: Woah the meeting was sooner than I thought! We talked about all Blood Moon Skin feedback and came up with these actionables: **Katarina**-- •Giving VFX darker/deeper blues (and a more cohesive pass) including blue ring on R and maybe more depth to R (we're gonna make her R look badass dw) •Increasing audio on R, totally agree with you guys on that one, thanks for the feedback! •Giving Kat her scar back, we will need to talk to the splash team as well on this one. **Master Yi**-- No plans at this time **Tryndamere**-- No plans at this time These changes will not show until next week as a heads up! Why we couldn't add a toggle for the mask--I'll just be upfront on why we haven't been doing toggles as much in general: Toggles not only double QA work/costs but we have inside data that less than 10% of players actually use toggles. And of those 10%, it's only toggled ONCE. This makes me think the idea of a toggle is cool (I mean, it is), but in practicality nobody really remembers to use it. We're gonna be re-investigating toggles on how they can actually provide more value to you guys <3. Skin tone color -- Blood Moon Katarina is themed around being half-demon so we think her skin-color is apt to keep the narrative. I know some of you really want it lighter like BM akali's or even BM Elise's but there are many that like the current skin tone, I'm sorry T_T -Kiwi If you've additional feedback shoot it out yo
Blood moon Kat's skin tone can still be blue, it just needs to have more contrast with her clothes cuz it all kind of blends together. Just make it lighter but still blue like how the splash has better contrast than in game. It's mostly at the legs honestly. The legs are way too close in color to everything around it. Upper body color looks fine. If anything darken the blacks on the kimono and up the vibrancy of the red on the kimono should do the trick
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
More feedback on the Katarina skin. While watching the turnarounds from Skinspotlights, I noticed that the base color for BM Kat felt so familiar in style and scheme and I realized the armor on her left side, in color and shape, very much reminds me of base shyvana and I think that's why it reads as a dragon Slayer skin. I would lighten and add slight flesh tone to Kat but she can still be bluish, maybe lower the armor on her leg so you can see more of the flesh tone so it doesn't appear so close together, and all the dark colors on Kat should have some sort of contrast. By that, I mean the armor is the exact same color as the Kimono with gold on the edges. I would make the plates of armor redish like in the splash art and saturate the red accents on the kimono just a little bit (Some of them are red but not the ones that need to be) and then I feel like her hair is so empty and should probably have a slight, accent color hue at the tips of her hair. A barely noticeable amount but enough to not feel just white. Maybe a light lavender?
: We need to get that Katarina horn fixed, it's way back on her head, while in the splash art it's nicely done and cool. Question for the future: Is there ever gonna be a legendary/definitive skin for Kat?
I rewatched it and it's because she keeps the mask on the side of her head and only puts in on in her recall. Best fix I would say is she has the mask on all the time
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
Now looking back at my critique I think a lot of what I said could actually be fixed by fixing her skintone to not blend in with her outfit. The value is so similar that it pulls everything together with a lack of contrast, therefore making everything cluttered
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi!
The particle colors on the ult are way too bright and neon-like. Normally this would be fine but Katarina herself is coated in deeper colors and even the rest of the abilities for the most part are pretty dark. When she ults she looks like https://images.app.goo.gl/nvkqWMU7MJpgsGez8 Now onto the actual outfit. To be blunt, she's too visually noisy. League usually makes do with beautiful and simple pieces put into a design, but this looks like they threw everything they possibly could into her design and it just ends up looking quite messy. I would say either remove some of the clutter or simplify what is already there so that it just doesn't look so cluttered. Also the values of the outfit are way too similar throughout the skin. It doesn't have much contrast which makes it it kind of all blend together and look very basic. This surprised as most of the bloodmoons have been pretty sleek. This skin reads more like a dragon Slayer skin to me because of all the armor and the color scheme rather than a blood moon skin. Something similar to Eve or Diana felt just right for the theme, I would pull from there. Also her hair seems pretty boring with just the white all things considered. I think the SFX are great however and the trailing particle effect on her shunpo was and amazing touch. Hope this gets viewed, as a former character design student this is my take on it. Thank you - Katarina main who owns every skin
: Blood Moon Katarina {Concept by Z zbyer}
Agreed I posted something on the board too. Please take a look it's a critique about why the skin doesn't work visually and I think it'd be helpful if riot saw it
: I agree with your critique, I'm a fan of blood moon katarina but this skin just doesnt really do it for me. The outfit is my biggest issue, it's really bland but then the skins slapped with accessories on her arms and on her leg. The splash art is gorgeous, but again, the skin is just meh. An artist made a concept 3 years ago that took more inspiration from Blood Moon Diana than the other skins, and I wish that's what we were getting. (Concept by Z zbyer on artstation) https://imgur.com/a/vu4B10Y
Oh yeah I saw this before. I think this feels more like bloodmoons than what Kat actually got
: Riot will be making a sticky thread [here](https://boards.pbe.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/client-new-features-feedback) later. It is recommended to wait until it's been made and post in there: that increases your visibility.
Thank you for that tip. What did you think about my critique?
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: Yuumi kit feedback and some W alternatives
Personally I agree on the q needing a bigger slow. 20% is just borderline useless. I do thing that damage on it should stay as low as it currently is though. And I think w the CD should refresh and maybe she can get a bonus auto attack range buff for her passive as a compensation buff so she still has to risk but it's a little more forgiving and gives incentive, but if she's caught out she still does hard. Loving the heal change and nothing to say about the R
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: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Pyke!
I think his base colors for the skin needs accents of deep purple hues like his abilities new particle effects. It feels very odd to have his abilities have touches of purple and deep dark colors but Puke himself lacks the deep dark colors or purple at all. Also the flat red makes it feel like pyke's doesn't have much definition.
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: New Celerity does nothing on Katarina.
So it's November 1st rn and I updated pbe and the new runes are gone is that for everyone?
: Perma ban dodgers
I don't think it should be permanently ban first because shit can happen sometimes. It is pbe sometimes games crash so you'd get people who don't deserve it. However, I do think that there should be a huge penalty that makes them reconsider dodging. Straight to 30 minute queue timers
: im neither against or defending you, im just saying what reav3 has said, that they wont add akali mask toggle, as she has skins without, and skins with the mask.. if they add it, there is no longer uniqueness in nurse akali/all star akali since they DO NOT have a mask... and then base/headhunter/stinger will also NOT be unique anymore, as you could remove the mask. he also stated that thematically it does not make sense for base/stinger/headhunter/silverfang to be able to remove her mask as she is an assassin. in case of bloodmoon there is the whole "bloodmoon skinline bio's" she doesnt have one yet.. but u can tell shes not a demon therefor she does not wear her mask on her face, thresh/kennen/shen/kalista/talon/yasuo are all bloodmoon demons, elise is the priestess that does the rituals, diana is some child who was convinced bloodmoon is the way. TF is like the leader of BM. and someone mentioned that akali is a priestess too just like elise, there for shes a human and not a human body possessed by the BM demon, therefore in bloodmoon akali, her NOT wearing the mask fits the thematic of the skin line. regarding aatrox wings, they added the "banner" wings since he didnt have any, and they need a visual clarity between him with his ult active (wings) and his ult not active (banners)
My problem with that is the poly flow for the mask is a separate object on Akali's model and they've proven that it can moverify because in the blood moon recall Akali puts her mask on. To me it almost seems like a waste of detached animateable geometry. Because now we know that she does where the mask, she just doesn't on the model during gameplay. Also the only reason this one makes is because of the very fact that Akali herself moves this mask during an animation. In my opinion it should be treated like a night hunter regarding hood. It's just there and we know he uses it so it makes sense that the player can.
: reav3 said that they will not add it. as it takes away the uniqueness from skins that do not have a mask and skins that have a mask. also it makes no sense thematically, since shes an assassin and does not want her identity revealed. (thats literally what reav3 said)
I don't understand what you're saying. You started off against me but then defended me in the end. Please pick one argument
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: Sweatheart Xayah...
Maybe when she fires her q make the heart that shows up by her hands very noticeable and make a heart beneath the feet of everyone she snares. Also tiny hearts floating around her during her W
: Tweaks and prayers for sweetheart xayah
I actually love the purple hue on the skin. The red one looks boring af. However I personally think they should have experimented with gicing xayah the soft colors and rakan the hard colors cuz it looks really bad on him to have those soft colors
: Fizz E cant dodge Swains E
We're you already snared when you started the jump? Because then it would make sense considering you're already cc'd and it's a passive thing to pull cc targets. If you weren't already snared when you jumped, probably a bug.
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: Old Katarina
Dude if you're playing kat defensive you don't know what you're doing. I've mained kat before and after the rework and I can tell you the new one is so much better BECAUSE you're allowed to be aggressive and go in and out. Her old kit was sometimes cancerous because if your ult got cancelled in a cc fight you were a lost dog. This new one is far more intuitive. Just practice it man. It's supposed to make her more difficult. Also I wouldn't put vulnerable as a description of katarina because she has so much more tools for outplay ability. Plus having a way to set up a fight without having to face check everything is nice thanks to how daggers fall on the ground. Her difficulty was supposed to go up and I don't think that's a bad thing. Yes we all miss the 3 second penta dagger tornadoes but this is a much more effective kit for gameplay.
: Current Viktor Buffs - Ultimate
Isn't viktor Q getting buffed?

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