: Please bring back ARURF, at least as an option.
they took the game mode away for 4 years man, it makes more since being able to pick a champ, I know we got peeps who ONLY play the top 10 OP champs always, but it helps the youtubers post vids, even make longer vids since urf matches are a little to quick at times, they will post 2 matches with the same champ making it long. Hell like I said, people will always pick top 10 80% of the time, my most banned champ is Lee Sin lol
: Thank god urf is gone...
if that game tilted you that much for THAT long, it was a pleasure knowning. Now its going to be live in afew days to double the time it appears to tilt you... soo..... heh neat
: URF is gone?
got my 836 games under my belt LOL now I'll wait for live.
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: URF is gone?
well back to playing TFT on live account I guess. I'm a urf tester*coughcough* player, can't wait into it live fact that I went from lv 91 to lv 150 just playing arurf and urf.. I'm a sick man
: These appear to be League side and server wide (OCE has this issue too, and other servers are likely to have it as well). Unfortunately we can only wait until Riot fixes them. Considering it's on live too, it's better to hold discussions there and keep track of Rioters on live environments.
its not on live friend, I checked. This is only pbe
: error 1B
it was working fine all day long into a hour or 2 ago it seems
: Can't play
same here man, servers won't talk or something,
: Cannot connect to game
Its like the client enjoys making 4v5s at a random, load go past the loading screen, rety? retry? retry? NEVER WORKS why does it even have a button?
: The problem with the RP grants is a priority
So its been 10 months and I'm still at zero RP... They still working fixing it?
: I spent almost 8000 on 1 item today...
Having 8k rp at the moment is a feat, the servers have been having rp granting issues, been brokes since arurf


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