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: Death sworn katarina
It's not a bug, just bs sfx...
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: Buttons not working
-After making a purchase in the store, I can't click the Done button -Can't click on certain champions in the store, however, when I scroll the screen, this changes for some champions for some reason -Can't change the advertised sales page on the front page of store -Can't make certain purchases
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: Multiple Client Bugs
Came to report the same thing. Also, when invited to a game, I couldn't see who invited me or accept as part of it is blocked by the huge icon, or if your notifications tab is already open when you receive the invite, you don't see anything to accept at all. I also can't see my status because of the oversized icon in the way. Edit: Also, hextech chest loot is all missing and the page is blank. The descriptions of masteries are hidden behind the page when you try to edit them.
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: Yes, there will be less people queuing up, because people who abuse the queue dodging won't be able to queue up. My point is to have more people play games, not having more people in queue/champ select. It will stop people from joining the queue 5 minutes after dodging and dodge again, for a slightly higher penalty, let alone that it will stop many people from dodging at all (since they will know that they will need to wait a long time to play again. If you don't feel like having this discussion, that's fine. You can stop replying anytime :-)
Mate do you understand it's PBE? It's literally a place for testing bugs. Meaning there will be many potential dodges pertaining to connection issues and such. They're not gonna punish for something so trivial that can happen to anyone. Maybe your luck is just bad. My friends and I never experience too many dodges. They're not gonna increase any penalty so I suggest you not waste your time with this thread.
: Alright if you say you have a **definite** idea of what OP is experiencing, go right ahead. I won't stop you. If anything, this conversation won't confuse the OP because we are discussing something that does not really concern his issue/the solutions to his issue at hand. It's merely a conversation regarding the proper way to deal with people asking for help, because I've seen you post the same solution to many other people, some of which are very vague/unclear in their descriptions regarding the issues. I think that confused them even more than how this conversation would confuse this OP.
You're being unbelievably sense right now. All she did was give a suggestion, which is all anyone can do. No shit no one know exactly what his problem is. You saying that she's jumping to conclusions is like someone fainting and saying "maybe he needs water" then saying "don't jump to conclusions!" Wtf? Why don't you go around to every thread giving suggestions and troll some more
: Useful information for new PBE players
: Error Crashing and when trying to recconect but takes me back to home page
: > [{quoted}](name=Amy Sery,realm=PBE,application-id=A4D2003433C8FCD715185A7264A9CC6FDFAD7FEF,discussion-id=moEhsJR9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-17T09:26:43.780+0000) > > It's been posted multiple times on this forum already, including a [fix]( Next time, please try to search if your problem's been reported already - this forum is so crowded we can't find anything anymore :c I'm just down voting the threads that post without looking for the same one. This is getting ridiculous.
Not really his fault if a thread isn't popular or buried under other ones. Like many others, I just googled and his was the first to come up. So he's fine.
: Ashe Update Feedback Thread
For years I've used Ashe as my adc main, and after hearing about this update I was thrilled. However, after taking my time to read through this discussion I can't help but feel a bit paranoid about how this may effect gameplay. Her crits can be rendered useless by champs like Yi with highlander. As a late game adc, we are relied on a lot for damage dealing (hence the adc) and I don't see how I could carry a game where her passive can be so easily countered with debuff resistance, something every player can get through items like {{item:3140}} active if not just by champ. Is it just my paranoia or will this be a major problem? If it is an "issue" will her new passive be hopefully modified?

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