: Gaining Access to the PBE is a Joke
should be at least Sigh up for PBE? -yes/no- (yes) - sign in with account - checks account for - level ( 30 = priority, > 30 = lower priority) - rank ( i dont know why i wrote this) - reported upon ( yes = depends on results of report -> denied || no = accepted) - amount of times reports that ended in bans ( many times = denied || a couple = checks severity, time past since last ban) - honors (cause why not have some honorable persons on the PBE rift) would this work? what would other people add or remove from this list?
: New HUD Feedback
So the new HUD looks like its cleaner and Very VERY simplified from the old one. and i think that it looks worse because of it, aesthetically it doesn't have any style compered to what's on live now. it reminds me of how a game's HUD would be designed if it was on a game just recently released EDIT: also don'd take away squares, SQUARES ARE NICE
: So, i dont play Pbe to often and was wondering if many people play ranked queue?
: Someone I played with had a diamond or challenger border.
day: 642 in pbe after a long 20 minute queue i saw something unspeakable... a challenger border. the queue that man must be in. i almost felt pity for him almost as he locks in singed and said top or feed
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: fountain turret range.
alright so i went back to check the fountain range, and it seems the indicator is wrong, but the strenght is still meh
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: Pbe unavailable in client?
and then every time i go to launch the application it scans a couple thousand files for 15 minutes
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