: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: High Noon Jhin!
i was only able to play jhin once and i usedn the skin in that 1 game so i dont know if its just this skin or if it is on the default skin as well but i noticed that sometimes when i kill minions with my autos i dont hear the gun shot which makes the autos feel weird cause you'd just hear the gold sound from the minion dying and not hear your own auto go off. happens mostly if i use q on the wave then finish off the minions with basic autos.
: Jhin Gameplay & Feel Feedback!
i have a suggestion for his ult. Shouldn't it get a lower cool down if you cancel it by walking? kinda like tahm's ult or for example. Only suggesting this because i didn't know i was supposed to click r to shoot it and so i right clicked and it ended up cancelling it and putting it on full cdr.
: Jhin Bug Report Thread
sometimes when i auto with jhin,i would not hear the gun shot. had it about 3 times in a past 5 minutes. edit : seems like it happens whenever i use dancing grenades on minions then auto the minions after
: Ascension Bug Report Thread
i started my game fine we had a few fights then just as we are about to kill xerath game crashed and i had to force shut off my computer. Relogged in and it said ''attempting to reconnect'' but never did.
: New summoners rift bug
: Azir's clone on a wall in sr
> It's actually azir's w > > Here's a screenie of what happened: hey thats my ping =]
: Shyvanna's new splash art
i actually like the new shyv splash art. Not so much liking the vayne one tho..looks like a female version of lucian imo...
: Not letting me log in
Hey guys, i just checked on your mastery pages and one thing i noticed that you have in common is the runic affinity mastery. I don't have it selected in any of my pages and you both have it so that could be it i dont know.


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