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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: K/DA Ahri
There is too much flashy effect that were too bright even for me. (I guess one of it was when Q is returning). Anyway, looks good tho. Maybe add a sick beat on her R when she uses it and can cast the other dashes (the same that Akali have when she's on her smoke cloud)... would be cool...
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: Evelynn Update - Questions, concerns and overall comments!
Hi, thanks for making this post. Wanted to leave some questions and things~ Tested new Evelynn on a custom game, with intermediate bots (yeah I know, bots) **1.** While maybe I didn't know how was new eve working, I've had difficulty in sticking on enemy champions (bots), probably because she used to have a burst of movement speed and she didn't have now, which is okay because she have now slow and a charm. **2.** Another is that her **E - Whiplash** feels bad while on stealth imo, hard to ambush a champion since the range is lower (really low) than the range of her passive camouflage. Maybe a more range on her Empowered Whiplash? but she's still good. **3.** No resets. I know that her E resets when entering on her passive but it's different, there's no reward after killing enemy champions. She's supposed to have excitement after killing or something like that and wants to kill more to feel (things?). Original Evelynn had resets, and actual Eve (that's also an old rework) too. So, why no resets on one of her abilities after killing enemy champions? **4.** You guys want a new direction with the "Shadow" skin lines? She looks like Kayn, is this what being part of the Order of Shadow looks like?


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