: "The login queue is experiencing heavy traffic. Try again . . ."
There's a bug on pbe right now and everyone is logging on to mess around with exploiting it. When it gets patched people will screw off. Give it time. #FreeMyNiggaKye
: Having trouble patching the PBE client
gg riot, can't even keep a small test server functional. League must be dying. Jump ship boys. xd #FreeMyNiggaKye
: Yes, thank you. I will wait to experience the new updates. But how do I know it has been fixed
Not sure, just keep trying every now and then is what I'm doing. Who knows, maybe Riot will say something about it when it's fixed? #FreeMyNiggaKye
Yeah a lot of people are having this issue. Riot's doing what they do best, and screwing things up as per usual with new patches. Just gotta wait :^) #FreeMyNiggaKye
: Practice Tool Length
Asking Riot to do things that will make the game more fun LUL
: Fixing it now!! Sorry D: Thanks for the report!
While ur at it can u fix the issue with certain accounts getting bugsplat when they try to log on? I'm sure people wanted to play the game when they signed up! :D #FreeMyNiggaKye
: cant type in lobby chat
: Queue Times Abnormally Long
There has to be at least 10 people queueing to get a game my dude #FreeMyNiggaKye
: Mac bugsplat
I'm getting bugsplats just trying to log in and I'm not even on a mac. Unlucky #FreeMyNiggaKye
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: PBE Queue Times?
Autofill reduces queue times bro what do you mean? XD
: Ranked games on PBE mean literally nothing.
I figured the grammatical autism was an obvious giveaway of sarcasm pls fix
: Masteries dont work
Rito pls fix ur ruining my ranked games am just a silver 1 player with no masteries pls rito i;
: Fisher price pc XDDDDDD
pls no shitposting on my very serious problem {{champion:32}}
: Have you tried deleting everything and reinstalling it?
Yeah, I did that the first time this happened to me thinking my client had just gone to shit but it's still happening.
: Does it happen in custom games? Does it happen on Live servers? You might want to try a ping test to make sure it's not just your internet. You can ping Google's DNS Server with the following > ping -t Also try repairing/reinstalling your client.
Just did a full repair, still getting unexpected error
: PBE's near Daily Maintenance?
I thought that at first but it just happened an hour or less ago. It happens at a random time every day and it's definitely not a maintenance.
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: I apologize for bugging you, but I've had queue problems on one for months where I wait in a 20 min leaver buster queue and never get placed into a game, not even after 2 hours. Have tried this about 10 times, and got the same result. I understand why, but 2 hour waits isn't reasonable. Also, I get a red exclamation on my queue timer and have no idea what that means.
If you're playing on the new client, leaverbuster queues go on forever without finding matches. Try legacy client.
: Xayah is way too overpowered.
Apart from the fact that she's only on pbe and nerfs are sure to come, her weakness is in lane. She requires insane setup and early damage is garbage on her own for 2v2s. It really comes down to the support and how you play lane. Whatever you come out with, usually decides the mid-late game. If you're struggling against a Xayah, pick an aggresive early game ADC like Lucian, and jump on her repeatedly when she has a bad positioning. I just played a Thresh Lucian vs Xayah Morgana lane and it really is easy to shut her down if you get the jump on her. Hope this helps
: why would you even want to listen to her? she sounds like an angsty teenage cunt
Some people like that about her, lol.
: Is math really that hard? $15 will get you 2030 RP. Legendary skins cost 1820.
It was a generalization lmao. Point was the skin wasn't worth a fraction of the effort or money needed to obtain it. Sorry for upsetting you, Mr White Knight.
: Report them and they get punished. The system doesn't work if no one uses it. Also, if it were Draft Pick, the new champions would be banned almost every game.
I can't tell you how many times I've reported a certain someone and I still get him in my games flaming, instalocking, and not giving a care in the world about it, the system is crap.
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: or just make the darius skin available for rp, because its no where near good enough to be that rare
I wouldn't spend more than like $15 on it tbh, not even legendary quality imo
: This is a bit off topic, but I just got into the PBE and was buying runes for all the basic pages I would need and I ran out of IP. None of my pages can be completed because I can't get the quintessences. Any way to get more IP?
The only way to get ip is by playing. You can buy ip boosts with rp and get it faster, but that's the only way. As for the runes, you have to submit a ticket asking them to reset your runes @CountDeLaCoconut
: New darius skin should be rp
: the new god fist skin - its brand, but lee sin.
Please for the love of god, turn down the brightness. Just not on his fists. He legit does look like brand. Just make his fists glow and it'll be 100x better
: maybe it has to do with all the new pbe testers coming on, i just barely finished getting access and downloading the client patch and the server suddenly downed indefinitely the moment i tried to log on.
: Pretty sure it's not a bug. Riot just hasn't implemented leaverbuster on the new client yet. Give it time and play old client until then~
Ever since the alpha client has been a thing the legacy client has doubled in the amount of time it takes to get into the lobby and when blind is all thats available, I can't call a role. My computer's not good but it's not so bad to the point of taking 30 seconds and sometimes even crashing entirely just to join a lobby, I literally can't play the pbe without getting flamed for doing bad on a role I dont know very well. Is there a reason they wont implement Draft back even just normal draft alongside blind?
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: Pretty much, Riot should just stop looking at porn during work
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: Not testing on the PBE until they fix the server lag
A lot of people have bad connection to it. Welcome to the club m8
: Trolls/Dodging during Champ Select
Yeah every lobby I go into basically ends up like this Person 1: *instalock warwick after everyone called roles fairly* Person 2: Dodges or (everyone calling roles but adc is the last available option) Person stuck with adc: lol.. *locks in fizz/ziggs/veigar* I'm fine with off meta but good lord if you're gonna int on it, why pick it in the first place..
: PBE Toxicity Level
Not sure, claims that they have a tribunal are out there but honestly I've seen this one person in 5 games in the span of 1 week and every single game he's as toxic as tyler1 pre-reformation.. Tribunal may exist but yikes they need to step it up
: Whats up with the Placement Games
Ranked in PBE is a meme. Don't take it seriously.
: Dreadnova Gangplank Feedback
Q needs to sound like a GP Q and not a water pistol that toddler's play with.
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: Shop not working?
Please fix, I can't test the new daddy Braum skin smh
: Texture
: Problems with Leaver Buster
: Nerfing Karma's W is the wrong way to nerf support Karma
Wait are they trying to nerf Karma in the support role or Karma in general smh I love me some Karma support FeelsBadMan :gun:
: My last words to the pbe community
: Please fix, i cant play my pocket pick Alistar.
Alistar pocket pick but name is Arctic Ops Varus :thinking: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Also while your at it, bring back the other summoners spells
: Masteries not working
Please fix, my passive bitch style supports are all useless now and I'm on a 20 game loss streak :'c #SaveMyMasterDreams

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