: There's no Warwick splash or any other in that link, just a bad youtube video. Screw you for fishing for views like that.
I'm sorry I didn't notice it before now. Somehow I managed to paste the wrong link. You see, it was a random Reddit video from the League of Legends sub that I had sent to a friend. It already had around 80k+ views when I posted that comment, so why would I fish for views (+ it's not my video)? I understand your reaction, and will edit the comment now in case anybody wants to know what I meant by "this WW splash".
: Global Splash Update Incoming!
WIll this [WW splash](http://i.imgur.com/rmZqA2w.png) and [this Irelia](https://pp.vk.me/c624030/v624030814/19144/ypooXlqEujI.jpg) splash, that's been teased earlier, be used? EDIT: Turns out I managed to paste a YT video instead of the WW splash I meant. Changed that now.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Blood Moon Yasuo!
In my opinion the red colors should be darker. Looks way too plain(ish?) red.
: New HUD Feedback
Please move the teammate icons back, I feel like it's better with it at where it is on live servers
: New HUD Feedback
Okay, first of all I hope you guys at Riot are still looking at these posts. Now, to my point: I really enjoy the new HUD and the fact that I'm able to rearrange players in my scoreboard <3. But the only thing I don't really like is the design of the "coins/gold". The design we on the live servers I think is much better. I understand that there is an "L" in them, but I find it ugly and feel like they're not "coins/gold" anymore.
: PBE Bugs & Feedback Thread: Galactic Azir!
When he dance/taunts the staff floats in the air, and Azir just stands in it and walk throught it. Would have looked better if kinda put it gently down, instead of it just "pop", and there it's floating in the air! :)
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