: Braum Bug Report Thread
When Braum has a ***Banshee's Veil*** {{item:3102}} and he uses his ***"E - 'Unbreakable'"*** ability shield, then when he hits an enemy that is **exactly** in front of him and his shield, then the Banshee's Veil "aura", becomes a floating ball that moves above him as he moves his left arm to hit the enemy. _ *This bug was the only one I found in game that I didn't happen to fall upon anywhere here in the forums, so... here it is.*
: River turned black
Lol, i was about to make a thread about it but you beat me to it. I was that Jinx :P
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: Is PBE down?
It's up now. There was a client Update.
: Team Builder Bugs!
Found another one. Solo. When clicking Select Champion, sometimes the client is bugged and the Champions and Skins tabs are empty, resulting in no way to get out of that screen, other than Alt+F4. This bug is completely **Random**. To Reenact try choosing a Champion and Skin and then quiting repeatedly. -Go to Team Builder and Click on Select Champion. -If bug does not occur then Select Champion and Skin, Quit and try again. **Haven't seen this posted again**
: Team Builder Bugs!
Solo. When selecting a skin for a champion, if the skin selected is not purchased but you just simply happen to be on it when you press Done, it results in an error message which prevents you from joining the queue. -Go to Team Builder and select a champion. -Select a skin that is still locked and click Done. -Continue at choosing Position, Role, Runes, Masteries. -Click on Find Group. -An Error Message [INVALID_SKIN] pops up until you click at the Champion Icon and select an Unlocked Skin **Haven't seen this posted again, not 100% sure if actual bug or intended.**
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