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: [Bard] - Champion overview, no ult info
Yah same for me you cant see the Ult description or skin. But Im sure riots working on this already :)
: No more space left in main comment. I'll post future updates here, if any. **Counterplay to Veigar** * **Laning** Just stand in the creeps, just not in the alignment of the lowest hp minion and Veigar. He now has no spell that he can cast on you. Now be Ahri/Zed/Fizz/Kassadin/Cassiopeia, congrats you can farm without being punished, while outrading Veigar. * **Mid Game** Buy boots. * **Late Game** Keep boots. If you're an assassin, jump on Veigar, kill him, and go back with all that mobility of yours. This section was salty, but unfortunately mostly true, based on experience.
I started playing viegar just before this new season and really liked him, in fact I won all my ranked games with him and was pretty much carrying them all, I tried out the new changes on the PBE when I heard of them and got completely annihilated by a Annie mid going 0-8-1, the changes seem to have destroyed him as an effective champion at all, and like everyone has been saying, the E is useless now, she actually dived me full health under turret, and 100-0ed me before walking over my delayed stun, no need to flash. Also, not only minions, but other champs can stand in front of the q and stop your farm, not always of course but enough to be annoying.
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: Thing is with the old veigar you could at least have them pay for the dive, but now you are just useless with this kit and throwing meteors randomly wont work either.
Exactly, with the old viegar I coulda maybe stunned them under my own turret but now anyone who isnt afk can dodge out the stuns. The E nerfs just destroy him competitively
: Veigar Rework v.s. Live
Yah I just played my first viegar game with the rework against an annie and it was brutal, she could flash dive and burst me under turret and jsut leave before my stun activated, it was just brutal, it should be a little less time delayed cause otherwise he's got no escapes or anything and just gets merked.

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