: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pulsefire Thresh
The VFX and the sounds are good. The rest of this skin is incredibly underwhelming and dissapointing. I try to find the positives in the skins you make, and tbh, this might be the first time I cant find one. Pulsefire is such an amazing skinline, and this underwhelms it completely. It seems like a season 1 skin, all blocks. It's not sleek, the head is completely wrong. I can't see prestige salvaging this... This needs to be redesigned, or given the sewn chaos blitz/amumu treatment and shelved (like some people in these posts have already called for).
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Hecarim
So, reading the comments, here are my thoughts: Model: -Tail does need to be lengthened and thickened. It's too wispy, and takes away the horse element a bit. -Some people just see this as an infernal, and I kinda see why (Psycho Wendigo made the point, and you can also see it on Reddit). I kinda see why it's a high noon skin too. You should add some more western elements to the skin to make it more High Noon. Maybe add a Saddle, or Saddle Bags with some typical cowboy gear (guns, lasso, maps, canteen, etc) or make a full Ammo Belt on him, rather than just on the shoulder (put it across his chest). I know it's a lot of suggestions, and I don't expect them to ALL go in, but maybe one or two would create a more western feel. I'm thinking a bit like the horses In Red Dead Redemption 2. [https://reddead.fandom.com/wiki/Dutch_Warmblood] -I like DR Jab's suggestion of adding effects to AA, it would be pretty cool. Recall -This to me is a bit underwhelming. The runes suggested in the comments by DR Jab would be awesome, but I'm also thinking adding ghosts swirling around him. The Idea is Hecarim is reigning himself in, so the ghosts swirl around him constantly while he's restless. Then, at the end when he gets control, he smashes the ground and the runes appear, and ghosts are gone/under his control. Spells: -The Q Animation is smooth and quick, I think it's a great variation. -The W is an ABSOLUTE home run. It's western, it's demonic, the sound effects and visuals are great. this is an S+ for me. -E is good, but I feel it could be a bit clearer at the end when it's fully charged. I know there's a fire effect on him, but maybe add streaks of fire on the side as well. -The Ult is also awesome, It's really good. Overall I think this is a really good skin even with all the points I made. If you can polish with the community suggestions, I feel this could be a stand out skin in the game.

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