: aurelion sol is so weak so nerfed
They JUST nerfed him because he was overpowered. With a W that can go in and out too easily it made the 'melee weakness' not really exist, specially with a point blank AoE stun. They will NOT buff him now that he has been balanced. Also that circle deals TONS of free damage for doing nothing and expanding it has such a low use cost compared to other champions who have their use cost increase by a flat amount each second the longer it is used.
: You didn't play against season 2 yorick when it was 350 MS at lvl 1 and would minion block you.
: His playerbase is nonexistant almost.
So is the Viktor player base but that doesn't stop the fact that he has an item that gives the most AP possible on its own.
: He will be reworked after Taric and the Mage updates.
Why couldn't they fix this problem now? Every champion is up for rework eventually so why should they nerf or buff any champion? Nobody played Urgot so they decided to give him a buff with his shield and mana. He is up for rework but he got changes? The point is that a champion can have a rework but when we are looking at a mid year mage update and Taric who will take who knows how long afterwards (hi Sion), there's no excuse not to fix something on a champion that is currently broken. If Yorick suddenly gets picked in the LCS because his ghouls can chase a champion easily, are hard to hit and Yorick can just take a beating while sustaining himself and applying his slow CC then there will be a flood of Yorick players and ghouls blocking lots of enemy CC for his team. We've seen enough fat guys in the jungle to know how long it takes for Riot to attempt to fix a problem.
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: The masterie Warlord's Bloodlust is nerfed, she proc only on ennemies champions, so that's an indirect little nerf of yasuo.
It can't be an indirect nerf when it's from a keystone and not the champion itself. Last season this was not a thing so the only 'effect' is between current and soon to be fixed.
: It is, the price for ap items got increased along side with a few defensive ones.
The gold income rate was increased so AP items got a price increase along with a few adjustments based on their power. EX Morellonomicon
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: go here http://lol.gamepedia.com/Yasuo_-_The_Unforgiven and read Patch History you will know the real nerfs btw yasuo be countred
They nerfed his shield, tried to nerf his movement speed but then rebuffed it because people complained and started to not do good with him because they thought Yasuo was still a skill-less champion. One time Riot said Vlad was nerfed in patch notes but it was an accident and nothing happened to vlads actual power. Vlads win rate dropped hard because people just assumed he was weaker. This is also why Lee Sin did not get all the nerfs and changes they wanted him to get. People wanted lee to stay overpowered and started using words that Riot uses. 'Lee Sins 'core' will be effected' when they were just changing numbers and not how abilities work. Vel'koz came out after Yasuo because they clearly needed someone who could get around Yasuos wind wall. Now the only way to beat Yasuo is with ganks (if that works), a champion who has ranged abilities with very low mana costs or no mana costs at all (katarina, zed, akali) or someone who can outburst Yasuo or anyone else who is in mid lane for that matter (kassadin, LeBlanc, Ekko, Nidalee). This leaves out anyone who is NOT an assassin in mid lane to attempt to win VS Yasuo.
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: Not trying to bring controversy but...
Annie - On every fourth ability cast, Annie's next offensive ability will Stun icon stun all enemies it damages for 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 seconds. Taric - Stun Duration: 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 Leona - Leona's next basic attack will be a shield slam, dealing additional magic damage and Stun icon stunning the target for 1.25 seconds. Leona will dash to the last enemy champion struck, briefly Root icon rooting them in place as she travels. After a 0.625 delay, it deals magic damage to all enemies within 250-range and Slow icon slows them by 80% for 1.5 seconds. Enemies within 100-range are Stun icon stunned for 1.5 seconds instead of being slowed. Gnar - Slow Duration: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 Enemies that hit terrain take 50% increased damage and are stunned instead for the same duration. Twisted Fate - Stun duration: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 Viegar - Stun Duration: 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 Xerath - The first enemy hit takes magic damage and is Stun icon stunned for between 0.75-1.75 seconds. At best he gets one target. Some of these champions get more, are not skill shot based or have much easier stuns to land then one that requires a target to be effected by something beforehand .
: Suggestion to Change visual skin: Master Chef Tahm Kench
Riot already made the skin lighter. All you did was copy what they did and went beyond acceptable color ranges.
: the AP and MR item for mages for defense - the cooldown reduction item is DPS, DPS is the best for to kill tanks, squishies do not care you get slightly more DPS because they basically die from a full spell combo anyways
So you are assuming that they die anyway so you can make an item overpowered?
: 1 no champion would get nerfed, that makes zero sense, you have terrible logic 2 no they do not, not even close, the item is very gold inefficient-- besides hourglass prevents assassinations a lot better 3 not even close- it is abyssal scepter's current stats dude, if you actually played the game you would know this--- Force of Nature has everything, movement speed, mr, and a sht ton of health regen so it made bruiser extremely broken because it was always a safe item to buy 4 Archangels is still a better damage item for AP and grail still better mana sustain - i made sure there is no mana regen on the item so you will run oom just on a lot slower pace than you normally would- it would not replace any items 5 eh, we can reduce the effects more--- the point is create a DPS item for mages to help them kill tanks
1. You have an item that gives anyone with a shield a free boost. They would get nerfed as their shields would be too strong with the item. Soraka would get out more heals then hp loss in return. This is what Riot wants to keep and your idea lets her top people off because she can heal for more. 2. With Zhonyas you aren't moving. It can be timed and the assassin can sit and wait for it to end. Your version pushes them away allowing you to react and keeping them out of range. 3. Force of Nature got up to 76 MR. Abyssal NEVER got that close. [](http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Abyssal_Scepter) 10 AP isn't much considering an Amp Tome is 20. Then there's a mini lux ult which is twice the range of Ashe but it's a more powerful version of Maokai's ultimate. As for how good FaN was, it was good but it wasn't making bruisers overpowered at all. Heavy bruisers did not show up until the Runick Bulwark came out. 4. With reduced costs to abilities, mana regen would not even matter. Anyone who needs mana regen buys Grail already or just gets blue buff. Morellonomicon has taken over for the grail anyway. Slapping in cooldown just makes the item a much have with its free power. 5. That item has nothing to do with tank killing. Giving an ability cooldown does not effect tanks specifically and just makes it strong against anyone. We have anti tank AP items already. You wanting to give people item 003 you are feeding into the tank idea and yet are then trying to have an item that can stop that.
: {{item:3156}} is more for match ups were you just get bursted in 2 seconds such as:{{champion:134}}{{champion:69}}{{champion:245}}{{item:3140}} or {{item:3139}} is more for match ups were you can't really avoid game changing CC like: {{champion:1}}{{champion:63}}{{champion:90}} Although I would really like to see an update to this item or a whole new item, the meta right now isn't really making use of the items. You would very rarely ever pick up a {{item:3140}} or {{item:3139}} mainly because its only effective against certain champions and most of the time (as long as you didn't feed) You will win lane as soon as you get this because it shuts them down so hard. {{item:3156}} on the other hand is a bit trickier. Its only really picked up by top laners against champs like {{champion:17}}{{champion:68}}{{champion:57}} that don't really see much play at the moment. {{item:3508}} is a good idea in theory, but its only used by a few champs if at all like:{{champion:81}} {{champion:42}} Most people just prefer {{item:3042}} anyway because it guess more mana and buffs their DPS when its activated and {{item:3070}} is a lot at mana regen because its giving you more mana as you use your abilities and more stats and most adc's just don't need the mana since your main form of damage is just to auto attack.
While the CC from annie/brand/malzahar may be a reason to get QSS, you still won't avoid the damage making the cleanse only good with escapes or to attack the target back. Plenty of mid lane ad assassins pick up Maw when they fight ap mid lanes. Talon, Zed, Yasuo. Manamune is limited in what it provides but it's the only viable pick because it can be built as a tear early and then fully finished later on when it has its 750 mana stacks. The Muramana itself gives a flat 45 AD. 20 AD for every 1000 mana. Ezreal gets 1076 mana at lv 18. 75 flat damage with 25% base mana regen and a toggle which eats mana for AD damage vs 80 AD, 10% lifesteal, 10% cooldown and mana returns with each auto attack. The two are quite close with each other in terms of regenerating mana and damage dealt/negated. A lot of their issues is indeed from the items required to build them though. Nobody can risk an item that takes too much gold to get decent results back.
: Downvoting is rude though - also this is an idea granting post
If your ideas are game breaking then I will dislike them. Voting is here for people to agree or disagree, not for you to believe that it's people who are rude or those who like your idea. Everything you have put up has been done before and removed or is overkill and would never make it anywhere to the PBE let alone a random Riot post on some site. 001 If a champion has a heal or shield it would get nerfed because of this item. 002 Assassins become useless instantly. 003 Force of Nature all over again. 004 Arch Angels nerfs nerfed and nobody ever heard from the Unholy Grail ever again. 005 Ryze gets nerfed, again. URF Hecarim comes to normals.
: Few New Ability Power Items
The problem is that the items are way too powerful for their own good.
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: or a better fix would be to automatically have machete added to your inventory upon taking smite. this will prevent top laners from opting to use smite because they would not receive any combat bonuses as a result of not being in combat with jungle monsters. this will allow the other top laner to secure an advantage over the smite top laner in the early stages of the game.
That won't stop them from buying health pots or getting an early gank for gold to negate the lack of early damage. Forcing an item into an inventory isn't something that should happen because not every jungler will want to start a machete. Granted many will but some may want to start cloth 5 or a dorans blade (Aatrox). How would the system work if someone wanted to sell the item off? Would it be time based or would u need to buy its upgrade before it can be sold?
: But, if tanks deal no dmg, and have no cc what's the point? They're just gonna stand there, and be ignored. The whole point of a tank is to be disruptive, to be annoying, to bait the enemy team into focussing them also, post this on life board, this has nothing to do with PBE
This is true but J4 and Vi should not be able to take on an ADC and burst them in a couple hits. If they are tanky then they should feel like fighting a Maokai or Galio. Building tanky is also the trade off for not doing much damage with basic CC. Rumbles can build burly but Rylai's and Liandries are not going to make them unkillable, just a bit on the bruiser side. The last thing we need is full AD builds from champions who are normally built tanky diving on the ADC or mid laner and taking them down in 2 hits.
: Why is Oppression getting reduced to 2% from 3 while getting moved higher up in the tree?
By raising it up it has a chance to be picked more rather then existing for champions with several different kinda of CC or CC comps. The reduction is because this is the 'tank meta' so any way to weaken the tanks is going to buff the other champion types. This is the idea for the changes.
: Personally I don't think it's necessery to go to such lenghts to remove Toplane smite completly. I think that removing that strat completly is also a loss tbh. It's a very uniqe strategy that should have a drawback like every other strat (No Flash in this case atm). That was not the Case 2-3 Patches ago where you nearly HAD to play a Champion who could be viable while using smite+teleport cause the Skirmishing Saber + Cinderhulk was just too OP but now that it has been nerfed I don't think it's really necessery to completly remove it. Only if there is once more a surge of "You HAVE to take smite otherwise you lose" then I think Riot should step in again and nerf whatever is causing this Phenomen.
Top Smite is something Riot is not happy with as it is not intended to be used as a top benefit ability. Nerfing something that works for a few champions is not a fix when it will reduce the power of the jungler as well. The fact that it can and is still being used in top lane is reason enough to have it changed to be a waste of a summoner spell for top lane, minus wanting it as a secondary team smite for baron or dragon control as it was used as before. Its like having AP on a champion that is supposed to be AD. Just because a champion is not going to be using a full AP build all the time does not mean that the AP scaling should stay or be as strong as it can be. (AP Tryndamere, AP Rengar)
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: ekko needs a speed and slow nerf
Dodging Ekko's Q is easy. Move to the side and you will not get hit a second time. The speed boost requires 3 hits to activate which will always put Ekko in melee range making him an easy target with how squishy he is. Without the speed buff he would not be able to go in and get out if things turn bad. He will use E to engage and the passive is a disengage as needed. Reducing the speed will make Ekko horrible. He will not be able to get a second hit with his Q's return effect unless he guides it into the target which is not an easy task if it is used from a distance. The most damage from Q is on the return so weakening the speed is just making Ekko useless. Nunu gets up to 60% max slow from a point and click ability along with an instant speed boost that does not have requirements. MF and Vayne have their own speed boosts. Teemo has an activated boost. Janna passively speeds up everyone. Zilean, Shyvana, Nocturne, Volibear, Lulu, Kayle. Speed from 1 ability/passive or speed from 3 hits. Ekko's is much worse. Ekko is broken because people are just morons who think they can dive him under tower and do not call ss/mia when he roams like every other assassin.
: Many downvotes but i read only true things here
Thanks. Silly little thing I had happen to me in a match today. An Akali started calling an Ekko overpowered after she gave him First Blood and kept feeding him. I also checked his win rates and K/D on LolKing and according to the site, Ekko stays right at the 50% mark with his popularity going down and hes about even on K/D. Sometimes he gets fed and other times he does badly.
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: Kurai, Hello, Unfortunately this IS intended. They changed It a while ago saying that when {{champion:154}} is near an enemy champion (I dont remember the exact unit distance but ts about what you would expect if you think your engaging with the champion) that his blobletts' landing position will become "contestable.") Now i play a lot of {{champion:154}} and I thought that that would mean that some or most would land in some random locations further away from {{champion:154}} and perhaps all in the space between him and the enemy, However what actually seems to happen is that the darn things are heat seeking missiles that launch themselves as far away from you, and as near them as possible. I find my self exasperatedly sighing "'contestable,' mhm sure" quite often. I do think that this should be changed but I can of course see the additional counter play to it. Because lets be honest, if you always picked up every bloblett, you'd never die.
That's why the blobs should just randomly go all over the place if an enemy champion is near with the extended range. Throwing themselves at the enemy champion every time just brings up the question, 'Why do I even have this passive healing effect if I'm not allowed to use it in lane?' Aatrox never puts a point into Blood Thirst/Price, Vlad never gets Transfusion, Mordekaiser does not buy a Dorans shield or hextech revolver. If the blobs did just follow a sporadic behavior then they would be valuable as picked up or destroyed 50% of the time based on the throwing. They go forward and the enemy gets them, they go back and Zac gets them, they go left or right and it's 50/50 on who will get to them or break them.
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: Please no. I map my left mouse button to Attack-Only-Click and my right mouse button to Move/Attack-Champion-Click. (This requires AutoHotkey and makes pings awkward. Would be nice to be able to assign a different key to the normal left-click functionality wink wink) I suggest something slightly different: After a successful auto-attack, the next movement command issued (within several seconds) will begin with the hop. This means that you don't have to worry so much about the window of time the user has to activate the hop, and it also doesn't make Kalista any more mobile than she is now, just less awkward.
You don't want it to be left click because you have your stuff set up differently. This is not Riots problem as they follow the default keyboard setup. Forcing a leap 'several seconds' after is just a waste considering many will want to go forward by a bit and then throw themselves into the enemy team or slightly back but suddenly they jump back and their target gets distance from them and escapes. It's the same as a Vayne who can't control her tumbling. Kalista isn't designed to have this free mobility. She is supposed to kite for her mobility. Ashe requires auto attacks, Volley or her Ultimate to proc slows to get away or chase a target. This is the design behind both of them.
: Personally, I don't see this as a problem. It is not happening every game, Zilean as it is is a "meh" support. Some people are amazing with him, but the majority sucks. If he were to be played in 50% of games, I could see it being something that needs fixed. Otherwise, not worth the effort.
The issue is that it CAN happen and does happen. It may not happen often but that doesn't mean that nobody else will ever pick Zilean with a friend who jungles just to invade. Things spread very quickly. Blue Ezreal, Trinity Lucian, Top Lulu. He may not be the most picked support but that's the same as a bug affecting a few people and Riot ignoring it. Things that do not work as intended should be fixed before they get out of control as they usually do.
: It's just one of the pros of having a Zilean on your team. It doesn't happen with any other champion, so there's no real need to change it.
Young Lizards gained more exp while the buff monster lost some. This was Riots way to prevent invading with little counter on the victims side without help from teammates. The bonus Exp is fine but if it allows for level one invades to happen without requiring a Young Lizard to be killed, then it's just bringing up an issue that Riot removed. At best it should give you enough Exp to only need one more Exp to reach level 2. You still get the benefit of his passive but it doesn't open the door for Zilean's to be used only because someone wanted to counter jungle at level one.
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: Ezreal Mana Cost
The AD Carry is designed to win using auto attacks. Reducing his mana costs just makes it easier for him to Q spam and makes AP Ezreal stronger. Doing so will cause Ezreals AP damage to be nerfed to balance him out. The Ultimate will not be adjusted ever. This is just giving Ezreal an excuse of using his ultimate at poor times and being stunned, feared, silenced, etc because of it. If you cannot control his mana then do not use his abilities and rely on his auto's.
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: Was the buff re-regenerating after you had sold them or was just the "old" buff that you got while oyu had the boots that still hadn't wared off?
The buff was being 'reset' while on the platform so the full effect happened while leaving the platform but once off of it, going back did not give homeguard again.
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: I agree, playing Xerath now feels disconnected. For a champion that is supposed to be in many ways unpredictable, he's very predictable. The lore is an important part of the game to me and when the champions embody their lore, it creates a better experience. This being said, I understand the need for reworks and tweaking champions, but it would be nice to keep it close to the lore.
He was powerful and in control of himself. Now his power is limited and he is STILL in control of himself. He was never out of control at anytime.
: Xerath doesnt feel like Xerath anymore. Lore wise
Lore wise? His lore ends with him being stuck with his tomb around him limiting his power. Its not as if he was some uncontrollable force at all. He was powerful but not an idiot. His ult is pretty much the same as it was before except NOW it seems more random. Before he makes the strikes happen when he waves his hands around and NOW is like hes firing it randomly out of his body. I really think you read the lore improperly. If you want unstable then look for Ahri.
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: I played Kog on the PBE again. The Q hitbox width is fine, but the particles for the Q are unacceptably thin. I also saved the Q's for all-ins instead of poke, and my mana was okay.
The ability itself seems like a placeholder rather then a finished version. I expect a more polished Spittle ball that doesn't look like it's a floating bubble.
: Kayle
Even though the Q is nerfed for damage, it was really her constant E that made her annoying. Now that the W has an increased speed buff this makes it easier for Kayle to keep up with her target with less need of the Q. If she can keep up with someone then she can use Q more often then before. That's probably the reasoning behind the nerf.
: Jan 22 PBE crash issues
Not using the shop seemed to let me stay in-game for a little while. After that it just kept crashing.
: The mana might just be me, since I only ever use the targeted Q in panic "I am about to die, time to unload damage" situations. Maybe the hitbox just feels thin because of the thin particles? (optical illusion?)
This may be something similar to Nidalee's spears where they seem like they are not going to hit but they do make contact. There was also some info given out about where the hit box is on champions when they are moving and when they are standing still. It was pretty much in the same spot even though the Twisted Fate model did not stand in the hit box anymore.
: (BUG)(Kog'maw)Kog'maw Q visual bug
It's a placeholder. Since Kog'Maw's Q is no longer a selective skill they need to show an indicator to let the player know if the target is or is not debuffed. This is the same as Katarina leaving Grievous Wounds indicators after she ults champions. It will most likely be changed into something different to match the theme.
: Kog 'Maw Q Feedback
I feel about the same about the new Kog'Maw Q. As a player who mains Kog'Maw, (Early Season 2) it does indeed feel like it's a good change. -I think that the missile speed is in a good spot since it is a lot quicker then its current, which is slightly sluggish. It seems to hit very well when aiming slightly ahead, similar to Ezreal's Q. -The damage improvement really helps with finishing off enemies just out of my Auto Attack reach while my W is on cooldown (caught a Leona who flashed over a wall with it) -Hit box size wise, it doesn't really seem to be too bad to me. I follow the general size of the skill shot cursor and it seems to land hits when it does look like it will hit and miss when it's clearly going to miss. -Mana wise I see no changes. I use it about as much as I always do which is for fights. -I DO like the idea of being able to check longer bushes like bot lane or shooting from over the heightened areas in mid lane into the bushes for enemies, rather then using stacks of Living Artillery just to have it be dodged and give me false hope. What I am interested in, is what seems to be a placeholder in the form of Caitlyn's ultimate. Having some sort of 'mark' did indeed help me know if my Caustic Spittle was a hit or miss even if I hit a minion with it. It seems like a good thing to have since Kog'Maw's wont be able to tell if the target was hit or if it was blocked during team fights unlike before which was obvious. I enjoyed this change and do indeed look forward to seeing this used on Live and maybe actually seeing more Kog'Maw users.


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