: Poppy Changes
Ye, why nerf pops?
: Snow ARURF Leads to Parties!
Let the Battles Begin! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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: Jesus christ you are dramatic lmao. If you don't like it, don't play it. Simple solution. Enjoy norms. :)
If we don't like it, we won't play it, But we didn't ask for this at all, We had Urf already, we have it's worse cousin ARURF, we don't need it's Ex-Fiance 60 Champ SnowUrf.
: Old Urf was stagnant. lets limit the champion pool. But lets keep Sona banned but not Fizz or any other cancerous champ.
Eww, No, Urf had the ability to fight OP with OP and you could pick characters too your tastes, this is one sided all the time.
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: if it procs tri why wouldn't it proc everything else it makes sense
Abilities are actually divided into a few categories Magic Spells = conventional abilities which can activate Spell effects like Rylais and Liandries Example: Ziggs' Q Will proc Liandries' Burn, But will not proc Triforce On Hit Spells = Abilities which act as a basic attack proccing on hits, but not gaining On-ATTACK modifiers Example: Ezreal's Q Will proc Triforce, but will not stack Guinsoos. Attack Modifiers = Abilities which change your basic attack or modify it, and allow On Attack effects to benefit Example: Jinx's Switcheroo Q in both forms will generate a stack of guinsoo's per attack, and being auto attacks they will proc sheens, They will not generate Sheens unless they are manually activated. Ezreal's Q right now is acting as both a Spell and an On Hit Spell, Which Is honestly very exciting and fun to play with, however it's not listed at all whether or not this is intended. BUT IT REALLY SHOULD PROC SPELL EFFECTS.
: Nope. Ezreal's Q acts more like an AA than a spell, which is a big part of why he works the way he works. It applies on-hit effects (Blade of the Ruined King, Muramana, red buff, Ardent proc, etc.), but not spell effects.
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