: Ok, lower the price then, 475RP less than Elementalist Lux is not that much. Ultimate's early sales cost 2450RP, this should be the new tier, not 2775RP for that skin. The 2775RP price is just for you guys to put the skin for 2450RP in the early sale, even to the discount she wil lose to Elementalist Lux. Also, the premium bundle is too expensive, I know that we have 1 ward , 1 icon and a border, but with Elementalist Lux, the "Premium Bundle" costs 700RP more with 5 new icons and a ward that changes to match your element. With GGMF we get only 1 icon and a poor ward for 725RP. I love GGMF and MF, but comparing to Elementalist Lux she loss in so many aspects. I hope you guys can at least change the price.
Exactly this. When you hover a Mythical shard (the Hextech exclusive skins) on the Hextech page, you can see they are priced for 2450RP (even if it costs more getting the 10 gemstones). Setting GGMF in this price/tier would be the reasonable thing to do, and putting the Premium Bundle at 2900RP with the Wards, border and icon. But I'm not their Director of eCommerce , so what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Mecha Chromas!
Nice job team! I have one question though: Why does Aatrox only gets 3 chromas instead of 6 like his teammates? (8 in case of Malphite)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Surprise Party Amumu, Moo Cow Alistar, Dino Gnar, and Meowkai Chromas!
My biggest BIGGEST complain about these chromas is that they are all named the same. "Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Pearl, Saphire...) Can you give them more unique names like the very first batch? "Lucian Prime Blue, Dreadknight Nasus Plague Frostbite, Pool Party Leona Dawn Azure, DragonSlayer Vayne Chaos Red". Now those were names that made you consider purchasing them at first glance. Even if they are too long for the Loading Screen slice, don't show the names there, just at least in the store they should have more tentative impactful names, rather than generic rocks. Jesus Christ, I meant minerals. Anyways... good work as always! I love the smiley faces in the costumes and the ballons. But please consider improving the names please!
: And master yi? Is even considered an assasin
Because the power of the demon gives the assassin very very fast movement speed and if Yi ults as a demon he will literally go back running to Season 2
: Practice Tool now live on PBE for initial testing.
: Elementalist lux
I think the main problem is that you unlock Tier 1 in minute 9 and Tier 2 in minute 18 or so. Then if the game goes over 20 minutes you are stuck with the same model with no option to swap. Feels pretty weak. There should definitely be an option to swap the models every 10 minutes (or with the X essence collected or whatever), otherwise for the last 30 minutes or so you have a Legendary tier skin with different colours from your previous games.
: There is no One For all in New Menu aka alpha client
When login the Alpha client, at the bottom there is a link saying "Open in legacy client" or something. Use it and One for All will be in queue.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Queen Quinn,realm=PBE,application-id=cMKtzQHY,discussion-id=fnGEu1kl,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2016-10-05T16:57:24.284+0000) > > Hi there. > > So this is my first post ever on the PBE boards, but as a big fan of Morgana I wanted to say a few words about her new skin. Except her Q, all of her spells are quite similar to the default skin. Even the skin itself has an approching color theme. I won't whine too much, because the skin in itself is nice and the price will now be 975RP. > > But it's a shame that Tristana and Teemo have super cool skins with awesome VFX while Morgana gets "just" a nice skin. Especially when she has only one 1350RP skin while Teemo and Trist both have 1820RP skins. > > So I'm aware that you have deadlines and many more imperatives, but I really hope you'll upgrade Morgana's skin to reach the standards of a 1350RP skin, rather than dropping the price :) (unlikely but hey, let me dream). Hiya, Queen Quinn! So happy to hear from a big Morgana fan! ^_^ This is technically a reply to you, but I want to open this discussion up to everyone participating in this thread! As a reminder, just because we dropped the price that doesn't mean that we have stopped pursuing ways to level up her skin! Full disclosure, as a team, we started off production with the intention of making Bewitching Morgana a 975, but as we continued working on the skin, we found that the effort and new goodies we were putting into the skin personally felt like she could be a 1350. After we released the skin to you all, however, there was a powerful sentiment that the state of the skin didn't feel like a 1350 because the skin's features (in particular, the VFX) didn't feel up to your standards---and we agree, hence the new (but still tentative) 975 price! That being said, we don't want any skin to feel "just nice." :( We want them to feel amazing, compelling, and worth your RP! I cannot _guarantee_ that the skin features will change because, like you mentioned, there are many factors weighing in like deadlines, time, and resources as well as the fact that not all players have the budget to afford higher tier skins so lowering the price _could_ allow more fans to purchase and fall in love with the skin. But again, dropping the price doesn't mean that we have decided that this is the final state of the skin! We are going to continue to see if there are ways that we can reasonably pursue to make the skin feel more _worth it_ for you all, especially you die hard Morgana fans! :D With that said, you mentioned that it feels bad that Tristana and Teemo get to have super cool skins with awesome VFX to justify their 1350 RP price, while it feels like Morgana doesn't get the same treatment. Besides changing up the VFX to differentiate more from Base, are there any other factors that you can identify that make Morgana feel "just nice" in comparison to the other two skins? Especially with Black Thorn Morgana (her other 1350 skin) in mind, how do you all feel we can reach that standard with this skin? :]
I welcome the price adjustment in this skin. Just wanted to mention the need the community is expressing towards Lil Devil Teemo and his VO filter. We NEED a filter for him, and while I know that has to be a laborious work to do with all the languajes, I think the community would appreciate it. You still have time, please reconsider.
: So what about those who've already purchased the current chromas out?
You had more than a year for playing with them. Although it would be cool some compensation is most likely unplausible.
: Hi! Thanks for the feedback! 1350 RP skins can be a bit tricky v. 975 RP skins. While they can, 1350 RP don't always have voice processing or new animations. Generally speaking, 975 RP skins have a new particle set, recall and maybe one new sound. 1350 RP skins have new particles and recall, just like the 975 RP skins would, but they also include new sound. For El Macho Mundo, we've included new sounds for each weapon that's thrown, as well as for the impact sound it makes when making a target. In addition, you're correct that this skin also uses new tech that hasn't been utilized in the game.
Thanks for the answer (Im the guy from Twitter heh). I understand your points. I agree this skin has more work than one normal 975. It stills feels weird (to me) to equal the work of SG Fizz or Spirit fire Brand or demon Vi with Macho Mundo... Doesnt feel right, you know? xD Im willingly to pay more for a skin that changes deeply the concept and the effects of the champ and I dont feel the skin fullfills that statement. Your choice thought, just give us more cool 975 tier skins from time to time :<
: PBE Bugs and Feedback Thread: El Macho Mundo!
While I agree is a good skin and a cool concept, I think is one tier overpriced. I know his Q / AA are the first ability with a RNG factor swap, but I don't think the rest of the skin set justifies the 1350 tier. He doesn't have really new animations or voice-over. The SFX is on point, as well as the recall, but nothing a recent 975rp couldn't compare (like Sweetheart Sona or Lunar Wraith Morgana). There are plenty of skins with notorious hardwork behind, and the line distinguishing the tier has become quite thin, but Macho Mundo shouldn't be among 1350rp skins in my opinion. (And even so if he is gonna share splashart with Voli and Gnar, as I suppose :P)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Kindred!
Just played two matches with them, I gotta say the thing I dislike most is their E. Is practically the same as Shadowfire. Please, a tech/galaxy mark model on the ground like the one that appears on the passive would be the icing on the cake for this skin. Overall is legit. 10/10.
: D'oh! You're right. ;_; Fixed!
Applying on that, the Loading screen slice again only focuses Lamb. If Kindred are a couple Wolf should also appear in the back of the slice, even as a background. (altough seeing the splash it may be a little difficult, not impossible to edit though)
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Super Galaxy Kindred!
Oh Lord, have mercy with me. Because Riot certainly does not. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
: [League client update] Testing loot, clubs and (soon) ranked! (Updated 9/7/2016)
Please, let it be open access for PBE accounts to Client Alpha testing :<
: MYMU - Vel'koz Discussion
I was really worried about my Vel's update, but this is pretty nice. I like it. A lot of his power has moved to his ultimate though...
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: SKT T1!
I don't really "feel" this set of skins. The whole "sporty" equipment isn't my mojo, but if that's what you think it fits better for the Winner Team then let's roll with it. But I do believe Ryze could have more to do with his animations. Despite what some Rioters say about "iconic moments" from the championship, Ryze totally deserves a Recall animation for this skin, more than any other he has. I know there is a Ryze Visual Upgrade scoped for this year, but I would like to have, at least, some consideration for this skin. I don't know if you are not capable of messing too much with his current model, but... I don't know, I would like to see something. I apreciate the idle animation with the laptop though, very cool. Anoter think to remark is that all the models should have the SKT Logo in their backs. At least Renekton, Alistar and Sivir should have it in their jackets. I also dig the SKT Logo effect in the Alistar ultimate. Please, just hear the community and consider upgrading at least Ryze tier to fulfill a little more the expections of the fanbase. Thanks for the work, guys.
: Just to clear up some confusion. One of the big reasons we made this splash art change was to eliminate a pipeline for getting specific content in for Tencent that has been costing us time to maintain. We know that some of these are weird and don't fit our art style, but our choices were limited to, Riot version or Tencent version, pick one or the other. Our splash artists are busy making splashes for new skins and champions and we didn't want to pull them off of those to clean up a pipeline. I know this isn't ideal and all regions are feeling pain from this change, but cleaning up these pipelines means we can focus our developer's time on features and not firefighting.
And I can respect that. But some of these are straight downgrades in the quality of the Splash Art. NightRaven Fiora is horrible. Toxic Mundo is awful. Mordekaiser, the Yi's ones (except maybe Headhunter), Almost Prom Amumu and the Karma ones are bad too. Please, reconsider swipe those with the oriental ones, instead of going with those god awful Tencent ones.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Urf Kench and Definitely Not Vel'Koz!
I seriously don't like the color of not-Velkoz's suit. Looks too much like his normal model. It needs to be brighter.
: Champion Mastery - Level 6 & 7
I had an idea regarding Champion Mastery that I'd like to share. How about adding a second unit to the Mastery after Level 5? A Unit which will decrease based of the unactivity with a champion. Like, if you stopped playing with a champion for a couple weeks, it would revert to previous levels of mastery. I named this unit "Active Points" (AP) and they would affix to the Champions Points we already have. From levels 1 to 5 the player can play with a champion and win Champion Points to level up their masteries permanently until Level 5. But from Level 5 to, let's say, 7 or 10, the player has to play constantly to keep the level since the points will decrease for every day/week that the champion wasn't played. By this I mean that a player can have two scores: the total score for a champion (like is on live) and from Level 5 to beyond the "Active" points, which will be decreasing for every day/week the champion wasn't played. Example: * **Levels 1 to 5**: Playing with a champion will grant Champion Points. The values to get the levels are the same on Live. * **Level 5**: Needs 21600 champion points to achieve. After that, the Active Points will be also visible. After every game, the player wins both Champion Points (CP) and Active Points (AP). Both have the same value. The CP cannot decrease, and is always accumulative. The AP, though, will decrease if the player doesn't use the champion in a period of time (like, two months) at a certain rythm (like 50 ActPoints lost per day). * **Level 6**: Needs 11400 AP to achieve. After one month of not playing the champion it will lose 100 AP per day. If the AP decrease to 5700, the champion returns to Level 5 (87 days of unactivity). * **Level 7**: Needs 25200 AP (13800 AP and Level 6) to achieve. After two weeks of not playing, it will lose 200 AP per day. If the AP decrease to 18300 AP (6900 + Lvl 6), the champion returns to Level 6 (47 days of unactivity). * **Level 8**: Needs 41400 AP (16200 AP and Level 7) to achieve. After one week of not playing, it will lose 400 AP per day. If the AP decrease to 33400 (8100 + Lvl 7), the champ returns to Level 7 (28 days of unactivity). * **Level 9**: Needs 60000 AP (18600 AP and Level 8) to achieve. After five days of not playing, it will lose 1000 AP per day. If the AP decrease to 50700 AP (9300 + Lvl 8), the champ returns to Level 8 (15 days of unactivity). * **Level 10**: Needs 81000 AP (21000 AP and Level 9) to achieve. After one single day of not playing, it will lose 81000 AP and your account will be deleted xD This system would reward the players who are dedicated to a single champion (of a couple of them). It would not only require constancy and dedication, but would also show the dedication to their teammates.
: Results of Opening 100 Hextech Chests
: Japanese Content on PBE
I, for once, welcome our new japanese voiceover overlords. ... KONNICHIWA!
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Wraith Caitlyn!
Hola Katey! Just tested this skin. I'm SO glad we got the first Imperial (1350) skin for Cait! It doesn't dissapoint. I think it's a little broken though, the Cait's portrait is broken, the yordle trap hasn't changed and I hope the Recall and ultimate are still on working... I though her B was switched with Cassiopeia's haha - that hip movement, really spotted on ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Good work on this one team.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Lunar Wraith Morgana!
Hola Katey. This skin is really pretty. The effects and particles have a delightful tone. Glad Morgana has got an "Imperial" (1350RP) Skin after so long. I look forward the splash and I hope it's not shared with Caitlyn... (you got some obsession with that...) Anyways, my only complain is that a voice filter would have add a nice touch to the skin. With that the 1350 tier would be indisputable. Good work!
: Blacksmith poppy hammer [Request]
Yes, please. If the hammer is glowing-red it would become perfect.
: Poppy Update Feedback Thread
PLEASE, make Blacksmith's hammer have the iron molten/shining like her splash art. PLEASE, it would become God Tier. {{champion:78}}
: So that means Braums Q and passive will still be a ram instead of a lion? Well that sucks...
I beg Riot just changes the icon. With the same colours, just with the form of a lion, like his shield.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Ranked Rewards - Victorious Sivir!
Hey! First patch I review on PBE! Thanks for the invitation xD Anyways, back on S3 I used to play Sivir since her rework, I got the Snowstorm skin and I love how this adc feels and plays. I say this because I know how it feels playing Sivir and how this skin feels for me. The blade is really pretty, it's adequate for a Victorious adc. I feel the model is good enough, though I don't like her face, could be a little more like the Snowstorm skin. About the effects... the glowing Q is nice, the W has a pretty yellow effect I like, though I would have LOVED if it was completly gold. The E and R are ok. My main problem with the skin is the Recall. Pretty dissapointing compared to Janna, Elise or Morgana. At the very least, I would ask for a glowing boomerang.

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