: You realize these aren't the harrowing skins right? Just making sure. Halloween =/= Harrowing
THey are still sucky Halloween skins, don't feel Halloween at all (besides Zombie Nunu)
: A note about The Harrowing
I am quite upset with this idea for a multitude of reasons and maybe you guys can help give feedback or an explanation. I'll even do it in easy to read bullet points :P - First, why not tell us earlier in the year that seasonal events are going to be different? Surely you knew when you were planning the Harrowing (or lack thereof) that this was going to happen. -Second, why Zombies vs Humans? I think it is a cool concept (not Halloween, I'll get to that) and I am a HUGE fan of the group and themed skins (Blood Moon, Arcade etc.) but there isn't even enough Humans OR Zombies to make the "Us VS Them" thing feel legitimate for a cool Halloween showdown. -Third, you said you want to continue Holiday themed skins but not attach it to an event and I understand not attaching Halloween skins to the Harrowing the same way you don't attach Snowdown to Freljord and such, but either way Halloween is THIS month and the Zombies vs Humans is hardly a Halloween concept considering Zombies are around 365 days a year at this point between The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Z-Nation and every other cheap mimic. I think it is safe to say a lot of us were wanting witches and pumpkins and "spooky" ghosts etc. -Fourth, if there is a Harrowing event this month and there is NOT a "Harrowing Game Mode" and there aren't any new skins or champions for the Harrowing or even a minion skin like there was for the PROJECT things, I would hardly call it an 'event' when it is really just "Hey we have some lore done here you go." I would really REALLY appreciate a reply and explanation because I am sure I am not the only one thinking this.


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