: Kindred can outrange turrets with Wolf (w)
I'm not a fan of your build, but I imagine with something like Cleaver, ER, BT, IE and whatever else you want, Kindred will be spammy with high AD. Wolf will make appearances often as well.
: Reduce kindred's heal when hitting minions. (full power vs jungle camps and champs)
No word from Riot. No change on PBE. K. Looks like we got another Ryze/Darius/4xBC Talon on our hands. Get all the rp purchases you can before you nerf her hard, right Riot?
: Kindred Bug Report Thread
Playing Kindred and screen never locks, and trinket doesnt work on my hotkey
: Haha, what is with people choosing % Max Health as True Damage? That would be so imbalanced, guys. Why?
: Kindred!
Her Q DOES NOT prioritize champions even if you are currently auto attacking a champion. I've seen and tried to many times and Q will just hit whatever it feels like hitting, even if you cartwheel RIGHT ON TOP of a champion you're attacking.
: Kindred Official Feedback Thread
Kindred's heal is annoying in lane. It takes about 4 seconds for their W to reach 100 stacks, and then they top off a large amount of health. Can this only give the full heal against monsters and champions, and maybe 25% healing against minions?
: Pants are dragon was saying that her abilities don't scale well with AD either. Since he's a jungle challenger who can play ADC I kind of took his word for that.
I've only played her once, but I think Wolf (W) deals a lot of damage over the 8 seconds that he's active. The ratio is only 40% total ad, but what I don't think people consider is that Wolf hits plenty of times. I noticed he did over 400 damage to a single target after I rushed BT. I really wish I could play Kindred more.
: Have you considered reworking Kindred's dance? There was a board post on the main site that suggested the Dragon Dance from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which is.. quite frankly an AMAZING idea. https://imgur.com/RxGrlaj It fits thematically and it looks great.
Looks hard to do with hooves.
: I disagree. With my time with her, Q was the main source of my damage. I'm not sure whether to max W or E second, but I can't see forgoing maxing Q. Only one game w/ her so far though.
I think maxing W to make wolf hit harder is what's best. That guy deals over 400 damage with just a BT.
: i went her adc, built bork first, beserkers, then hurricane, its really good because with her passive adding 8% from bork after a few kills and assists youre doing 15-18% of their current health as ad. so with hurricane you are literally demolishing teams.
I'd like to try that tomorrow when Kindred is available again. Although I have to say, bork and runaans seem like a rough first build since none of her abilities scale well with bork. I'm sure it'll be devastating when finally built, but it seems like a rough mountain to climb. It's almost like picking a champ who's ONLY good with Sated Devourer, if that makes sense. I'll try it.
: Kindred Q should Proc on hit effects
I like that idea. She could proc shiv quite often with W+Q.
: Kindred mid-late game
It looks like you can afford to skip jungle items all together. They have good enough healing that the passive from machete is irrelevant. I've played them once in co-op but my friends have played Kindred a few times. From what I've observed BEFORE playing them, they do seem on the weak side with low ratios and a non-damaging ult. I didn't see a reason to go Devourer since it's now every 4th basic attack that double procs on-hits. Warrior is only 45 AD, and that's not good enough for anyone to scale into the mid and late game. After playing Kindred earlier today, here's what I'm thinking works (maybe unintentional, since I ignored recommended items). The W passive heal is quite strong in bot lane since you can diddle around for 4 seconds and get the 100 stacks back up. Instant 66 health at level 2 every 4 seconds. Skip dorans and buy ruby cystal/long sword/cloth 5 if you really want to be oppressive. I rushed BT and then picked up Essence Reaver, then TF & PD. Their healing is amazing at this point, and with Wolf also chomping away at enemies for 400+ total damage on W alone (just after BT), that seems to be the more relevant source of damage > their passive. It's been reported by Pants are Dragon that Kindred has the 3rd lowest base AD, so perhaps Triforce won't feel like anything special. I think to make them work, you should grab one of the life steal items that builds out of BF sword, IE, PD & BC. Since all of their skills are physical damage, you will be reducing armor no matter what method of attack you choose, plus you'll have 20% CDR and 400 health - not bad. The reason I say to get two of the BF sword items right away is because I think Kindred will value raw damage over gimmicks like speed & on-hits. By the time you get PD (3rd or 4th item), your passive should be decent enough to actually matter (let's face it, it's not good enough until late game, so why invest in attack speed earlier than that?). If you choose to get the two life steal items first, you should have over 260 AD. Your W, E and Q (2 second CD) should make you an oppressive duelist. 32% life steal is no joke. Crit would be nice for juicy burst, but again, perhaps you'll want the extra life steal & CDR from Essence Reaver just to stay on the fields. When Kindred is available tomorrow, I'm going to try a custom to see if I can skip machete, and then I'll play them in blind pick. You definitely saw the same things I did, in that attack speed and on-hits aren't anything special on her. Warrior has low AD, which isn't good for a champ with low ratios. Devourer is just bad on ranged champs period. I expect her recommended items to be updated - same as other champs once something viable finally pops up.
: Some Changes to Kindred [Wolf specifically] That I Wouldn't Mind
Shouldn't he attack faster when you build attack speed? I'd like to see that change if it's not already a thing. He doesn't seem ferocious enough.
: Reduce kindred's heal when hitting minions. (full power vs jungle camps and champs)
Wow, I literally logged on to say the exact same thing. Champs and monsters is fine, but the heal is way too much in lane if you just hit minions. I noticed this in a coop game. You can walk around for 3-4 seconds and the W passive is already back up. I like that she can skip Doran's but this is way too much healing if she can just top up off a random creep.
: Q Prioritization
YASSS, just logged on to post this. It's definitely needed to make Kindred look less stupid when attacking through enemy minions. Also, maybe OT, but does she seem weak-to-mediocre to anyone else? Even with the heal(s) and different builds, I'm not seeing a big spike of damage that makes me want to pick her over anyone else as a jungler and marksmen.
: The third hit is NOT completely magic damage, and it still applies on-hits. The thing is, the magic damage applies first, and if the target dies from it, the auto attack damage and on-hits never apply.This applies to all three q's, its just the fact that the third one easily kills minions with the magic damage that alot of people miss it.
the numbers show up purple, for magic so what you're saying is that it can crit as well?
: I hear ya but most of the champions I mentioned with be outclassed by one of the better pick. For example , Renekton. He is tanky , does a lot of damage , has CCs and gap-closer. He can easily outclassed Garen or Darius and will contribute more for his team.
Except Darius & Garen can kick Renekton's ass, and will be able to do more if built full tank versus a full tank Renekton.
: Darius Armor pen
The worst part about this is that it will go live because Riot doesn't seem to check PBE that much. Oh well, just ban Darius until we get enough complaints on the main boards.
: May MF get a small BUFF on her W?
Make her completely ad. AP MF is gimmicky and broken if used properly.
: Really High AD Ratio on Mordekaiser
Hmm, well the first and second hits are supposed to add bonus magic damage that multiply. The third hit is completely magic damage. Riot has said the ratio is high in order to allow Morde to build tanky with only a few damage items needed.
: Academy Vlad has Gigantic Hands.
It's because on his main skin, he has gauntlet claws. I guess they were too lazy to remold his hands. Gotta love old champs.
: An ADC is supposed to be able to kill them. They can shred their armor and stuff.
Not early game. They get wallops of health and armor, and you either get a big AD item, or a low ad item with armor pen.
: Juggernauts doe
Take the adc mid
: Fiora Rework, Why No Reds Checking In or Communicating?
they never show up when we WARN them about something being bad for the live client what's new? I don't like how others think PBE is full of useless testers when we ARE giving feedback and trying to push for better changes BEFORE everyone on live says the same thing.
: Sated Devour and Vayne
They need to slow down on these drastic jungle item changes. It's pretty ridiculous now when I've had Ashe and kogmaws taking smite. On another note, it's MUCH better than ezreals who take runeglaive.
: Feedback on Sated Devourer item
Shame they won't listen to us, just like every other time we complain about something that inevitably gets nerfed the next live patch. I saw a full health yi get jumped on by jungle Jax who stunned and gibbed him after the dunk. Sht was disgusting but we won due to picking the enemy off 1 by 1.
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: @Riot New Jayce changes: Is their possible applications for champions like Elise and Nidalee?
Elise? Sure. Nidalee? I dunno about free cougar damage per level. Eh.
: Found something spooky on PBE
Sounds as creepy as Cuchulain from FFXII. Bilgewater ghost coming soon?
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: I'd love a stronger Nashor's Tooth. Every champ that has Nashor's Tooth core seems slightly underwhelming and underpowered. I don't know why they lowered the AP ratio on it.
and you can't even hit that often since that's the only 1 viable AP+AS item
: @ricklessabandon Karma Mantra E interaction with damage and her passive.
I too noticed that E lowered the cooldown tremendously when used properly. So much cool things about current Karma. I don't understand the need for drastic changes.
: 3rd iteration of Karma's PBE changes
: Skills failing on Hexakill map
I can confirm. Lux Q went right through me and it definitely should have hit.
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: Ekko: Possible abilities leaked (Thoughts and discussion)
wow this was actually pretty close tho maybe this wasnt entirely fake-could have been the first draft of skills the qwer are so identical to his actual qwer
: [PSA] AD Ekko is NOT a thing
ap is stronger for burst and aoe, but ad/as can work as well if u need that lifesteal
: Can't log in
i wish dedicated pbe players had precedence. i just saw someone on stream go from 57 minutes to logged in within 10 minutes. Meanwhile I've been waiting over an hour, from 20 mins to 60. if pbe is getting this big again, there better be faster queues
: Ekko ability details are out: thoughts on how to build him?
prob max cdr low ratios suck...i havent seen the scaling on his shield yet so idk, maybe its worth bulking up on ap for that otherwise max cdr...don't buy trashor's tooth
: Riot if you're going to post down times please make them slightly more accurate
patience you'll get to try and instalock Ekko->dodge soon enough
: Ekko Feedback Thread
AP itemization...ugh. Oh well. Looks like he has low ratios but a bit dependent on autoattacks. @Riot, would you guys mind looking into making Nashor's stronger for its price point? I don't even buy it on Azir any more.
: Ekko Feedback Thread
AP itemization...ugh. Oh well. Looks like he has low ratios but a bit dependent on autoattacks. @Riot, would you guys mind looking into making Nashor's stronger for its price point? I don't even buy it on Azir any more.
: Shyvanna Bug
that true damage is insane
: {{item:3085}} can be good only for Q but not for DPS with auto attacks {{item:3046}} is much better for that. i tried if you have 340ad and only IE ,your critical hit will have 340x1.4=476 now adding PD you will have 340x1.925=654 adding Runaan it's 476+on hit damage of course that 20%more AS helps a bit but not enough and don't forget the movement speed i was thinking that maybe now {{item:3078}} it wasn't good before because it gives only 10% critical chance that with IE it's only totl 30% But now critical chance just add more damage and it's not a problem of "if i have 30% i will get few criticals" I still have to test it
Well, I can do more damage in a few seconds to groups of enemies than I do to a single target w/o runaan's. I'd be up for some testing with you if you'd like.
: There other things you can do besides trying to win normals/ranked. Try to do some actual testing in customs while it's a night time at Riot. Also, you can't ban people for that x)
Can't test anything when I'm constantly dying and stressed
: Ashe's damage and DPS:numbers down
Runaan's bro. IE/BT/MS>RH>PD/shiv>BC
: What separates this item from last whisper? Why would you want to build last whisper over this item now it is only 700 gold more and you get more slot efficient stats (40) AD + (400) Health + (20%) CDR + Phage Proc + Black Cleaver Passive. The cost for the recipe is 825 gold, so you get 10% extra CDR for this + 20 AD (720 gold) + Black Cleaver Passive which makes this item very slot efficient. Meaning most champions will probably not replace it late game for a better item since there are not any items that give equal stats on one item. Though you do get 5% less apen and it ramps up I would say this item is much better then last whisper. I will explain why I do not think FH is a valid item normally in rare cases would you ever buy FH first like nasus does. FH also does not give stats that you want to solo carry with so Randuins is a much better item since you get health, armor, slow active, and the passive AS slow. For most junglers or tops that are in my champ pool standard runes are pretty greedy consisting of 7.5% CDR + 9 AR + 19 APEN or 6.8 AD + 7.5% CDR + 9 AR. The builds that were used to test the item were meant to solo carry. Meaning tank items were not very important as these builds want the most damage as possible without risk of dying very easily, but GA + Randuins is bought much later on. What if you have some sort of active tied to black cleaver that applies stacks in some AOE action such as Tiamat but doesn't do damage? I also think ranged champions should have reduced time to apply the stacks because 6 seconds is far too long. For ranged champions to reapply stacks or for the stacks to stay on a target imagine a team-fight where your AR is reduced by 30% for 6 seconds for everyone. Also why are certain queues like PBE ranked and regular SR normals down? (I know they rotate on a cycle but it has been a while I think?)
The item may seem better on paper, but for dps roles who don't have time to stack 6 cleavings on a target, LW provides instant ArPen. I would go LW>BC on Talon, for instance. BC is more of an over-time/sustained damage dealer's item, like Garen, and...Garen lol.
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