: Hmm. I really like what you're saying. I really want to be a melee ADC playing at bot lane. And I think Riot really wants to introduce melee ADCs. But I think melee champions were buffed too much with the numbers being too high. I didn't say anything...but I really wanted a very small buff to melee ADCs. Melees need some balancing. I saw Diana Mid vs. another melee mid (I really wish I could find that vid again)(edit: He was Malphite). And Diana couldn't do much damage at all. No tank items on her opponent but basically no damage to him (the opponent had a passive shield). So there's been weird changes in the PBE. So I think the numbers need a lot of balancing, including on Diana. But it would be worth it. It would allow melee ADCs and make everything fair. If Diana and a few other melees can be good against traditional ADCs, I would be very happy. But the numbers need an adjustment. I think the adjustment would make lots of players happy.
Well I played vs her Top lane with Yasuo and I can say I'm fairly good playing him she won vs me easily. however I totally agree with what you said
: I saw lots of videos. It seemed like opponents were doing find against her when her Q was slower. With a fast Q, right now, she can keep dashing to stay close. I think her Q speed should reach a balance. So sometimes opponents will dodge and Diana will need to anticipate opponent's dodging/moving. Do you think that would be enough?
Well I agree on what you're saying to a certain extent however the damage is crazy and her old ult became just a skill when I played vs her she bullied me easily on level 2 !! simply a fed ADC does not stand a chance against her unless the ADC player is quite skilled
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