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: Read this attached topic friend! ["STORE BACK ONLINE, THERE ARE CHANGES TO RP and BLUE ESSENCE" - by Riot banfhammer]( "Our current solution: Instead of 999999999bazillion RP and Blue Essence, every day you are going to get reset to 3000 RP and 5 Blue Essence. This will get reset daily during the daily maintenance (around 12pm west coast time). We MAY increase the daily stipend, but we are starting with this to be safe. Champions are still free to play. Why? We are targeting for you to still be able to unlock content that is important to you for your play during that day. At the same time, this lowers everyone's ability to go on a massive purchasing bonanza all at once. Every single Rioter (even me) will have to wait, just like you do, in order to unlock content over time." We are together!! - Dellta {{summoner:6}}
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