: He is interesting...but I think he surely will become some sort of "Balance Nightmare" in the future... Then, as a Major recommendation I Think that his W, the BrushMaker should also work as some sort of "trap" for enemies on it, so it should constantly apply SLOW to enemies inside it...At least when the W is cast it should grant Slow for enemies for a moment, this is because he is kinda weak despite the major utility he brings and until lvl 6 or even on lvl 6 he will struggle a lot. Then his E is a bit lackluster, not bad, but doesnt offer anything new or interesting that any other shield offers(which in the case of a champ who offers utility is just a bit sad). His Passive is indeed pretty interesting, but the HP cost are a bit harsh on early, would be very justified if he can regain a bit more of HP from his passive when conquering a camp. Then on Late game is very satisfying, but if he could obtain a way to procs his passive on baron, dragon and Herald would be a more useful pick. (maybe if in this case he could mark the camp, and deal some sort of DoT to those monsters while he regains HP at the same time, while he wont insta-conquer the champ and would allow fight for the objetive, something like the conquering of the Shadow isles altar.)
Why not maybe apply a buff to all allies in the bush created by the W? like all the Allyes in the bushes created by Ivern have theirs AA dealing 5/10/15/20/25 magic damages ?
: Ivern Feedback
Hello, i would like to report something. Is it me or Ivern has a slight bug in the animation when he starts moving? like a small freeze before getting the correct animation?
: shaco ultimate
Yeah, he is my main as well and it happened in the normal server a lot of time. My friends were wondering who was the real shaco (is there one real ? XD ) it would be great if he has a different color so allies can make a difference.
: rune bundle
Yeah they removed it but now you get 10 000 IP each day and 3500 RP if you are running low on them. So you will need a few day to be able to buy the runes you want.
: No that is not what I was talking about Say Kled has 1000 hps and Skaarl has 2000 You get into a fight and lose Skaarl and take 500 damage Now Kled has 500 and you get Skaarl back (he has 1000 I think now) So you have 1500 Any pots or Lifesteal or healing go to Skaarl and Kled stays at 500 (50% of his hps) If you fight again and lose Skaarl you are at 50% of your HPs Skaarl is in a scene a shield that any healing and lifesteal will refresh but not to Kled unless you are without Skaarl
Actueally it would be great if there is something like : - If Kled and Skarl don't have 100% HP, the potion heals 50% to Kled and 50% to Skarl - if Kled has 100% HP and Skarl is hurted, the potion heals only Skarl - If Skarl has 100% HP and Kled is hurted, the potion heals only Kled - If both are full life, can't activate a potion
: "Nemesis Draft" for rotating game modes now live for testing on PBE.
This mod is very funny. But i'm wondering, wouldn't it be good to be able to choose 1 champ you don't want to play? so the ennemy team can't force you to play it? Maybe it is a bad idea.
: Kled Gameplay Feedback Thread
After testing Kled, there is something bugging me. I think when your are unmounted (skarl leaves you), it would maybe be great to put something to the E because it is easy to go under 50% of life so skarl flies and then in early game, you just have the Q(A) and the W(Z). Maybe adding something like a little dash but much smaller than the one when he is with skarl may be a good idea considering that it is slow in the early game to get skarl back.
: Skaarl Courage Generation
It would be great. I think He has the kit for jungling as well but with half HP it is much more difficult. So i agree with the idea of getting courage while killing jungle monster. Or maybe getting 1 courage per hit in the jgl.


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