: If its not game breaking like Lethal Tempo, it won't change. Plus, patch is already out, sorry! c=
to start with something that is unbalanced is cause to review and second I do not know if you know it is a hot fix
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: i played thresh with dark harvest on aram on top of his soul passive the dark harvest passive and a statik shiv , i was whipping 700-900 magic damage and 200-300 physical damage off of one enchanted auto attack. taking out any adc/mage i felt the need to erase. defiantly not well balanced XD the soul drop rate should be decreased on aram.
In itself many times in aram is already unbalanced by the echo of the composition of teams, with this rune the possibility of overcoming the game is null for the unfair of the explosive damage it gives you
: Dark Harvest
I just found a tamhn kench in aram, full tank and with dark harvest 350 accumulations, 450 basics, is the goal you put that rune to whatever and end up hitting yes or yes as this map releases souls full
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: Game crashing when I try to open Loot!
the same thing happens to me, I wanted to finish taking out the blue essence icons {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Shop isnt working, Can buy things but they dont show up in inventory
to me it happens with the skins https://imgur.com/eW5D7sw https://imgur.com/p0edMJW I take the RP but I do not get the champion Sorry for the bad english but I'm using the google translator

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