: [Closed] PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Heartseeker Quinn!
Maybe it would be good to try a little darker pink (reddish pink, like Hearseeker Vayne) a bit, so it does not look so much like a Star Guardian. But I think that with whatever color it will still have that Star Guardian feel. Or maybe it is just me XD I liked this skin, Valor is so fabulous. Keep the good work!
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: Make an NA/EUW/EUNE account and try to link that.
: All you need to know to about linking your PBE account to your live account... again!
I got my PBE account late 2012 early 2013. but I transferred to LAN because I needed it. What I can do? :s This is unfair :\
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: There are no ability timers on low visual settings. I have the same problem because I always play on all my setting set on very low, but that's not bug.
So, the solution is increasing Effects Quality to High?
: ye but as i hit lvl 2, I unlocked pvp ranked, but even there i waited for 7 minutes and nothing happened :( Sure, i will try to play custom with someone, thx for the tip.
queue up with a level 30, queue times are normally really long on pbe.
: i tried to play vs AI but i got stuck in the queue for 15-20 minutes, and nothing happens, it won't match me with other players
there's not much people queueing for AI. Try joining a public chat and tell someone to invite you for a normal. ^^
: my account did not go to 30, making it so i cant do anything. And no Ip/RP intial drop
Play a normal, then it will automatically be level 30 after finishing the game (losing or winning) Or you're having issues to play normals or with bots?
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: [6.14] Cooldown Pings on PBE
**What about the "ping ms" alert? ** I mean, sometimes my team doesn't believe I have 400 ping and they end not being cautious. If we have pings for **Dragons **and **Items active**, can we have it for **ping ms **too? changing color from blue-orange-red depending of your actual ms. Just suggesting!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Pool Party Fiora!
Does Kelly the Crab love money too? or at least have a fast food restaurant? I need answers.
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: Mid Season Mages Bug thread!
**Cassiopeia Bugs:** • If she uses her ult and dies, the ult cooldown instantly get **refreshed **(**not **a HUD bug, actually you can use ult again) it's like you have never used your ult (I think it happen with the basic abilities too) • When she's dead, the tooltips of her passive disappears and only read "**Cassiopeia gain Movement Speed per level and Cannot buy Boots**" • Sometimes the visual effects of her **old passive** pops up (the particles she makes when getting certain stacks of Aspect of the Serpent)
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: MYMU - Brand Discussion
Well, I'll leave just this bug: • Zombie Brand have a global noise effect. (everyone can hear his zombie noises)
: MYMU - Cassiopeia Discussion
What about the +15 magic pen from Sorcerer's Shoes? or if someone's want the slow resist from Swiftness Boots? will be there a problem with this? or maybe it's a minor problem? :P
: [Update] VFX Clarity Changes on Skins
Hello, can you guys please touch **Zilean **basic attacks? those tiny tiny yellow rocks are really hard to see (even if you need last hit), and i say, that's why everyone's play with Blood Moon Zilean because is more readable. I talked to KateyKhaos last time about this and she said she's going to see what she can do. Thanks~
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: I could bring it up to Champion, as they're the ones who would be deciding/making any adjustments. I just tackle skins, and since it affects the base (and then skins), it'd be their call)!
: ‘Ultra Rapid Fire’ game mode live on PBE for Rotating Game Mode queue testing.
U.R.F it's not working. We queue up for a game we have like 500k+ health but not the U.R.F buff (no CDR, abilities costs mana, It's just a normal game with high numbers on health and damage dealt/taken)
: Riot fist ward on PBE?
He probably bought it when it was available (when it launches or via Mystery Ward Skin)
: [SKIN UPDATE] Underworld Twisted Fate
Katey, can you do something with** Zilean's basic attacks**? His basic attacks are like little yellow rocks, really hard to see. _(not cool for last hits)._ That's the only problem I have when I play with Zilean.. Blood Moon Zilean is the only skin everyone's uses now (competitive) probably because his basic attacks are really noticeable, bigger and shiny. (or maybe because is a fancy skin, but the basic attack of this skin is better) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I hope, thanks. :P
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Elderwood Leblanc!
It looks like more **River Spirit** or **Order of the Lotus**. I mean, Elderwood is all about leaves, something more autumnal. Maybe adding some leaves to her hair or that thing around her neck. This one is more **fairy **or **nymph **(love it!) but needs the essence that characterizes the Elderwood skins. **Elderwood Bard**: leaves on his beard (he has the essence of a forest) **Elderwood Hecarim**: leaves on his hair and tail. (he has the essence of a forest) Well, I love the skin, **I'm totally buying it**. But just suggesting, the name doesn't fit the actual skin **IMO**.
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: Why in the hell does it take me 30 minutes to log in?
Riot opened the PBE's signup, but does not increase the login traffic. #JustRiotThings
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: Kog'Maw - Can't move / click on their corpse.
I don't know what you're trying to say. You can't move or click on your champ when you're dead. huh.
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: New Items - Sterak's Gage and Titanic Hydra
I'm imagining Sterak's Gage on **Tryndamere**...Well, interesting item...also a good item for Irelia and Darius. **Titanic Hydra** deals Cone-damage like the Dragon basic attack? based on the direction of course. But, **Ruby Crystal**? what about **Crystalline Bracer **or **Kindlegem**? more **HP **+ **Base HP regen** for this item, not making it **weak **compared to **Ravenous Hydra.** Because you have to decide between **this **or **Ravenous Hydra** _(More damage, life steal, and low-cd active) _(however, the **health **on Titanic Hydra is a good option tho) Oh well, that's my suggestion hehe what do you guys think? :P
: Garen PBE Changelist and Feedback thread
Huh, so...his **W **is now passive? I would love to see something more unique and powerful for him...His passive helps him on early game, but on lategame teamfights i doesn't help much. (Or that's what I see) > > **W - Courage:** **Active**: Garen reinforces himself for **3/4/5** secs, instantly gaining Perseverance. While **Reinforced**, Perseverance cannot be stopped when Garen receives damage Temporaly making his passive active even if he receives damage will be good. For Teamfights, trades, certain situations...**What do you guys think? It isn't good for him? **
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: HUD Changes for 7/24 PBE build
Hello! I want to give you guys a suggestion I'm a little tangled with the **dragon **counter now. I honestly prefer the counter by parts instead of numbers. Is it possible to change that for the **dragon buff counter**? Counting Parts ( **=**☺**= **) instead of only Numbers (☺**1**)
: 'Hexakill: Twisted Treeline' (with BANS!) featured game mode now live on the PBE!
Oh, not again...sigh. I was expecting something new, flexible and **fun**... However, It's something...I appreciate the attention of giving us some entertainment tho :3 Is there any gamemode **completely new for** this year? (mechanics, playstyle, etc).
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: Armor of the Fifth Age Taric costs 975 RP on PBE when it should cost 750 RP
With the launch of Heathseeker Varus, everyone will want to buy that Taric skin just for duo bot....Its strategy? its a trap? Its a s-trap-tregy? I don't knooooow.
: It's not **975 RP** it's **520 RP** which is in line with a simple recolor. {{champion:18}} Hype, Love the new update
Ooh, my bad...but still needs it, don't you think? Gifts-bullets for all!
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: To answer a few things from the get go... * New models on all skins EXCEPT Haunted (new textures on this though) and Goalkeeper. Those were modern. * Very light animation work. He got a new run cycle, and some cleanup on his other anims. * You guys are awfully excited about him coming out in 4.20 for some reason.
I want to know if the champions who have their "**Textures Update**" (Anivia, Skarner, Sona, etc...) will have a **short-basic** recall animation? at least one simple and short... Why? because I am a fan of the full Visual Updates because they change the **way they throw the basic attacks** and because they have a cool **recall animation** I just wanna know that (I know there are a lot of work with the SR VU and preseason changes :P) Thanks. ^_ ^
: Make Hud skins buyable
Wait, you want something that you can only see you, buyable? Spending money on something that I can easily install? wuut. **Nope**.
: There were "new" icons but Riot did't include them in final version of hud update. Here's screen of them http://i.imgur.com/Pne9s.jpg
Oh, they're sooo cool, why they have not used these icons? Or maybe is for the S5 new HUD? Hmmm
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: Summoners Rift Update [Summoner's platform lazer range indicator is too small]
Isn't too small, it is just perspective. The indicator it's above you. Put your camera in the center of their base, and see how the indicator will slowly moves to its original position. That is the perspective and 3D, I thought the same, and I thought that was a bug. :P
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