: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
After the testing is done can you guys make PBE accounts auto unlock the content that is available? (lazy guy here)
: They gave Zyra +0.5 base mana regen
Oh I didn't notice that, thanks
: I think they are responding to the overpower of mages currently on live, but these changes might turn out to be too much after the pre-season changes. Especially some mages actually need mana pot or blue buff to function.
Well they did say that they would do things to fix mana pots for mages since they would be removed, However they didn't touch every mage and to be honest they even buffed someone like Xerath who gets mana periodically but not someone like Zyra who people have been ranting for some type of buffs, I don't understand anything
Rioter Comments
: Please let the QSS active remain a niche and not something everyone buys!
I completely agree the item is overloaded, having MR, debuff/cc removal, and lifesteal along with a good amount of AD is too much on one item, I'd say remove the lifesteal cause this item is so strong
: [DOOM] vs [U.R.F.]
Considering their bots, I'm pressure sure the players would have an even easier learning curve for the game mode xD
: This just happened to me. Kid gets mad because he loses a PBE normal and reports me because I essentially told him to chill out. Reports me for verbal abuse. Wat? Anyway, I agree. It's about testing more than competition, but at the same token some people really can't stand losing regardless of the intent of PBE. Best thing to do is to not say anything and report.
: Completely agree, the first game was fine and everyone was friendly, since then all 6 matches I've had at least one teammate abuse the other, so far PBE is more toxic than if I was too just play on the regular server, which is a bit alarming. No one seems to understand the point of the PBE serer either. :/
They see is it some heavenly escape from the community but then they define the community on PBE :(
: Totally agree. IE is still a problem for adc, I think it's only effective after building {{item:3046}} . totally not worth for adc to build IE for their first item. so maybe if adding some armo penetration would be better
If they added Armor Pen To IE it could affect a lot of champions... Fiora, Tryndamere, Rengars, Yasuo just to name a few
: [Feedback] Essence Reaver
That's true but in laning phase it's still overshadowed by The BloodThirster in my opinion. 30+ AD and 5% Life steal beats the 10% CDR/Mana Regen I'm fine with the Mana Regen on hit passive but maybe shift the 10% CDR into something that makes it more engaging against a BT.
: Nidalee passive typo
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)
I love the updates you guys are bringing to ADC, I especially love Essence Reaver but I wish it could be more of a quick buy for laning rather then going for 2650 while the enemy adc will have an extra +30 AD and 5% life steal making it overshadowed once again by BloodThirster. Just my opinion if our guys are aiming to open more windows to laning phase instead of the usual BoTRK or BT
: [Suggestion] Change Essence Reaver Build Path
I like this idea if riot decides to implement it, just kinda weird because of you don't gain innate Mana regen from the item itself unless you AA.
: Essence Reaver
I really love the idea of being able to use my skills in lane without limitations and then looking like a fool with no mana, it makes the lane more exciting becaues skills and outplays happen more often then bot lane just being a farm off / AA Battle
: [Planned 4.10] Item Changes (Attack Damage / Attack Speed / Warden's Mail / Support Itemization)


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