: Regarding Bola. It still has the cast time, but it's been rescripted so that it always comes from him and not some random point behind him. If you put your mouse where you want your bola to go, it should cast from your body to that point. Regarding Rengar vs. Kha'Zix, each stack is worth more than the last, and the Head of Kha'Zix gives you a hidden 6th stack, resulting in 21 Flat AD and 42% Bonus AD.
Thank you for the answer :) I guess my dream of the cast time removed is just a dream ^^ By the way the bug where your empowered bola goes on cooldown when reaching 5 ferocity is still present, it happened to me a few days ago in multiple ranked matches, there are some videos on youtube reproducing the bug, I guess the bug fix in the patch 6.9 wasn't enough : Fixed a bug where reaching max Ferocity at the same time as casting Bola Strike (ex. during Thrill of the Hunt) could put Empowered Bola on cooldown or immediately consume Rengar's Ferocity stacks
: [Assassins] Rengar Feedback Thread
Hi RiotRepertoir, I have 2 questions, first of all, if it is hard to understand what I wrote I'm sorry, English is not my native language. 1) Are you going to remove the cast time (0.125s) of the bola mid air ? Now that he can't deal a sh*t ton of damage mid air I think it would appropriate to remove the cast time mid air ^^ In all seriousness, the cast time is very very clunky, is it normal that your bola goes over your target's head just because he's walking toward you ? It happened to me so many times, even on the scuttle crab :-( To avoid that you have to cast the bola in the opposite direction of where you're facing (= behind you), or you can also cast it before or after landing but it just feel so wrong and clunky to I believe a lot of rengar mains out there including me. I saw a post where you said that this option was a possibility, but to me it is like you are saying "Ahh, it's not a big deal, it's just a 0.125s cast time lol" but for us it's a very BIG deal, this cast time even made some famous rengar mains (Dekar!!) leaving him to dust, for way less clunky champion (Riven) :-( I would appreciate if you could think about it a bit more and maybe try to implement it as a test maybe ? 2) Now you said that Rengar won't get the short end of the stick anymore in the quest of Rengar/Kha'Zix, but you also said that he is only rewarded by .. 1 stack. So if I already have 5 stacks of bonetooth, the reward will give me nothing ? I mean a 4th evolution is huge, when you tell us that he only get a stack I feel like Rengar still get the short end of the stick in the end. Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if I sounded too aggressive ^^ So now my opinion about the rework : Overall I'm very happy with this rework, the ultimate might last too long for a not so rewarding jump (1crit) including the fact that Rengar is an assassin and therefore extremely squishy so he might need some base stats buff or armor/mr on the ultimate like Nasus or even a mini fear like Urgot's ultimate :D. W doesn't seem to heal enough vs monsters and might be too strong vs burst, but I couldn't test it out so I'm not sure. And well I'm wondering if he's still gonna be a decent toplaner :)

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