: PBE should be FAR stricter on dodging
I think the dodge timers are fine. Yes, it seems like they aren't doing work since there are a good amount of players, but it goes from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. That's a big jump. I'm not going to deny, I've dodged twice because my team wanted to play champions that are low tier and get destroyed in OFA (aka: Aurelion Sol). However, after getting the 15 minute timer I've stopped dodging, because that is such a waste of time.
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: Black Screen( display death)
This just happened to me, it says I'm unable to connect to the server, but my wifi is fine.
: Unable to Purchase Bramble Vest when in Game
This happened to me as well, even reaching the required amount of gold.
: This thread is asking a unique question of the playerbase and offering a solution (albeit a bit of a redundant one). I understand your frustration with the cacophony of complaints, but "you're complaining, you're whiny, you're bossy, you're crying, it'd take a Christmas miracle for Riot to change anything, don't like it, don't play it" doesn't provide much of a counterpoint. I recognize that it probably looks more like looking down on the children from your point of view, but from mine it looks not much different from the other side. Do you have any reasons why you think SB ARURF is a good thing? Or do you only care about the complaining, independent of SB ARURF?
Exactly, I didn't make a complaining thread like others (although, after rereading my thread, I might've shown a little bias, lol), I rather want to see other people's viewpoints on this new twist to ARURF for the winter theme. This also helps Riot look at the player base's vote on the issue, rather than a thread with a bunch of upvotes.
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