: My opinion on Zed Changes
I realize where Riot comes from these nerf but any experienced Zed players will tell you that it's fairly easy to read a W+Q combo, and that its more of interaction between abilities than it is an exploit. Plus, there have always been better picks in terms of picks for assassins mid (or wherever) - so a random preseason Zed nerf came as a bit of a surprise to me (especially since he isn't in meta to the point of playing him mid could actually harm a team if the player doesn't know what he/she is doing). We Zed players have always had to work around the nerfs and buffs and just bow down and adjust and honestly this shouldn't be as hard as for example the 1 sec ult nerf. IMO, if riot really did want to nerf Zed (which is totally up to them), I wouldn't have nerfed mechanics or play-style on such an outplay/skill/experience heavy champion. The mentality of doing that has never agree'd with me. It just doesn't make sense. I'm not dissing this current nerf as it wasn't that big of a deal, it's pretty easy to work around- any half decent Zed player knows when to throw q and when not to and lag the w+q combo. The psychology behind it is what kind of annoys me.
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: Rioters and Accountability?
Honestly, and I mean this with no anger, I don't think we as beta testers have the right to make comments like these. I agree that we do give valuable insight to help the patches, but we're playing on riots grounds on pbe. This is their playground and they own it. The fact that they let us use this for free, is a gift to us... Respect it...However, I do see the need for wanting to be heard man, but they can choose whose input they take
: Will the Project Skins be released this month?
Tip for future check surrenderat20.net
: One thousand times this! Her face is beautifully done. I also think the rest of the skins (Minus Yi of course) could benefit from something a little extra like this. :)
> [{quoted}](name=Serazael,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=PyqHeGkd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-21T10:49:56.318+0000) > > One thousand times this! > > Her face is beautifully done. > > I also think the rest of the skins (Minus Yi of course) could benefit from something a little extra like this. :) I think that this might actually make some of the skins worth the 1350RP riot is charging.. No offense rito I really love the skins and will spend my money and be a broke college student, but some of them could have been done better- design wise
: Should we only report bugs unique to PBE or would this also include bugs present on Live?
> [{quoted}](name=Pnixxx,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=2LWJmM22,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-09-02T01:02:51.940+0000) > > Should we only report bugs unique to PBE or would this also include bugs present on Live? I would assume that if there's potential bug on live 1. They'd want to hear it 2. By definition it would also be on PBE (if it slipped through to norms it would be on pbe as well)
: Stuck trying to reconnect to a "ghost game"
It happens to me even on live, I used to delete the application off of task manager and it used to fix, also if you can see the shop icon etc on the reconnect page click that...
: PBE Players Don't Try To Optimize New Champions.
I think it's important to add that riot isn't filled with a bunch of idiots, they actually know what they are doing... If a champion needs a rework they'll get it, and until now I haven't actually seen a rework completely destroy a champion. It just takes time for people to realize that you can't play the same champ the same way.. New pros and cons and new meta
: Chroma Packs, are they good?
See I think it helps if there are like two Lucians in a game, just pick chroma pack and you'll never get lost in the middle of a teamfight
: [Victory Banner] Victory is spelled wrong
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: Vel'koz Champion Selection
Also Arc Light Velkoz's limbs just disappeared has that been reported yet?
: Vel'koz Champion Selection
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: How I feel about the Mandrake Wards
Yeah I definitely feel that just plain stealth wards are more useful because it lets you get a lot more info from it rather than a ping. For newbies however, I think this might be a useful tool for map awareness. I know when I first started playing this game, I didn't look at the mini map unless I was going to another lane.I think this would force you to look at the map (this is all assuming that the newbies put wards down). For higher level game-play this is pretty much useless mid to late game when the teams start team fighting. One ping is simply not enough info as compared to a stealth ward or even a ward. That said, staying in lane and releasing one of these is very nice and killing jungler is really nice early game as a mid lane assassin or a hyper carry. Also like the person above said, a lot of squishy junglers are going to have a really hard time with this, they already have problems with a really hard jungle as the patch 5.5 video said, tacking on the idea of a lvl 2 gank in to the jungle may not be ideal for a healthy jungle. I don't think its fair for the jungler, and I say this with no bias I am a mid lane main and don't jungle much, because we anyways get wards into enemy jungle through counter jungleing which from what I understand is what Riot is really trying to promote. Take the enemies objectives get tons of buffs and win the game sort of thing. Thanks Kshaya
: Zed skillshots bug
This screwed me over so much
: sejuani is zyra?
Looks fine for me
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: [Summoner's Rift] Texture Seam Visible
I believe there is another seam in mid lane bushes near the right hand side (if you are blue)
: [Udyr Skin - Definetly not Udyr] After death he has visual bugs
Oh yeah, I tested this. There were limbs flying everywhere.... Something wrong with the mesh maybe? Happens frequently when I try making a model for things like this in animation class...
: Champion does not appear at the start of game
This happened to me, If i exit the game I'm stuck at the reconnect sign
: BUG E Amumu
Has already been reported
: Item Descriptions
I think Ludens Echo has that problem and a couple of the enchants for jngle...
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: Bard can stun against Jayces E
: Or you could just go [here](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/) and find all of that information.
> [{quoted}](name=16CharactersLong,realm=PBE,application-id=AYQh7p7O,discussion-id=NAjc858X,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-08T01:18:05.419+0000) > > Or you could just go [here](http://gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/champions/) and find all of that information. My point was, it would be nice to have all of that info on the client page wouldn't it, no need to move between web page and client?
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: From an ADC point of view, my games with bard so far were really annoying. You can completely forget anything you learned about relying on your support to be there when you need him. This Bard left the lane for good once he saw a chime anywhere near, not caring about enemy health or minion situation, making it easy for the enemy lane to put massive pressure on me. RAAAAGE! Well, he did occasional gank the lane and then returned to his everlasting journey, leaving a health shrine for me that did not help me in any substantial way. My thoughts so far: Bard is a support for people who really know how to play support and who CARE for their ADC. It's a terrible champ for people who try him out and leave their ADC for good. My suggestions: 1. Buff the health shrine. I would raise the cooldown but increase the heal potential, so when he leaves you a health shrine and starts to roam, you have at least a serious backup in you lane. 2. The tunnel is only useful for better teams or premades. It will lose a lot of it's potential for solo Queue. 3. Less chimes to collect. Please, PLEASE! I don't want my support to go roaming every 10 seconds to get a little chime. Better spawn fewer chimes that have a greater impact, so he doesn't have to collect as many 4. Chimes spawn at 10 minutes into the game. Force him to stay in the lane the first minutes. It's so annoying to have Bard supports that don't prioritize lane pressure.
Like the above comment, I belive that its just going to take time to get used to when to leave lane etc... A roaming support isn't something most people are used to. More than buffing the health shrine, I'd like for there to be a time bar for when the enemy can stand on it. It seems like enemies just walking over it and it dying just makes it hard to have a lasting shrine.
: Bard Playstyle suggestions (after playing a few games)
Some brilliant info from this thread right here...
: I would like to know something else about this... We have 40k RP, but my champion pool is quite large since im on low elo, and i can barelly play the lane i like, most of the time. So, since i have that large pool of champs (it doesnt mean i excel at them all, but even so i enjoy playing them) i would like to have at least 1 skin i like on them. So, in case i spend the 40k RP on skins, but if happens to be a few more i would like to own, is it possible to request only those missing skins i wish i could have anywhere, just to get those? P.S - I'm not asking to have acess to all the skins, since i wont play with them all. Just one per champion would be nice, but from the math i've done, some would still be left out.
So what happens (from what I understand) is most new content is available from what I have seen for 1 ip. What Riot really wants to you to do is test the new skins / content that comes out, so those are going to be readily available. They give you the extra RP for fun I guess? Like I really love Zed. It would feel really awkward if I didnt have the shockblade skin.. Get what I'm sayin :P Once you bust that RP its gone although I believe that you can spend money the normal way too (wouldn't recommend that). So yeah, choose carefully and make sure that the skins you purchase with RP are really skins you love. -Kshaya
: Cant buy Rune starter kit (PBE)
I believe that this bug has already been reported and is at the top of the list. Riot should be addressing it soon! Patience young padawan XD Kshaya
: New PBE tester
Quick reminder, you only get so much RP for the rest of your accounts life. So the cheapest option for Runes and Champions are the bundles. Have fun spending and enjoy your time on the PBE! Kshaya
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: AFKers and Queue Dodgers etc...
XD I'm not demanding it, t'was merely a suggestion good sir. Thank you though, I didn't know PBE servers were separate from the Live servers. That actually explains a lot. I wasn't pissed, I was just stunned at the fact that it happens even on a select beta testing environment. By scan I meant data connection and the PC itself :) also I think I said if they keep d'cing they'd be flagged for another scan... Looking back though this is probably wildly illegal as you said, but why do some games ask you what kind of data connection you have then... I think Hi-Rez or someone else does something similar too. As for being discriminatory, that's sort of what you want if it gives you a better test... Also I realize that, PBE isn't for winning games, but my point was more along the lines of: how are you going to get a good test of different things if people don't have the ability to do so... For example, I play the new Viegar mid. 2/5 ppl dc and don't come back for a good 10 mins, I'm not going to get a good feel of the new Viegar and my reports and feed back will skew data- the data Riot is collecting in order to better the balance of the game. But all in all thanks for the reply XD Amy Sery, you cleared some doubts! PS: How do I close this topic... I'm a little new to this
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: [Blue Minions]-Minions are totally blue, seen by entire team.
Yep all the npc's were blue, played last match and couldnt tell the difference between minions other than health bar... quite confusing


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