: PBE Content Being Removed for Loot System Testing
My feedback after using the Loot System: The animation is neat, but after a while it gets old. Please give us the option to skip the animation The OPEN button on the lower right only brings up the chest: We'd like it better if it was instant open rather than clicking Open the second time. Anyway, this is a nice feature, can't wait for this to get pushed to Live!
: Help us bugtest the new Champ Select!
Earlier today when I tried to change my masteries during champ select, it was not reflected in the dropdown even when I created a new mastery page. I'll try again tomorrow if this problem persists :)
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: Permanent. But remember that it's for "unique" champions. So, on Summoner's Rift, the max would be a 5% gain.
Thanks! It's still potentially more useful than oppressed of you are able to kill two unique champions, since even when the opponent is not locked down, your damage is more consistent.
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: Ability Bar and Buff Update - Feedback Thread
It is very confusing to get used to at first, but I like the initiative. The buff icons are a bit small though, can you increase the size for better visibility?
: It's tough when this conversation centers directly on the negatives, particularly in the case of specifics :( Looking back at our 2013 preseason post (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/preseason-draws-closer) our big goals were to: 1. Introduce more gameplay and strategy when it comes to map vision and wards. 2. Ensure all roles and positions can experience power-growth and progression in ways that promote skill 3. Improve game pacing and reduce team snowballing While we didn't perfectly hit all of the above, would you at least say these goals were partially hit in 2013? I say specifics here in your post because I don't think we ever came out to say "Ohmwrecker and Banner of Command will be awesome situational picks" - while we certainly tried with a few buffs and changes, we ultimately saw that they needed to be a part of a larger suite of strategic-level item purchases to feel impactful. Single one-off strategic items in a vast sea of tactical combat purchases is tough to 'make viable' without being super strong. In other words, it's crazy hard to promise that *all* of our tactics with each preseason would be successful. We promised we'd be pursuing these high-level goals in a variety of ways. Some would be useful, others we'd have to reconsider for the future. We might get more detail-focused after worlds, but this is why we always want to talk about our goals first - it's easy to look at a single solution and talk about how it's not doing everything, but if our goals remain the same (ie: we want more strategic variety in league), we can find multiple ways to execute on that. [edit] Obligatory: game design is an art not a science! :) [SECOND EDIT] Wanted to make a quick point against #4 you raise here. Nerfs are simply indicative of power changes but don't necessarily indicate objective power. During s1/s2/s3, supports were typically designed with low gold income, duo-synched experience gains, and high gold sink expectations for wards / vision. Designing a champion who continues to feel satisfying while under the pressure of the above was certainly tough but was one we pursued. Unfortunately, with the 2014 season we were like "yo supports are equal" and suddenly you had champs who are satisfying with low income becoming SUPER STRONG with high income. Our AP utility scaling was done because we suspected this would happen but that clearly wasn't enough and we had to continue to act. I'd just reiterate: supports are not weak this season and when an entire position within the game suddenly comes into a ton of gold growth, it's really tough to absolutely predict their growth. You saw the same happen with junglers (especially as they moved from tanky utility gankers in s3 to map-pressure duelists in 2014). See above re: design being an art not a science. It's crazy tough to predict this kind of stuff but as long as we commit to goals and the willingness to iterate on those goals, our hope is we have your trust to one day get there.
It's not easy to introduce huge changes into a game like League, but you guys aren't afraid to explore new horizons to make the game better. I think Riot is in the right direction here. The best thing about League is how the developers are willing to explore new avenues and not afraid to take risks. I'm very happy to hear about these changes and am excited to try them out once those changes roll in. Sure, it might be a hit or miss, but it's fine. Just try and try again till you get it right! :D
: Yes I saw that. It don't work on the Old Summoner's Rift. It only reveals traps such as Teemo's R , and it can only reveal wards by using the passive.
It can also reveal wards?! SWEET. ...It's definitely a bug then. I don't think this is intended to be a ward-killer with an always-on passive
: Hexakill: Twisted Treeline Bug / Feedback Report Thread
{{champion:112}} is helluva lot strong strong here (once late game comes).
: [Gameplay Idea] A special ping that means "there's an enemy ward here", or "We need a ward here"
Rito pls It doesn't need to be a smart ping. Just give us a hotkey for it!
: Sion Q should not be nullified by silence
His Q was meant to play around getting off a good ult OR with your teammates' help.
: My thoughts on Sion (some problems too)
The earlier version of the Q was like a Vi's or Xerath's - can move while channeling, but it made it TOO easy to stun people with it so when they tuned it, it became a lackluster skill (damage, stun duration, cd's etc). He seems pretty amazing though, can't wait to try him out today
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Dunkmaster Darius
Dunkmaster {{champion:122}} is awesome! Anyway, a bug: The actual damage (numbers) are not shown on the tooltip of his passive. screenshot: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/1425507_703420273082710_6878686785451332217_n.jpg?oh=5caf25e7607b2abbdf721bdddfcd68d1&oe=54BF7EAA&__gda__=1417926138_6b25a1aaa5f4118797dbab5321c6fe22

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