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Thanks for the post. I didn't realize that the problem was the champion itself (I tried to play a custom game as Viktor like 10 times before reading this xD) People are saying that they are having the same crashing problems with Azir... one source said Hecarim and Heimerdinger too. o.O I hope this issue can be fixed soon :(
: PBE - NA Server Unavailable
Hype traain :D Can't wait for it to finish patching!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Order of the Lotus Karma
She's so pretty and I love the recall sound... I did find a bug where her recall sound is played globally o_O... got feedback from fellow players and they hear it too even when the map is hovered nowhere near her
: Never Received RP or IP
It didn't pop up for me either when I first tried to buy anything... So I went to go play a game (even playing a game of tutorial works... which is what I did to get instantly boosted to lvl 30 and get IP/RP xD)
: 2 Myster Skin Bugs, null skin and No Pulsefire Icon
Same issue here. Self mystery gifted and it said the same null skin with a gray image with a question mark. Didn't get a chance to check if I actually received a skin

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