: you guys dont need to delete any files to fix this. Just open your task manager and end everything related to league. That fixes it for me every time this happens
That did not do it for me, I had to delete all log folders
: d/c'd in a game during the last server close. Can't rejoin. :(
I don't understand why there isn't an option to just surrender outside the game instead of being force to reconnect.
: d/c'd in a game during the last server close. Can't rejoin. :(
: [TFT] Bug with bloodthirster?
Ups it was pointed out I didn't upload the right video: https://youtu.be/MeRdQpFLoWk Rengar has BT, at not point he is hit by poppy or Brand ult and doesn't have *No healing* debuff yet still doesn't heal from auto attacks.
: Red buff and Morellos are commonly made items that completely stop healing
No, my rengar wasn't *burning* with either red buff nor Morello And another case with Zed here: https://youtu.be/s9Y0m1dzj2o
: Spear of Shojin
Yeah I think Shojin needs a nerf, Even casters want it more than an Archangel staff.
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: [TFT] Bug with bloodthirster?
I had the same problem with Rengar with a Bloodthirster and a recurve bow no healing out of autoattacks
: Exploit being used for sure
Yup I had one too on PBE. https://youtu.be/0PW6mPrGhQw
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: [TFT] All 6 bugs in the current patch
I also had no item drop from the Elder dragon, ... Krugs with red buff simply annihilating my team
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: TFT Ahri Bug
I think this occurs with any champ with limited range on their ult or that isn't locked on a target like Kha'zix. For example Akali will use her ult when she has the mana available instead of waiting to be in range to hit someone. Same for Katarina, she will use her ult even if no one is in range (she probably targets some one far away)
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: Creep. Rounds. Should. Award. The. Same.. Number. Of. items. To. Every. Player. Who. Passes.
Why not having an item shop that is disabled and you have to pay for example 5g to get to pick one item among 5 random (similar to the Champions). And you can only do that after a carousel round excluding the first one? I think I am fine with the randomness nature of the game and the game has nice comeback mechanics, except for the items and that gives the impression that the items are not important. Although after playing a bit; Item do make a big difference so I think there should be a comeback mechanic that involves the items by spending gold or else.
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: PBE overwhelmed by excitement for Teamfight Tactics
Thank you for the communication on the matter, that was pretty much what I was expecting and we can understand that the PBE capacity won't be increased for just one week. Although, is one week of testing enough? We have seen multiple issues like: - Streamer showing some bug exploit with items infinitely increasing unit capacity - AI becoming unresponsive and not fighting any more past a certain point - The game preventing you to join the queue because it considers you are still in the game after losing early and clicking Exit Game (you have to reload the lost game again and quit a second time). Which is annoying and the only I found to trigger the client to go back in game without killing the client (because I don't want to go through the login queue again) is to briefly cut my internet connection so the game thinks I went LD and then automatically loads the game again. At that point I can quit it again... Or you probably can wait for the game to end but it may take a while depending on when you dropped off. - Champion slot missing one hero (I payed for a reroll once but one slot was empty one for some reason, then it went back to normal). - And many more I probably could not see in the games I was able to play on Tuesday, I wasnt able to log back on the PBE ever since. All of that to say; I like the game, I wish I could play more of it but the PBE situation makes me want to just play the DOTA 2 version instead while waiting for the live version of TFT.
: He is disabled.
Thanks for the reply. it's strange I was able to play with him twice. hence my confusion.
: Assassins Bug Reporting Thread
After two bot games I was unable to select Talon in champ select (Bot game again). His icon was grayed out while no other played had him locked.


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