering he has a rewind/heal, a ranged slow projectile, AND a dash (possible double dash)? Also the shield comes after the stun. So imagine you land a badass 5 man stun! Entire enemy team is wiped, and... shield is wasted. Or 1v1, you land your stun, kill them! Shield once again not genuinely relevant. Even when behind or even, the duration is so minimal it doesn't help too often. Just having the stun/slow, and passive is fine. No need for this shield business in my opinion. Way too much bloat here. E: Short, simple, sweet. Single dash, next auto does increase damage and is a mini teleport. Functions excellently with what I've found to be one of his most disgusting burst combos. So, get them down to sub 30%, two stacks of passive, and then hit them with the E. This combo is relatively easy to do, and if you combine your Q, and item procs (Luden's and possibly Lich Bane), that one second of procs from your E will delete most characters sub 30%. Manage this in a solid team fight? Yeah, the 'assassin' potential is real. Even so, this ability can be incredibly dangerous for him. If his ult is down or if he's stunned after he hops on his desired target, he can easily be slain. He could possibly drop a kill, or trade for a 1v1 if now used well. Ult/R: This is his iconic ability. Teleport back 4 seconds, get a okay heal, and deal damage in a huge time-splosion. I love the defensive, and offensive potential of this ability. The damage seems just a little high (Maybe bring it down to a 1.1 or 1.0 scaling)? Ghost could be a little clearer in animations (doesn't mimic recall or dashes?), otherwise if the enemy team is paying attention and fights well the ult will rarely be used for damage. Overall: Great utility, huge burst potential mid to late game. Early game he feels like a pretty decent skirmisher but a poor assassin (which I don't mind as opposed to LeBlanc and Zed). W feels a little bloated. Maybe tone the ult damage back a bit. Itemization: So far, between playing him glass canon (what I prefer), and kind of fighter-y (RoA and Nashor's), I think most people will see a greater benefit out of full damage. Between Luden's and Lichbane, he has some excellent on hit synergy with his abilities and auto's. While building him more AP fighter did work, I felt like I had a greater kill potential (and therefore greater effect in a game) as full AP. To Summarize: Excellent design, particles are great but time-ghost could use some animation touchups. Passive and W Feel a little overbloated, would suggest putting W passive on ACTUAL passive (replace magic damage passive), removing shield from W, and removing slow from passive. Ult scaling seems a bit high (base damage is fine), could be tuned down a little.


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