: So, about those SKT skins...
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} So happy to hear that Easyhoon's Azir will be added to the line up! ^.^
: [League client update] Briefly visiting the PBE for a pre-alpha tech test *Ended Mar 22*
Hey, just wondering if you will be able to minimize the friends list like you can in the current client.
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: New turquoise level and money bar
I like this a lot actually. Good job riot.
: Are the Vi/Brand skins for the Harrowing?
: They dropped the Katarina changes once, Im like. really hoping they drop this. Like praying with all that makes me whole because this is going to make me have to quit a champion I really loved. This isnt a nerf. This is a whole change
Yeah, please dear god just scrap this whole mess.
: Agreed. I was just explainging to my fiance the other day how Riven is my favorite because you can do so much with her kit, its not a set thing, now I have to take that back since too many people got beat by riven and cried I guess. Only 50% winrate. That is balanced
Yeahp, people complain and permaban Fiora as well. But they only complain because they don't know a thing about her. I bet almost every person who complains about Fiora did not know that her passive rotates in a set way. So if it is top left it will go to bottom right next time, and if it's bottom left it will go to top right. And you can actually walk out of range if you get a bad weak spot. Amazing! But seriously, Riven's a controversial champion because her role is a hard carry. People are always gonna complain when they get roflstomped all the time by a champion. I know I used to complain about Diana a lot. She fills the same role Riven does. They both hard carry body kids in games. That's just what they are designed to do and what they've become known for. No other champions fill that role and no other champions can fill the role in the same way they do. #GoodJobOnThoseChampsRiot
: This change is SOOO bad. Riot enforcing meta again, making her a good pick only against tank/split/bruisers. Like holy shit Riven feels so restricted and boring now. She's forced to either split or constantly try to stack her passive for the AMAZING 10 PERCENT WOAH!!! SUCH BUFF. But seriously, Riot doesn't even understand how riven works and they just try to create a minigame that doesn't even fit her style. They just think Riven's another bruiser that is too mobile and they think it is a good idea to make her a figher/bruiser. So sad. Like, why are they so fucking into changing champions? Stop fucking reworking the champions that are currently doing fine. Riven's doing fine against current meta right now. Why are you fucking changing Riven? You should be updating Rammus, Ryze, Fiddlesticks, Amumu, and etc. Wtf are they doing with Riven who is completely viable, and her kits are almost perfection. I don't understand man.
Yooo exactly what I was thinking, gtf outta here with the mini-game shit on Riven. She has her INCREDIBLY defined niche. Everyone knows what she does and how she does what she does. She's a mobile hard carry fighter who get's herself a lead and then rolls over your team with that lead. But if she doesn't get that lead, well you might have a few problems. Just please, stop riot. Just drop everything you thought about, and just walk away.
: New "Edge" on Riven
Yeahp, these changes are so bad. It forces you into some mordekaiser level shit where you constantly want to fight to keep stacks up. And then playing against it is like Fiora or Darius "Oh Max stacks? Lemme just walk away under my tower real quick, give up that wave and come back to you." like wtf? That's not what Riven is about at all. These would be much better on someone like Yorick, because that's what he wants to do. If you're an amazing Riven player you can use EVERY stack of her passive doing incredible damage, while a newer Riven player would deal less than half the amount you did. The change to her passive makes it so you can only hold a maximum of 1 stack, this forces you to auto after every ability. That's ... ok... I mean experienced Riven players already do this, but it takes away that skill ceiling. Newer Riven players don't know you should auto attack in between abilities to get the most out of your passive, this separates quite a bit of Riven players. But with these changes it almost MAKES you tunnel vision onto using every stack, instead of "Well I can just quickly use all my abilities and then finish them off with the 3 stacks I have because I didn't use any.". Riven is all about the freedom to do whatever you want and how to make it work. You don't have to animation cancel if you don't want to, you can use your shield defensively to block damage to farm if you want, or you can use your Q to fast push waves. Or you can go for an all in regular / fast / ultra fast combo. Riven brutally trades with her opponents in lane and then out sustains them until she can all in for the kill with her ultimate combo. She can make things flashy and make people say "Oh my god!!?!?!?!? Did you see that!!?!?!?" or she can choose to just get shit done. These changes just can't go through.
: So, either I'm doing something wrong or Riven's passive isn't working.


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