: Sona Learnings
Can you try this iteration? Shift movespeed/E ability to passive and or other abilities. Give sona another unique ability on E. All these other arguments and suggestions are too simplex. Most "Sona Mains" don't have any substantial skill or game knowledge to support said arguments. I believe shifting her power around like the mage update or giving her high skill-reward abilities would benefit her most. Sona doesn't really have a niche/unique role, she is another jack of all trades sort of champion. Champions like Nami pick and choose how they want to use their abilities, I think sona would benefit from a similar ability iteration. I think the aura iteration is good, It forces sona's to move around the team in order to maximize the efficiency and rewards good positioning. Higher risk higher reward. Sona lacks a hard CC in her basic abilities making her lethal very low compared to most champions. Soraka even has a strong CC in her kit and she isn't meant to play as aggressive. I think Sona's low skill lane pattern, Q'ing into Powerchords or Canceling autos into chords with Chord stack 2 is too simply and predictable. Her Powerchords are strong in the right hands but, it isn't that noticeable and doesn't feel as rewarding. The majority of Sona players are in low skill brackets (below challenger/master/diamond1) and usually are support only players, as such result in individuals who do not use their different chords effectively. (usually choosing to only use q or a random chord upon stack 3)
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: Rune Pages and Mystery Champion come to PBE
mystery champions... eh its too gimmicking for something ppl eventually unlock. If the rune pages were cheaper than standard price i'd see it becoming popular


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